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Blue World City Islamabad [LATEST] Project Details | NOC | Location

by | Mar 23, 2020 | News & Updates | 0 comments

Located near to the Chakri Interchange, the Blue World City Islamabad is one of the most exotic Housing Societies being designed and constructed in collaboration by Pakistani and Chinese housing corporations. It is near to both Rawalpindi and Islamabad, and being build alongside the new Islamabad Airport and the proposed Ring Road Rawalpindi.

Based on a unique theme infrastructure, this project has multiple features and it is now known as the essence of what the future is likely to offer. The Blue World City design sets this project apart from all the other housing societies in Islamabad. This means that it is more than just a Housing Scheme; it is a comprehensive project including multiple theme parks, shopping malls, and cultural complexes.

The World-Class Tourism Destination in Islamabad

Although Islamabad is blessed with natural beauty and lush green suburbs, but it faces a dearth of exciting and adventurous tourism destinations. The locals have been starving for large-scale tourism attractions such as theme parks, sports stadiums, and cultural complexes. However, a new project is being launched with the aim to fill this gap in Islamabad’s tourism industry. With a number of beautiful thematic tourism destinations, this upcoming tourism destination in Islamabad is setting the stage to transform the tourism industry in Islamabad.


Being developed on Chakri Road, near to New Islamabad International Airport, Blue World City Islamabad is that much-anticipated destination hosting multiple tourism infrastructures. It is Pakistan’s first hub of thematic tourism, where a plethora of exciting and adventurous tourism destinations are being designed.


Following are some of the major features of Blue World City Islamabad:

Water Theme Park in Pakistan

Blue World City Islamabad is aiming to design and develop the biggest Water Park in Pakistan. This project will feature astounding infrastructures with the capacity to provide thousands of visitors will splendid marine adventures. 

The best part about Blue World City’s Water Park is the exhibition of marine life. Similar to the water parks in Dubai, the Blue World City Islamabad will showcase beautiful and enigmatic marine life. This will, therefore, be one of the best tourism attractions in Blue World City Islamabad.

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Islamic Architecture (Istanbul’s Blue Mosque Replica)

As Islamabad is a relatively new city as compared to the cities of Lahore, Multan, and Bahawalpur, it lacks historical and cultural tourism. Other than Faisal Mosque in Islamabad, there are hardly any cultural destinations in the city exhibiting Islamic architectures. Hence, Blue World City Islamabad has planned to develop some of the finest mosques exhibiting glorious Islamic Architectures. 

An example of this innovation is the construction of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque Replica which is being designed incorporating glorious Islamic Architectures and monumental calligraphy. The designs are meant to attract local as well as international visitors, and the destination has multiple small-scale and large-scale infrastructures as well.

Sports and Cultural Complexes

In addition to the beautiful waterparks and glorious Islamic architectures, Blue World City Islamabad is also building large-scale sport stadiums in the housing society. These stadiums will be meant for a number of healthy sporting activities including Cricket, Hockey, and Football. This will provide the citizens of Islamabad with a place to come, play, and master their favorite sports.

Moreover, Blue World City Islamabad is also investing in Cultural Complexes in order to project the beautiful culture of Pakistan. As this society is being developed in collaboration with Chinese Developers, the Chinese cultural infrastructures will also be designed and build in Blue World society. The developers have specified that the Executive and Overseas blocks would be the major sectors where these tourism destinations are to be built.


The overall documentation of Blue World City Islamabad and the land allocations have been completed. The Blue World City Overseas Block and General Block are predicted to be the first sections of the housing society to be approved first and consequently the Blue World City Executive Block will be approved as well. 

Overall, Blue World City can be considered as one of the top housing societies in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It is providing the middle-income citizens of Pakistan with a chance to live in a luxurious environment with advanced facilities, and recreational destination. Hence, there is no doubt that this housing project will definitely gain approval soon and become one of the best housing societies in Pakistan.

