Silver City Housing Scheme, A Piece Of Artistic Infrastructure And An RDA-Approved Housing Venture At Rawalpindi Girja Road.

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A Top-Notch & Modern Living Marvel In Rawalpindi Providing A Tranquil Living Environment.

Silver City Housing Scheme

Silver City Rawalpindi is an RDA-approved housing marvel located at a premium location in Rawalpindi at Girja Road. This housing scheme is providing a serene, luxurious, and peaceful lifestyle amidst Margalla Hills. It is a proud project of Laraib Associate And Developers PVT. LTD and SAREMCO Group. In Rawalpindi City, this housing scheme is one of the best of its kind.

This NOC-approved society is technologically advanced and offers modern features of living at affordable rates. It is a secure gated community that offers a feel of security with a healthy lifestyle. Right now, this project is the center of attention of investors because this project is yielding high returns on investments.


Silver City Owner & Developers

This residential society is a joint venture of Laraib Developers & Associates (PVT) Limited and SAREMCO Group. Both these companies are well known in Pakistan for delivering quality projects with 100% customer satisfaction. Laraib Developers & Associates (PVT) Limited and SAREMCO Group have a diverse portfolio in the real estate market so this society has high chances of timely and quality delivery.

The Developers And Owners Of Silver City are making prominent efforts to provide a perfect blend of luxury and comfort along with affordability.

Silver City Rawalpindi

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This top-notch housing scheme is located at a sterling location in Rawalpindi on Girja Road near Thalian Interchange. This livable housing venture is easily reachable from all the major landmarks of twin cities.

One of the best location highlights of this housing scheme is that it is almost 10 mins away from New International Islamabad Airport. Also, Ring Road Rawalpindi will be directly connected with this real estate project. Further, major upscale landmarks and societies are within walking distance from Silver City.

Silver City Rawalpindi

Some of the landmarks & places near this housing scheme are:

✔️ Islamabad
✔️ Nova City
✔️ M2 Motorway
✔️ Blue World City
✔️ Qurtaba City
✔️ Capital Smart City
✔️ Islamabad Airport
✔️ Thalian Interchange

In terms of accessibility, The Silver City Rawalpindi is accessible in the following ways:

Silver City Rawalpindi accessible

✔️ Almost 12 minutes drive away from Thalian Interchange
✔️ Almost 19 minutes drive away from Srinagar Highway
✔️ Almost 13 minutes drive away from M2 Motorway
✔️ Almost 20 minutes drive away from M-1 Motorway
✔️ Almost 15 minutes drive away from Islamabad International Airport
✔️ Almost 31 minutes drive away from Rawalpindi – Kohat Road


The No Objection Certificate (NOC) of this amazing housing venture is approved by Rawalpindi Development Authority. The management of Silver City has all the necessary permissions for top-quality development and construction.

silver city NOC


As per Silver City Master Plan, this society is an orderly civilization. This masterplan is a magnificent piece of art, aesthetics, modern infrastructure, and architecture. The land of Silver City Rawalpindi is masterly divided into several residential and commercial plots where a variety of plot categories are available.

Silver City Islamabad consists of several sectors named as:

✔️ Silver City Sector A
✔️ Silver City Sector B
✔️ Silver City Sector C

All the sectors of this housing venture are divided into several residential plots. The residential plot categories are:

✔️ 4 Marla
✔️ 5 Marla
✔️ 7 Marla
✔️ 10 Marla
✔️ 1 Kanal

The commercial plot categories are:

✔️ 3 Marla
✔️ 4 Marla


As this society is an RDA-approved venture and near to the main landmarks of twin cities, Silver City Rawalpindi is an ideal destination to be a commercial hub. The management of this society has kept a keen eye on the economic & commercial needs of the residents so they have launched commercial plots of different sizes. In this commercial region, the residents will have access to super marts, grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, and world-class brands.


