Royal Orchard Sahiwal 

Royal Orchard is a luxury housing society located on Main Canal Road near to Main GT Road in Sahiwal City. This housing society is a project of Royal Builders & Developers – A sister concern of the HabibRafiq Group. The HabibRafiq Group is one of Pakistan’s finest real estate and urban engineering conglomerate with multiple completed and on-going projects on their credit. According to the developers of Royal Orchard Sahiwal, the housing society has been developed on international infrastructure development standards and is set to be central Punjab’s urban icon.

Royal Orchard Location & Map

The Royal Orchard Housing Society is conveniently located on the main GT Road in Sahiwal City. The approach of this housing society is premium because it is located in the suburbs of Sahiwal with easy access to the city center, Sahiwal Railway Station, and other urban hubs of the city. Also, it is worth noting that the Royal Orchard Sahiwal is located in close proximity to COMSATS University’s Sahiwal Campus. All the facilities and civic amenities are already available in this housing scheme. The society is best suited for businessmen and agriculturalists of the region because it provides one of the best accesses to urban and rural sub-regions of Sahiwal City. Also, the main Sahiwal GT Road By-pass road also connects this housing society conveniently to central, north, and south Punjab. The location of Royal Orchard Sahiwal is ideal for investors looking to capitalize on opportunities available in the real estate sector surrounding the regions spanning over central and south Punjab. The society also offers clear clean access from major cities of Punjab such as Multan, Lahore, and Khanewal

Royal Orchard Installment & Payment Plan

There is a large variety of plot sizes available in Royal Orchard Sahiwal. The residential plot sizes in Royal Orchard are:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

The booking of these plots is available for as low as 10%. The current prices (*Subject to Change) are:

  • 5 Marla Plot – PKR 2.5 Million
  • 10 Marla Plot – PKR 4.5 Million
  • 1 Kanal Plot – PKR 8 Million

All these residential plots are available for booking in as low as 10%. The down payment for 5 Marla plot is 2.5 Lacs, for 10 Marla Plot is 4.5 Lacs and 1 Kanal Plot is 8 Lacs. The rest of the payment for these plots is divided into 1 confirmation (equivalent to the down payment) and 36 month quarterly payments. This is the best time to invest in Royal Orchard Sahiwal since the prices are low when compared to other housing projects located in Multan, Sahiwal, and Khanewal regions. The NOC of Royal Orchard is approved by the Tehsil and District Municipal Administration of Sahiwal which makes it one of the few housing societies legally commissioned to carry out development work. Another great aspect of investing in Royal Orchard Sahiwal is that possession is available once the buyers complete 20% of the total payment. This enables the end-users to begin building their home on their plot without having to worry about completing the full payment beforehand

Royal Orchard Booking Process

Deal & Deals is a full-scale real estate agency of Pakistan with multiple offices spread throughout Pakistan. Deal & Deals is a platinum partner and authorized dealer of Royal Orchard Sahiwal and it is extremely convenient to book the plot via us.

Here is a step by step guide on booking your plot in Royal Orchard Sahiwal:

  1. The first step is to get in touch with Deal & Deals by filling out the form or through our universal access number UAN.
  2. Once you get in touch, your royal orchard specialist will invite you for an in-person meeting.
  3. After you arrive in Deal & Deals office, our specialist will guide you through the layout plan, master plan, and payment plan of Royal Orchard Sahiwal. During this meeting, the Deal & Deals specialist will also answer any queries that you may have regarding any aspect of the housing society.
  4. Once you understand the opportunity, our royal orchard Sahiwal specialist will provide you with a booking form of the housing society. You will return the filled form along with a copy of your CNIC, your nominee’s CNIC, and 2 color photographs of yourself and nominees. At this point, our real estate specialist will also guide you regarding the payment mechanism of down payment.

And this is it! Once you submit the form and payment instrument to our Deal & Deals specialist, he/she will then submit the same to the housing society. The management and developers of Royal Orchard Sahiwal will directly send you the plot file within 15 to 30 days. It is extremely easy and convenient to book your plot in Royal Orchard Sahiwal.

