5 Reasons to Invest in Whispering Pines Resort Islamabad

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Pakistan is all set to become a preferred tourist destination in Asia after it has successfully contained the war on terrorism. The country has it all! From beautiful seashores of Gawadar and Karachi to mega Karakoram Mountains, Pakistan is an all-rounder tourism destination for people of all ages. Lately, Pakistan has been attracting a lot of tourists which includes popular Vloggers, Food Enthusiasts, and the general public at large. The surge in Tourism in Pakistan owes a lot to the fact that the country is now peaceful after decades of tackling the war on terror. The incumbent government in Pakistan has laid a special focus on the development of tourism infrastructure throughout the country. This has been done to make tourism in Pakistan a proper functioning industry. The current indicators of tourist interest towards Pakistan suggest that the policies of the current government are working in their favor

Islamabad – The Tourist Hotspot

Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, is now considered to be the tourism hub of Pakistan. Islamabad is located at the foot of Margalla hills. It is a base camp for travelers and explorers looking to go up north towards mountainous regions of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan. Islamabad is one of the only planned cities in Asia and was commissioned in the 1960s. With a hilly landscape complete with natural lakes and forests, Islamabad enjoys moderate weather throughout the year. The infrastructure of Islamabad is highly developed with convenient road, rail, and air connections to the rest of Pakistan and abroad. Islamabad plays host to Margalla hills which is home to diverse flora and fauna. The Margalla Hills offer one of the best panoramic views of Islamabad. PirSohawa is a collection of mountainous villages that is now being developed into a resort quickly. There are a number of hotels, residencies, and resorts in PirSohawa area while several of hospitality destinations are under construction

Hospitality Real Estate

As a real estate investor, tapping into Pakistan’s current and future tourism potential can yield great results. The Pakistani Government has relaxed visa policy for 50 countries. This has been done to make Pakistan a tourism hotspot in the region. With lots of tourists pouring into Islamabad, the Whispering Pines Phase 2 is one of the best real estate investments. The Whispering Pines is located on PirSohawa – Islamabad road and is 6 KM away from theMonalResturant. The Whispering Pines resorts Phase 1 and 2 are located right next to Highland Resort. The phase 1 of Whispering Pines Resort is complete is now taking in guests and clients. Phase 2 of the resort is currently under development and has pre-launched a limited amount of apartments for investors.

Here are some of the advantages of investing in Whispering Pines Islamabad:

Guaranteed Rental Income

The best thing about investing in Whispering Pines Islamabad is that it guarantees monthly rent for the purchased apartment. This is a worldwide tried and tested model that works equally well in favor of the developer and investors. Your investment in Whispering Pines Resorts will not sit idle. They will start yielding a monthly return on investment. The monthly rental yield will start as soon as the grey structure of your apartment is complete.

5 Days Staycation Per Month

Once the apartments are commissioned for guests and clients, you will also be able to leverage 5 days of staycation per month. Whispering Pines Resorts offers the most scenic and picturesque view of the Margalla Hills. During your stay at your apartment, you will be entitled to all the benefits provided to the resort guests. This is one of the best benefits that you can reap and provide yourself some time out with your family.

GDA Approved Resort

The Whispering Pine resort falls in the jurisdiction of the Galiyat Development Authority (GDA). It is a GDA approved hospitality resort. The approval has been granted for phase 2 as well. This means that your investment is highly secure with Whispering Pine Resorts

Hassle-Free Management

Owning an apartment in Whispering Pines Resort ensures hassle-free and turnkey management of your property. This means that all management and rental allocations will be dealt with by the management of Whispering Pine Resorts. The management will also ensure that your apartment remains in good condition and will undertake maintenance work itself.

Affordable Yet Easy Payment Plan

Whispering Pines Resorts also offers an affordable and easy payment plan. The prelaunch booking of 750 Square Feet apartment starts at PKR 45, 00,000/- and you can book yours now by paying 50% upfront. The rest can be paid in easy monthly installments.

Whispering Pine Resort – Deal & Deals

Deals & Deals is an authorized dealer of Whispering Pines Resort. The booking process is extremely easy and smooth. We ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied with the investments that they make through us. For more details and booking your apartment at Whispering Pines Resorts, fill in the form below and one of our asset managers will get in touch with you.

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