Following are the commercial plot categories in this society:

✔️ 3 Marla     ✔️ 4 Marla


Silver City Payment Plan is quite affordable. The management has paid special attention to make Silver City Payment & Installment Plans easy and manageable that’s why they have designed it in a way to target the living needs of common people. Silver City Housing Scheme offers a 3-year installment plan. Booking of the plots starts with a 12.5% booking & 12.5% confirmation. The remaining amount has to be paid in 48 monthly installments (4 Annual installments).



This society is offering state of the art modern features to the residents which are as follows:

✔️ Beautiful entrance gate
✔️ Club House
✔️ Modern Spa
✔️ Boundary Wall
✔️ Water, Gas, Electricity
✔️ World-class     infrastructure
✔️ Grand Mosque
✔️ Retail Area
✔️ 24/7 Security
✔️ Maintenance
✔️ Boundary Wall
✔️ Education Complex
✔️ Underground Electrification
✔️ Sports complex
✔️ Medical Facilities
✔️ Water Resources


The development work in this society has already been initiated and the construction work is making progress by leaps and bounds. The management has a keen focus on the timely delivery of this project so the development work is in full swing.


You can book commercial and residential plots in Silver City Rawalpindi with just a 25% down payment. While booking a plot, you just have to arrange a down payment and complete your documentation.

Here are the documents required to follow while booking a plot in this society:

✔️ Two passport size pictures
✔️ For the overseas client, NICOP will be required
✔️ 2 copies of National Identity Cards
✔️ 2 copies of National Identity Cards of next of kin



This society is offering modern and advanced features at pocket-friendly rates

Eco-friendly society

This living space is an eco-friendly society that is offering a contemporary lifestyle to the residents. Here the residents will enjoy a unique and serene lifestyle within the nature-close environment.

Educational complex

This society focuses on the keen provision of international-level education. The management has dedicated a large space for the construction of a world-class educational complex where trained staff will provide quality education.

Commercial hub

This society is going to be a future commercial hub of twin cities. The Silver City Owners And Developers have taken care of the commercial and economical needs of the residents. All in one commercial area will be a part of this society.

Secure community

Silver City is a gated community that ensures safety. Well-designed security and surveillance systems are installed to provide all-inclusive security to the residents. A  boundary wall surrounds this society to provide high-level security. 

High-end road infrastructure

High-end road infrastructure is one of the important aspects of any real estate project. The road network has been constructed in this society with a high degree of professionalism. Roads and boulevards of this society are spacious and wide.

Community centers

Humans are social animals and interaction between them provides a healthy living. The owners of this society have taken care of this need of residents, so community centers will be developed here to create a social bond between residents.

Silver City Rawalpindi

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Silver City is an approved society by RDA and this project is an upcoming sensation when a luxurious lifestyle in Pakistan is sought. The society has a plethora of unique features to meet the speculations of its residents in twin cities. Invest in this gated community you need complete guidance. For consultation regarding this amazing venture, consider a top-notch real estate agency.

Deal & Deals (PVT) Ltd is a partner of Silver City. We are a full-service real estate agency located in Islamabad. We offer an expedited booking process for all sectors of this society. For more information and booking your plot, click to fill the form below.


Is silver city is an approved housing scheme?

Yes, this project is duly approved by the concerned legislative authority, Rawalpindi Development Authority.

Is Silver City Rawalpindi suitable for investment for all norms of people?

There is no doubt in the statement that this society is one of the affordable ones in twin cities. The Silver City Payment Plan has been designed to target all classes of people so it is a suitable and pocket-friendly option for investment.

Where is Silver City Rawalpindi Located?

This futuristic housing scheme is situated at Girja Road Rawalpindi near Thalian Interchange.

Who are the owner and developers of this gated community?

Laraib associates and developers and SAREMCO GROUP have collaborated to launch this project.

Is Silver City capable enough to deliver huge returns on investments?

Yes, this project can yield high returns on investments. It is quite affordable right now so the investors and residents are showing huge interest in this project. In near future, this project will offer many perks of living so the rates will be skyrocketing and this society will yield more profits.

What is the total land area of this housing scheme?

This amazing real estate venture spreads over 30,000 Kanals of land.


1st Floor, Fortune Plaza (Savour Foods Building), Block H, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area Islamabad.

(+92) 333 111 (DEAL) 3325

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