Free Consultation 

Deal & Deal is a platinum partner of Royal Orchard Sahiwal and is one of the only authorized dealers of this housing society. We give you an option of Free Consultation before booking your plot in the housing society. So do not wait and fill in the form below to get in touch with us. One of our Royal Orchard Sahiwal specialists will get back to you with all the information that you need in order to invest in it.

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Property Features & Amenities of Royal Orchard Sahiwal

Water, Gas & Electricity

The induction of all civic amenities such as water, gas, and electricity is in the completion phase. In some developed sectors of the housing society, all these amenities are available. Apart from this, the fitting of underground gas and water pipelines is almost complete for the developed blocks of Royal Orchard Sahiwal. According to the management and developers of this housing society, the underground layout of electricity and telecommunication cables is ongoing and will be completed within a short time span.

Commercial Space

Dedicated commercial areas are also a part of Royal Orchard masterplan. Each sector of the housing society will have dedicated commercial spaces which will have superstores and grocery shops for the residents. Apart from this, the Royal Orchard Sahiwal will also have a central business and commercial hub

Schools Hospitals & Police Stations

Schools, Police Stations, and Medical facilities have been abundantly included in the Royal Orchard Sahiwal Master Plan. The project has all the necessary facilities available to the residents inside the society including a 40-bed Hospital facility of international standards.

Comprehensive Road Network

The Royal Orchard Sahiwal is one of the only private housing schemes in the area that has a comprehensive metaled road network within the society. The road network is 100% metaled and provides ease of access within the housing society. Also, the main boulevard of Royal Orchard has been constructed according to international standards for road dimensions and sizes

24/7 Security and Surveillance

According to the developers of Royal Orchard Sahiwal, the housing society is completely secure with 24/7 automated and manual surveillance. The housing society has a security control hub that is connected to various parts of the housing society via a number of security patrols. Apart from this, there is a large and comprehensive network of security surveillance cameras that monitor the housing society. It is safe to saying that Royal Orchard Sahiwal has one of the best and state of the art security and surveillance system in place

Dedicated Parks and Mosques

The Royal Orchard Sahiwal is set to have dedicated mosques and parks. Every block of Royal Orchard will have a mosque and recreation park of its own. According to the developers of Royal Orchard Sahiwal, each block will have its own centrally located mosque along with a grand Jamia Masjid located in the center of the housing society

Royal Orchard Sahiwal

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Royal Orchard Sahiwal Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Royal Orchard Located?

Royal Orchard Sahiwal is located on main Comsats University Campus road. The housing society has easy access from Main GT Road, Sahiwal By-pass road and Sahiwal’s Jhall road.

Who is developing and managing Royal Orchard Sahiwal?

Royal Orchard Sahiwal is being developed and managed by Royal Builders – a sister concern of Habib Rafiq Limited. All administrative sectors of Royal Orchard are being directly managed by HRL and Royal Builders.

What is the authenticity of Royal Orchard Sahiwal?

According to the developers and management of Royal Orchard Sahiwal, the Tehsil Municipal Administration – TMA Sahiwal has approved this housing society. 95% of the infrastructural development is complete in Royal Orchard Sahiwal.

How reputable are the developers of this housing society?

The developers of Royal Orchard Sahiwal are Habib Rafiq Limited – HRL. The group enjoys an impeccable reputation in Pakistan as they have myriad of real estate projects completed and delivered. HRL has previously delivered turnkey urban settlement projects for DHA, Bahria Town and Government of Pakistan. They are also the consultants and developers of New Multan International Airport.

How can I invest in Royal Orchard Sahiwal?

With Deal & Deals, it is easy to invest in Royal Orchard Sahiwal. Deal & Deals is a platinum partner of Royal Orchard Sahiwal and is one of the only authorized dealer of this society in northern Punjab region. The residential plot sizes available in this housing society are 5 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal. The booking of plots in Royal Orchard Sahiwal starts from as low as 10% of the total price. The rest of the plot prices are distributed in to equal quarterly installments.

When will be possession available in Royal Orchard Sahiwal?

The Royal Orchard Sahiwal is nearing its completion in terms of infrastructural development. Basic and essential civic amenities such as water, gas and electricity are already available on site. Possession is readily available for majority of the plots and the management has announced that possession will be given on 20% payment.


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