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The Blue World City provides the investors in Pakistan and Abroad with a massive investment opportunity. Investing in Blue World City can tremendously change your life and provide you with maximum returns on investment in a few years to come. As the Blue World City is set to reside on over 1 Lac Kanals of authorized land, this land is to be divided into a number of luxury blocks and phases which will provide the best Housing facilities as well as a wonderful atmosphere for a luxury lifestyle.

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Reasons for Investing in Blue World City Islamabad?

As the location of Blue World City Islamabad is near to the route of CPEC, the potential of this Housing Scheme is far greater than any other society in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. As the possession of plots in Blue World City is being offered at extremely affordable rates, this is the best time to invest in Blue World City in order to gain a massive profits in the coming few years. Infrastructures are being built at a rapid rate; and once completed, the prices of plots in Blue World City Islamabad would surge quickly. 

Following are some of the major reasons for investing Blue World City Islamabad:

Blue World City Affordable Prices

The Blue World City Islamabad is an extremely affordable Housing Society as it is recently in the development phase. However, with the passage of time, this society will be witnessing the development of tremendous Infrastructures increasing its overall worth at a rapid pace. A large number of theme parks, cultural complexes, commercial hubs, and entertainment infrastructures are being developed and constructed in quick succession.

Blue World City Location for Investment

Blue World City is now being considered as the best investment opportunity because of its important location. The society is being constructed at the juncture of Chakri Road. The new Ring Road Rawalpindi Project elevates the importance of this scheme by decreasing the traveling time to Blue World City and the nearby regions as well. Once the Ring Road project is completed, the value of this project is likely to increase tremendously.

Blue World City Islamabad Reviews

The Blue World City reviews tell us that it will surpass all other competitors as accessibility will be easier for people coming from the furthest side of Rawalpindi such as Bahria Town, Saddar, Giga Mall, and Defence Housing Authority etc.


Blue World City Islamabad is considered to be an icon of Pak-China Friendship as it is being developed by Saad Nazir’s Blue Group of Companies and the Chinese Shan Jian Municipal Engineering company. Both of these companies have been considered as the torch bearers for Real Estate innovation and investment opportunities. 

The design of Infrastructures being built in Blue World City possess the potential of attracting millions of investors from all over the country. It is being envisaged as one of the top tourist destinations in Pakistan with massive potential for imparting a sense of recreational awe and splendor in a few years to come.

Pak-China Friendly Society

Blue World City is now known as the first Pak-China friendly society being developed in the Capital City of Pakistan. This Housing Society is capable of providing the economies as well as the societies of both China and Pakistan with multi-faceted benefits. It has the potential of further strengthening the friendship between Pakistan and China by increasing people-to-people contact and providing endless residential and commercial opportunities for its residents. Moreover, Blue World City has become a landmark project and its success would attract further foreign investment from abroad into similar projects.

Accommodation for Chinese in Blue World City

As Chinese investors have a major role in the development of Blue World City infrastructures, this society is expected to witness a large influx of Chinese Residents in the upcoming years. This project lies near the route of the CPEC projects, it can be considered as one of the favorite destinations for overseas residents. Approximately 10,000 Chinese Residents are expected to come and live in Blue World City as part of the development or construction crew. This is also witnessed in the society’s decision to establish a distinct block specially designed for the residents coming in from China.


Blue World City Commercial Hub

For investors and businessmen in Islamabad, the Blue World City presents a brilliant opportunity for massive profits. As the CPEC routes are in close proximity to this project, it possesses the potential to transform into the next commercial hub of the country. The investors would get an opportunity to enjoy interacting with different communities such as Chinese and overseas Pakistanis. 

Schools, Hospitals, and Police Stations

Schools, Police Stations, and Medical facilities have been properly included in the Blue World City Master Plan. Since it’s located a little far from the main Islamabad City, the project has all the necessary facilities which will be available to the residents inside the premises of the society including a 40-bed Hospital facility compliant with international standards.

24/7 Security and Surveillance

The security of residents is the first priority for Blue World City. With an advanced system of 24/7 Security and Surveillance, this society can be considered one of the most safe and secure housing societies in the country. Moreover, the security staff employed for the protection of the residents include trained and experienced professionals who will ensure that the society meets all the security standards.

