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Deal & Deals is a real estate marketing firm that has more than 10 years of experience in sales and marketing in the real estate industry of Pakistan. We offer legal, lucrative, advanced  &  future booming real estate investment opportunities and property management consultancy services by prioritizing clients’ benefits.



The management of Deal & Deals has established this esteemed real estate marketing company with a vision to revolutionize the real estate market of Pakistan by introducing agile marketing techniques to maximize clientele benefits and to progress and develop as the top real estate marketing agency.


Our mission is to provide advanced,  tailored, and comprehensive marketing solutions to our clients to maximize returns. We aim to bring the highest of real estate business standards and professionalism in our dealings so that we can deliver excellence in our services and our clients can get optimized real estate deals.

Deal & Deals is striving on a mission to be a client’s ideal choice to get real estate marketing and consultancy services.


Our Management Has The Top Realtors Of The Real Estate Marketing Industry Who Are Working Hard To Provide You Profitable Real Estate Solutions

Daniyal Nisar

Daniyal Nisar

Founder & CEO

Mr. Daniyal Nisar is a hard-working individual who is working diligently to offer a premium & professional experience in the real estate industry of Pakistan. He is a young entrepreneure and a man of vision who is striving to transform the real estate sector by adding comprehensive and unique values to the market.

Zohaib Akram

Zohaib Akram

Managing Director

Mr. Zohaib Akram is a man of vision & foresight & one of the pioneer businessmen in the establishment of Deal & Deals. He is striving to change the work ethics & work tactics of the real estate market. He is the backbone of the company and aims to leave a legacy to accomplish great accolades.

Our Values


Deal & Deals goes above and beyond to respect your time if you choose to be a part of us. We commit to an honest relationship, which we depict through complete transparency in our decisions. We aim to maximize your investment potential with no hidden charges, fraud, or mistrust. We communicate everything we have to offer with the aim of building absolute trust and a long-lasting relation.


Deal & Deals Islamabad is a fully established firm with separate departments all synced to provide you an authentic real estate experience. When you choose to deal with us, we guide you through the process professionally without a shroud of doubt.

Customer Loyalty

We are proud to announce that the customers who have worked with us love our service. We have a high customer retention rate, which has lead us to make new customers through references of old one’s. We hope to offer you the same!


If we’ve said it, we’ve committed to it. We offer you a full refund if we ever go back on our word. Our dealings are government approved and so we offer you a unique file number for every property purchase.


Our CEO, Daniyal Nisar, is working diligently to offer a premium experience. Deal and Deals was a dream venture sprouting from the acclaimed engineer, Nisar Ahmad, and his son, Daniyal, who feels passionate about revolutionizing the property industry, later transitioned to company CEO.

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Investment Management

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Real Estate Consultancy

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Property Development Plans


We have the best real estate agents from the market who are always ready to provide you real estate consultancy and marketing services. We maintain a high level of trust, loyalty, user-friendly experience, and professionalism in our dealings…

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