Countryside Residencia

Countryside Residencia provides a lush green dwelling with clean air and possesses tremendous green nurseries and perspectives.

Countryside Residencia Developers & Founders

Sim Builders, one of the most reputable and successful home builders, founded Countryside Residencia. They have over 1.5 decades’ worth of Excellence Services in the public domain.

Countryside Residencia Islamabad


Countryside Residencia is an upcoming and breathtaking venture that is set to redefine modern living. With its meticulously developed and cutting-edge residential plots, this project offers an exquisite blend of contemporary amenities and a serene green environment that provides residents with picturesque views. Renowned as CSR, Countryside Residencia aims to deliver a nature-infused lifestyle at affordable rates, making it a dream come true for both residents and investors.

Countryside Residencia Developers

Sim Builders and Zee Brothers, the visionary developers behind Countryside Residencia, have earned a sterling reputation as trailblazers in Pakistan’s real estate sector. Their unwavering commitment to excellence has propelled them to the forefront of the industry. Not content with mere success, they have set their sights on revolutionizing the field through the infusion of cutting-edge technologies. Spearheading the architectural and design aspects is Surbana Jurong (SJ), an esteemed Singapore-based firm led by the visionary genius of Norman Foster. Together, this exceptional team is shaping the future of Countryside Residencia, ensuring a truly remarkable living experience.

Countryside Residencia NOC

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) for Countryside Residencia is currently under process as the project is relatively new. The management has submitted all the necessary documents to the relevant authorities, and they are working diligently to obtain the NOC. Acquiring the NOC is important as it builds trust in builders and housing ventures, and it also enhances investment opportunities by ensuring the legal status of the society.

Countryside Residencia

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Countryside Residencia Map & Location

Countryside Residencia is strategically located on Channi pul main G.T Road in Rawalpindi. It is easily accessible from various landmarks and is a few minutes’ drive away from key connecting points. The peacefulness of the location makes this project special. It is in close proximity to Canyon Views by Emaar, DHA Phase 2 and DHA Phase 5, KRL Employees Cooperative Housing Society (KECHS) Rawat, and Police Foundation Housing Society. Despite being away from the city, it is only 13 kilometers from DHA Phase 2, allowing residents to enjoy both the tranquility of the countryside and the benefits of urban life.

Nearby Landmarks and Places

Near Countryside Residencia Islamabad, you’ll find a multitude of notable landmarks, including:

  • Giga Mall
  • Rawat
  • Defencee Housing Authority
  • Bahria Town Islamabad
  • Army Training Institute
  • Institute of Space Technology
  • Fauji Foundation Hospital
  • PWD Housing Society

These landmarks contribute to the convenience and accessibility of the area, providing residents with a range of amenities and services in close proximity to Countryside Residencia.

Countryside Residencia Master Plan

The master plan of Countryside Residencia has been strategically designed by a team of experts. It incorporates world-class amenities at pocket-friendly rates, making it an excellent investment opportunity. The project’s ideal location fulfills the desire for a connection with nature and beauty. The developers aim to create a community that caters to every individual’s needs, offering various sizes of residential plots for sale at reasonable prices.

Residential Plots

Countryside Residencia offers residential plots in different sizes, including 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal plots. These plots provide an opportunity for individuals to build their dream homes according to their preferences and requirements

Awami Villas

Awami Villas is a new block being developed near Countryside Residencia. It offers various plots of 3.5 Marla at affordable rates. This block aims to cater to the housing needs of lower-class families and address the housing crisis in the country. The residents of Awami Villas can also access the amenities and facilities offered in Countryside Residencia, making it a desirable option for those seeking an affordable yet comfortable lifestyle.

Countryside Rose Villa

Countryside Residencia introduces the “Countryside Rose Villa,” a groundbreaking low-cost villa project in Pakistan. This project offers convenience and flexibility in its payment plan, with easy installments spread over three years. The villa size ranges from 4 to 4.5 Marla, and the total payment for each villa is just PKR 3,990,000. This affordable option opens doors for individuals and families to own their own homes in a beautiful and serene environment.