Wide Roads and Public Transport

Blue World City Chakri Road plans to provide a well-planned network of roads and an internal transportation system to ensure maximum convenience for its residents and visitors. The Blue World City Map shows that the main boulevard would be 120 feet. All the streets of the town would be 40ft main, and the roads would be 80-100 feet. There will be separate pathways for pedestrians and cyclists.

Entertainment & Adventure

In order to provide the residents and visitors with prolific entertainment, the Blue World City will introduce 3D I-max cinemas as a delightful attraction. The Adventure Club would double up the thrill with activities such as horse-riding, hiking, and paragliding etc. Moreover, a Safari Zoo is also being planned with a multitude of exotic Safari Animals from all around the world are planned to be exhibited. They would be trained to roam around freely and elevate the thrill for visitors.

Blue World City Property Types

Blue World City Residential Plots

As seen on the Blue World City Islamabad Location Map, the larger portion of the society includes residential properties which are the strength of this project. You can buy 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal plots at reasonable rates.

Blue World City Commercial Plots

Commercial Properties are being constructed on Blue World City location for investors looking to kick start their business by booking the Blue World City commercial plots at a prime location in Islamabad.

Awami Complex Apartments

With the construction of Awami Complex Apartments, buying a Blue World City flat on installments in Rawalpindi has become easy. The society is looking to provide the most affordable residential solutions to citizens from all walks of life, especially those who are not able to afford high living costs.

Blue World City Awami Villas

The Awami Villas at Blue World City Islamabad are especially designed to attract investors from a diverse range of backgrounds. The ones who are able to afford the luxury properties can still book the affordable Awami Villas and enjoy a similar lifestyle.

Blue Hills Country Farm House Plots

The Blue Hills Country Farm Houses are the best way to experience a luxury lifestyle with peace and tranquility guaranteed. These Farm Houses will be designed in a stunning manner to provide the residents with exclusive views and peaceful environments

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Investing in the Blue Hills Country Farm Houses is considered to be one of the wisest decisions you will ever make in your life. These luxury Farm Houses are being designed to promise comfort and class with elite infrastructures. You can buy Blue Hills Farms on easy installments plans and secure your future at affordable rates.


Blue World City Executive Block

The Executive Block, also designed on the Blue World City Islamabad Map, is a masterpiece with the optimum facilities. This section of the society is designed to ensure all the basic educational, medical, security, and entertainment needs of the residents with classic infrastructures.

Blue World City General Block

The General Block of Blue World city provides residents as well as business owners with a chance to enjoy multiple facilities of a gated community. Although the facilities may vary with regards to the Executive and Overseas Block, but the environment of this section is made to ensure a quality lifestyle.

Blue World City Overseas Block

The Blue World City Overseas section is located on the main boulevard and designed to meet the expectations of the overseas community of Pakistan. This section will provide advanced facilities with quality infrastructure in accordance with the needs of the overseas Pakistanis or residents from abroad.

Updates: Blue World City Overseas Block Prices Under Revision

Overseas Block Payment Plan in Blue World City:

The Blue World City is recently offering residential plots of different sizes including 7, 10, 14 Marla Plots as well as 1 and 2 Kanal Plots. You have to make a down payment of around 20% beforehand and the remaining amount is then payable in 16 quarterly installments or 48 monthly installments.


The Blue World City Chakri Road is the manifestation of Pak-China Friendship where two Pakistani and Chinese companies have started designing and developing this project. It is a collaboration between Saad Nazir’s Blue Group of Companies and the Chinese Shan Jian Municipal Engineering company. Both of these companies have been considered as the torch bearers for Real Estate innovation and investment opportunity. 

This Blue World City project is considered to be the epitome of their innovation in design and architecture. They also provide a plethora of diverse services including construction. Printing, and other services related to information technology as well. Using their massive experience in this domain, they endeavor make Blue World City an excellent success.


