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Latest Blue World City Islamabad News and Updates

by | Mar 2, 2020 | News & Updates | 0 comments

Blue World City Islamabad is on its way to become one of Pakistan’s biggest real estate project with multiple residential and commercial infrastructures lined up for investors. 

The construction in Blue World City Islamabad is underway, and multiple developments have been updated. These developments have further speeded up the construction process and infrastructures are being built at a tremendous pace.

This article will provide you with the Blue World City Islamabad latest updates from the project site

An Ever-Growing Fleet of Construction Vehicles

An Ever Growing Fleet ofSince Blue World City Project began, the development process of this housing society has speeded up in a tremendous manner. As this society is being developed in collaboration with Chinese developers, the machinery used for the purpose has been used effectively to construct beautiful thematic infrastructures in record time. 

As Chinese companies are famous for building structures in the shortest time, this housing society in Pakistan is a quintessential example of Chinese efficacy in the construction process.

Turkish Company’s Visit for Blue Mosque Investment

Turkish Company’s Visit forAnother significant update from the Blue World City Islamabad site is that Turkish companies have recently visited the Blue Mosque site where the glorious Islamic Architectures are to be developed. This is a noteworthy update because the Replica of Blue Mosque in Blue World City Islamabad is considered to be one of the top features of this housing society. 

The Turkish companies were impressed by the substantial progress and development of this housing society, and they assured Blue Group of Companies that they are ready to invest in this glorious project. The work however has already started and almost all Blue World City Islamabad features are under development in a dynamic manner.

Blue World City Rates Expected to Rise with Rawalpindi Ring Road

Blue World City Rates Expected to It has been announced by government authorities that the work on Rawalpindi Ring Road is about to commence in March. This project is considered to be a breakthrough for the value of Blue World City real estate. 

As soon as the construction of Rawalpindi Ring Road starts, the overall prices of Blue World City Overseas block and Executive Block are likely to increase. This means that this time perfect to invest in Blue World City Islamabad, as it promises brilliant returns on investment. 

Once the Ring Road is fully developed, the prices of plots in Blue World City Islamabad are expected to surge. Thus, Blue World City Islamabad is on its way to transform into Pakistan’s biggest real estate sensation with thematic tourism and brilliant infrastructures.

Blue World City Overseas Block rates to be Revised on 2nd March

Blue World City Overseas Block The most important update received by regarding Blue World City is the revision of rates in the Blue World City Islamabad Overseas Block. It has been confirmed that by 2nd March, the previous Blue World City prices will be changed and the new prices will be considerably higher. 

Thus, investors must make urgently make up their minds in order to invest in this massive real estate endeavor. Investing in Blue World City Islamabad today is likely to provide you with maximum returns on investment tomorrow.

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