Countryside Residencia offers flexible payment plans to accommodate the financial needs of potential buyers. Whether it’s residential plots or villa projects, the payment plans are designed to make property ownership accessible and convenient. With reasonable down payments and installment options, individuals can realize their dreams of owning a home in Countryside Residencia without undue financial burden.

5 Marla Plots in Countryside Residencia

Experience the start of your extraordinary journey towards acquiring your own slice of paradise with our exclusive offering of 5 Marla plots in the esteemed Countryside Residencia. These plots, priced attractively at 18,50,000 PKR, present an unparalleled opportunity to manifest your vision of a dream home on a pristine canvas.

5 Marla Plot Price

Seize the opportunity to secure your 5 Marla plot by making a down payment of just 4,50,000 PKR. With flexible payment options, you can choose to pay through 36 monthly installments of 38,889 PKR or opt for 12 quarterly installments of 1,16,666 PKR. The path to your dream home has never been more accessible.

10 Marla Plot Price

Dive into a world of possibilities with Countryside Residencia 10 Marla plots, where dreams come to life. Priced at an enticing 3,700,000 PKR, these plots offer the perfect blend of space and affordability. Secure your plot with a down payment of approximately 15%, around 5,55,000 PKR, and experience the joy of building your own haven.

1 Kanal Plot Price

Step into a world of grandeur and luxury with our 1 Kanal plots, where aspirations take shape. Priced at 7,400,000 PKR, these plots present an opportunity to embrace opulence and create a legacy for generations to come. Secure your plot with a down payment of 7,40,000 PKR and embark on a journey towards unparalleled living.

Choose Your Payment Plan

At Countryside Residencia, we understand the importance of flexibility. Choose from 36 monthly installments of 1,64,444 PKR or indulge in 12 quarterly installments of 4,93,333 PKR, allowing you to personalize your payment plan according to your convenience and financial goals.

Exceptional Amenities

Countryside Residencia is committed to providing its residents with exceptional amenities to enhance their living experience. From parks and playgrounds for recreational activities to a well-equipped gymnasium for fitness enthusiasts, the project aims to cater to the diverse needs of its residents. Additionally, dedicated spaces for community events, jogging tracks, and a secure gated community ensure a safe and vibrant environment for all.

Tranquil Atmosphere:

Individuals seeking a serene location to build their dream homes will find Countryside Residencia to be an ideal choice. This residential development offers a peaceful living environment that is close to nature. The abundance of trees, plants, and greenery creates a positive ambiance for residents.

Secure Gated Community:

Ensuring the safety of residents is a top priority at Countryside Residencia. State-of-the-art security surveillance systems, including walk-through gates and CCTV cameras, will be installed to provide a high level of security.

Education Facilities:

The developers are committed to providing top-quality education within Countryside Residencia. They plan to establish multiple schools, colleges, and universities with highly qualified teaching staff, catering to the educational needs of the community.

Medical Facilities:

To address the healthcare requirements of residents, hospitals and clinics will be developed within the vicinity. Dedicated doctors and staff will be available round the clock to handle any medical emergencies.

Uninterrupted Utilities:

Countryside Residencia ensures a consistent supply of basic utilities, including water, electricity, and gas. Residents will not have to worry about power cuts or water shortages, as the community has backup electricity systems and power generators.

Water Management:

The project takes into account the water needs of its residents. Ample water will be stored in reservoirs to cater to everyday chores and ensure a sufficient water supply.

Commercial Hub:

Recognizing the economic needs of the residents, Countryside Residencia will feature a comprehensive business area where commercial requirements can be met conveniently.

Natural Surroundings:

Embracing the beauty of nature, Countryside Residencia is enveloped by picturesque landscapes, water features, parks, gardens, and lush greenery. This residential development offers a close-to-nature lifestyle experience.

Dining and Food Options:

A variety of dining establishments will be incorporated within the housing complex to cater to residents’ culinary preferences. These restaurants prioritize customer health and safety while offering delectable dishes from both local and international cuisines. Additionally, renowned restaurants are located in close proximity to the housing complex.