Owned by the renowned Real Estate tycoon Saad Nazir, the Blue Group of companies is one of leading Real Estate developers in Pakistan. The company was established under TECH cooperative housing society Lahore in 2014 and has gained massive popularity over the past few years. This increment in the overall reputation of BGC owes to its innovative mindset. In addition to this, the BGC has also contributed heavily to the overall progress of Imran Khan’s vision of constructing 50 Lac homes. This collaboration has further strengthened the position of Blue Group of Companies, and it speaks volumes regarding the quality of Real Estate it has to offer.

Previous Projects by Blue Group of Companies

Blue Group of Companies has worked to gain a tremendous reputation in the Real Estate sector of Pakistan. It has previously worked on a number of Major Real Estate projects in Pakistan including:

  1. TECH Cooperative Housing Society Lahore.
  2. Blue Town Awami Residential Complex Lahore.
  3. PIA Officers Employees Cooperative Housing Society Rawalpindi.
  4. Central Park Housing Scheme
  5. PND Fort Housing Society- Phase-II

Blue Group of Companies Upcoming Projects

After the success of the previous projects, the Blue Group of Companies is now working on three different large-scale projects worth billions of rupees. The future projects of Blue Group of Companies include:

  1. Blue World City Islamabad
  2. Blue Town Lahore
  3. Blue Town Sargodha

Choose the Best Investment Location in Islamabad

Blue World City is now being considered as the best investment opportunity because of its important location. The society is being constructed at the juncture of Chakri Road. The new Ring Road Rawalpindi Project elevates the importance of this scheme by decreasing the traveling time to Blue World City and the nearby regions as well. Once the Ring Road project is completed, the value of this project is likely to increase tremendously. The Blue World City reviews tell us that it will surpass all other competitors as accessibility will be easier for people coming from the furthest side of Rawalpindi such as Bahria Town, Saddar, Giga Mall, and Defence Housing Authority etc.

Documentation Required for Booking

The process of booking a plot in Blue World City is easy and completely secure. You just need to provide a few documents such as:

  1. 2 Passports Size Pictures
  2. 1 ID Card Copy of the Owner
  3. 1 ID Card copy of the Nominee
  4. 10 % Down Payment in the form of Cash, Money Order, or Online Deposit.
  5. 2 copies of Overseas National ID Card for Overseas Clients.


What is the Blue World City installment plan?

The society is offering 3-year Installment plan for commercial plots and 4 year installment plan for residential plots with monthly and bi-annual Installments.

Where is the Blue World City Head Office?

The head office of Blue world city is located in Lahore and the Branch Office is located on Main GT Road, next to Bahria Phase 6 entrance.

What is the Blue World City Contact Number?

You can get all the information about Blue World City by calling 0304-111(DEAL) 3325.

When will be the possession of plots given in the society?

After completing a certain milestone of development, society will soon announce its balloting and possession will be started, though possession will have to give in 4 year.

Is Blue World City a legal housing society?

The Blue World City is approved by RDA and NOC has been given to the Housing Authorities.

What are the details of Blue world city NOC?

Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has issued Blue World City NOC. The Blue World City property will cover a total area of 1534 Kanal and 05 Marlas.

Is there any Overseas Block available in the society for Overseas Pakistani Citizens?

According to the Blue World City Latest Update, this society offer over seize block as well.

Why Blue Housing Society is called Pak-China friendly City?

It is called Pak china friendly city because of the fact, that there are Chinese high profile business man bringing project and its major master plan and theme are design by Chines Company.

What is the Blue World City Islamabad Payment schedule?

The payment schedule is divided into monthly and bi-annual installments with a 10% down payment.

How will Blue World City become the hub of economic growth in the region?

There will be economic hub in the society which will be boosted because of CPEC routes next to the society that will encourage high economic growth 

Who is the owner and developer of Blue World City?

The Blue World Society is a collaboration between Saad Nazir’s Blue Group of Companies and the Chinese Shah Jian Municipal Engineering company who are the joint owners and developers.

Are there commercial plots available in the society?

Its housing project on Chakri road offering residential and commercial plots on very reasonable price and will be completed in 3 years.

Is blue world city offering 4 marla and 8 marls plot?

Yes, the society offer 4 Marla and 8 Marla commercial plots.


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