Parks and Recreational Spaces:

Countryside Residencia provides ample open spaces, including parks and playgrounds, where residents can enjoy outdoor activities. The main park is perfect for jogging and morning walks, while children have designated areas for play.

Shopping Convenience:

The housing development offers several shopping malls that provide a peaceful environment for indoor retail therapy and family entertainment. These malls showcase stunning architecture, premium amenities, renowned luxury brands, and top-tier entertainment options.

Efficient Waste Management:

Countryside Residencia incorporates a well-designed sewage and drainage system. Each residence is equipped with main holes and drains for smooth water flow, complemented by an underground duct system for efficient waste disposal.

Fitness Center:

Health-conscious individuals can maintain their well-being at the on-site fitness center, which features a range of exercise equipment, yoga zones, and a swimming pool.


Countryside Residencia includes a grand Jamia Mosque as well as smaller mosques, ensuring residents have convenient spaces for regular and Friday prayers.


A dedicated graveyard within Countryside Residencia allows residents to lay their deceased loved ones to rest and pay respects at their graves.

Quality Living Experience:

Countryside Residencia is designed to create a resilient social environment that combines alluring and peaceful living with a hub of commercial, residential, and recreational activities.

Immersive Cinema:

Adding to the entertainment options, a large 3D cinema is included in Countryside Residencia, offering residents the opportunity to enjoy the latest movies in a comfortable setting.

Sustainable Development:

The master plan of Countryside Residencia prioritizes the preservation of natural features and promotes eco-friendly development practices. It incorporates an advanced solid waste management system and ensures a reliable supply of water and electricity, emphasizing resource management and sustainability within the community. The innovative approach to infrastructure development sets Countryside Residencia apart as a forward-thinking residential project.

Community Engagement:

Countryside Residencia fosters a sense of community by organizing various events and activities that promote social interaction and engagement. Residents can partake in cultural celebrations, sports tournaments, and other recreational events, strengthening bonds among neighbors.

Green Initiatives:

The developers of Countryside Residencia are committed to environmental conservation. The project incorporates eco-friendly practices such as rainwater harvesting, solar energy utilization, and green building techniques. These initiatives contribute to a greener and more sustainable living environment.

Sports Facilities:

Sports enthusiasts will find a range of sports facilities within Countryside Residencia. Well-maintained courts for tennis, basketball, and cricket, as well as jogging tracks and cycling paths, provide opportunities for residents to stay active and pursue their athletic interests.

Community Centers:

Countryside Residencia includes community centers that serve as gathering spaces for residents. These centers host social events, workshops, and educational programs, creating a sense of unity and promoting lifelong learning.

Smart Technology Integration:

The housing development embraces smart technology to enhance convenience and efficiency. Residents can benefit from features such as smart home automation, high-speed internet connectivity, and digital security systems, elevating their living experience.

Transportation Accessibility:

Countryside Residencia boasts excellent transportation connectivity. With well-planned road networks and convenient access to public transportation, residents enjoy easy commutes to neighboring areas and major city centers.

Landscaped Gardens:

Residents can immerse themselves in the tranquility of beautifully landscaped gardens within Countryside Residencia. These serene spaces offer relaxation, leisurely walks, and opportunities to connect with nature.

Social Clubs and Facilities:

The housing development includes social clubs catering to various interests and hobbies. Whether it’s a book club, art studio, or hobby workshop, residents can find like-minded individuals and pursue their passions within the community.

Childcare Facilities:

Recognizing the needs of families, Countryside Residencia incorporates childcare facilities that provide a safe and nurturing environment for children. Qualified caregivers ensure the well-being and development of young residents.

Continuous Maintenance and Upkeep:

The management of Countryside Residencia is dedicated to ensuring the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the community. Regular inspections, prompt repairs, and efficient management services contribute to a well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing living environment.

Salient Features of Countryside Residencia

  • Lush green environment and scenic views
  • Modern infrastructure and well-planned road networks
  • Gated community with 24/7 security surveillance
  • Availability of basic utilities such as electricity, water, and gas
  • Educational institutions and healthcare facilities in close proximity
  • Commercial areas for shopping and entertainment
  • Mosque and community centers for spiritual and social activities
  • Well-maintained parks and recreational areas for leisure time
  • High-speed internet and digital connectivity
  • Environmentally friendly initiatives for sustainable living

Why invest in Countryside Residencia?

Investing in Countryside Residencia offers numerous advantages. Firstly, the project is backed by reputable developers known for their successful track record in the real estate industry. The strategic location, away from the city’s chaos yet easily accessible, ensures a peaceful and serene environment. The availability of various plot sizes and affordable payment plans makes it an attractive option for both investors and individuals looking to build their dream homes. Additionally, the planned amenities and infrastructure development promise a high-quality living experience, making it a valuable long-term investment opportunity.

NOC Approval:

The NOC of this project is currently awaiting approval from RDA. Furthermore, the society has a clean track record with no accusations of land violations or illegal developments.

Affordable Rates:

The project presents residential and commercial plots at highly affordable rates. Moreover, the plot prices are set to accommodate a wide range of budget considerations.

Flexible Payment Plans:

One notable aspect that attracts investors is the availability of flexible payment plans. The housing venture offers budget-friendly rates for plots, and those who prefer installment payments can easily avail themselves of convenient options.

Ideal Location:

Countryside Residencia enjoys a prime location along the main G.T Road and provides convenient access to various prominent landmarks.

Top-Notch Amenities:

The project is equipped with world-class amenities that elevate the standard of living for its residents. These amenities offer a unique and luxurious living experience.

Considering these compelling features, Countryside Residencia proves to be a promising investment opportunity. Join this exceptional venture and indulge in the modern amenities it has to offer.

Guidelines for Purchasing/Sale of Plots

When considering purchasing or selling plots in Countryside Residencia, it is essential to follow certain guidelines to ensure a smooth and transparent transaction. It is advisable to engage a reputable real estate agent or consultant who is familiar with the project and can guide you through the process. Verify the legal status of the property and ensure that all necessary documentation is in order. Conduct due diligence on the market value of the plots and negotiate the price based on current market trends. Finally, adhere to the legal requirements and procedures during the transfer of ownership to protect your investment.

Documentation Requirement for Booking

To book a plot in Countryside Residencia, certain documentation is required. This typically includes:

  1. Copy of the applicant’s CNIC (or passport for overseas clients)
  2. Passport-sized photographs
  3. Booking application form
  4. Down payment as per the payment plan
  5. Any additional documents or forms specified by the developer or agent

It is crucial to carefully review and fulfill all the documentation requirements to ensure a smooth booking process.

Countryside Residencia Islamabad Booking Procedure

The booking procedure for Countryside Residencia usually involves the following steps:

  1. Visit the project’s sales office or contact an authorized agent.
  2. Obtain the booking application form and carefully fill it out with accurate and complete information.
  3. Attach the required documents, including a copy of your CNIC or passport, passport-sized photographs, and any other specified documents.
  4. Submit the completed application form along with the down payment as per the payment plan.
  5. Once the application is processed and approved, you will receive an allotment letter and a plot number.
  6. Complete the necessary legal formalities and payment obligations within the specified timeframe.
  7. Upon successful completion of the payment plan, the ownership transfer process will be initiated, and you will receive the possession of your plot.

    Pros and Cons of Countryside Residencia


    1. Serene and picturesque environment away from the city’s hustle and bustle.
    2. Reputable developers and architects ensuring quality construction and design.
    3. Variety of plot sizes available to cater to different needs and budgets.
    4. Flexible and affordable payment plans making property ownership accessible.
    5. Well-planned infrastructure and modern amenities for a comfortable lifestyle.
    6. Close proximity to key landmarks, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities.
    7. Potential for high return on investment due to the project’s strategic location and development prospects.


    1. The NOC for Countryside Residencia is currently under process, which may cause some uncertainty for potential buyers.
    2. Being a new project, the actual delivery and completion timeline may vary.
    3. Limited information available about the project’s specific features and facilities.


    In conclusion, Countryside Residencia is an upcoming residential project in Islamabad that aims to provide a serene and nature-infused lifestyle to its residents. With reputable developers, flexible payment plans, and a range of amenities, it offers an attractive opportunity for both investors and individuals seeking a peaceful living environment. However, potential buyers should carefully consider the project’s legal status, documentation requirements, and market trends before making a decision.

    Property Features & Amenities of COUNTRYSIDE RESIDENCIA


    The society serves as a gated community and is surrounded by a boundary wall. Designated and monitored entry and exit points for residents will guarantee high security in Countryside Residencia. It will be a completely protected society, attributable to CCTV surveillance and the presence of security personnel.


    Countryside Residencia is ideally situated in a prime location of twin cities. It will be situated on the main G.T Road, easily accessible to the nearby landmarks. It is a combination of green landscape and modern infrastructure that provides fresh and clean air to breathe away from the polluted city environment.


    Countryside Residencia will induce a wide and carpeted road with street networks for efficient movement of traffic between societies. Additionally, roadways will have multiple themes. The society also promises an extra Main Boulevard for smooth traffic flow. 


    There will be a constant supply of basic commodities including electricity, gas, and water. To enhance the aesthetic attractiveness of society, the utilities will be furnished underground.


    Countryside developers’ emphasis on organic living, therefore organic gardens will be established to supply the local population with fresh fruits and vegetables. Additionally, residents are allowed to grow a variety of fruits, vegetables, plants, and flowers on their property.


    Countryside Residencia will provide an eco-friendly, rural lifestyle with all contemporary comforts. The proximity to nature will ensure an extraordinary experience barely available elsewhere in Pakistan.


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    COUNTRYSIDE RESIDENCIA Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is the owner and developer of Countryside Residencia?

    The developers of Countryside Residencia are Sim Builders and Zee Brothers.

    What is the status of the No Objection Certificate (NOC) for Countryside Residencia?

    The NOC for Countryside Residencia is currently under process. The management has submitted all the necessary documents to the relevant authorities and is working diligently to obtain the NOC.

    What is the master plan of Countryside Residencia?

    The master plan of Countryside Residencia has been designed by a team of experts. It offers residential plots of different sizes, including 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal plots, at reasonable prices.

    What amenities are available at Countryside Residencia?

    Countryside Residencia offers a range of amenities, including parks, playgrounds, a gymnasium, community event spaces, jogging tracks, a secure gated community, educational facilities, medical facilities, uninterrupted utilities, water management systems, a commercial hub, and more.

    Where is Countryside Residencia located?

    Countryside Residencia is strategically located on Channi pul main G.T Road in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. It is easily accessible from various landmarks and is a few minutes’ drive away from key connecting points.

    What are the nearby landmarks and places near Countryside Residencia?

    Some prominent nearby landmarks include Giga Mall, Defence Housing Authority, Bahria Town Islamabad, Army Training Institute, PWD Housing Society, Institute of Space Technology, and Fauji Foundation Hospital.

    What are the nearby landmarks and places near Countryside Residencia?

    Some prominent nearby landmarks include Giga Mall, Defence Housing Authority, Bahria Town Islamabad, Army Training Institute, PWD Housing Society, Institute of Space Technology, and Fauji Foundation Hospital.

    What are the nearby landmarks and places near Countryside Residencia?

    Some prominent nearby landmarks include Giga Mall, Defence Housing Authority, Bahria Town Islamabad, Army Training Institute, PWD Housing Society, Institute of Space Technology, and Fauji Foundation Hospital.

    Why should I invest in Countryside Residencia?

    Investing in Countryside Residencia offers advantages such as reputable developers, a strategic location, affordable rates, flexible payment plans, top-notch amenities, and the potential for a high-quality living experience. It is a promising long-term investment opportunity.


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