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Blue World City Islamabad is an international housing society that is located near to the new Islamabad International Airport and promises massive returns on investment for all investors looking to multiply their profits in the future. This housing society is a state-of-the-art construction plan that is built upon a number of property features including massive water parks, thematic tourism destinations, cultural complexes, and much more. 

It is based on a glorious thematic infrastructure that provides the housing society with a unique identity. This project has the potential to attract millions of investors from all across the world, and the Blue World City Overseas block has become of the most popular sections of this society. A large number of overseas Pakistani has started investing this housing projects, and many have shown interest to invest and earn maximum profits out of their investments in the future. This projects will include all facilities including hospitals, educational institutes, and shopping malls as well.

The World-Class Tourism Destination in Islamabad

Tourism is considered to be an important industry that has provided support to economies all around the world. Although Pakistan has lacked properly designed tourism destinations, it has the potential to provide international visitors with a natural environment for tourism. However, Blue World City has embarked on an amazing project to change the nature of Pakistan’s tourism industry. The tourism features in Blue World City are considered to be both modern as well as natural when it comes to different adventure as well as thematic tourism destinations

From waterparks to cultural complexes, Blue World City has it all. The Blue World City developers have planned to provide tourists with a mix of modern as well as natural tourisms destinations to uplift tourism in the Capital.


Blue World City Islamabad is located at a perfect location for investment in the recent times. Chakri road is now being considered as the next real estate hub with a number of real estate destinations such as University Town, Blue World City, Capital Smart City, and Eighteen Islamabad. Furthermore, it is located near to M2 Motorway and the New Islamabad International Airport, making it easy for residents and visitors to travel inside as well as outside the country.


Following are some of the major features of Blue World City Islamabad:

Water Theme Park in Pakistan

The biggest aim of Blue World City is to construct an amazing Water theme Park in Islamabad which would be considered as the largest park in the country. This project is special because it will feature a number of outstanding real estate tourism destinations that are likely to attract tourists from all over the country. In addition to this, such a project with marine adventures is also planned to spur interest in international visitors as well. 

Currently, the developers are claiming this project to have the biggest waterpark with marine life in Pakistan. It will be built similarly to the waterparks and marine parks in Dubai, where a large number of international tourists arrive annually. Therefore, we can consider this to be the best tourism destination in Pakistan.

Islamic Architecture (Istanbul’s Blue Mosque Replica)

Blue World City has also planned to promote Islamic culture and heritage in the country with a number of projects that will feature Islamic calligraphy and art. As Islamabad lacks cultural heritage sites as compared to other cultural sites in other cities of the country, therefore this plan is a brilliant idea for the capital. This will allow cultural and religious tourism to also prevail in Islamabad and people can also visit these cultural sites other than just visiting Faisal Mosque in Islamabad.

Sports and Cultural Complexes

Along with a number of tourism destinations, the Blue Group of Companies has also planned to develop a number of sports stadiums and cultural complexes with all latest facilities. These infrastructures will be a treat for the residents as they can play and enjoy a number of sporting activities anytime. The society is building stadiums for cricket, football, hockey, and much more. 

In addition to this, the Blue World City is also looking to invest in a number of cultural complexes which will reflect the culture of both Pakistan and China. As a number or Chinese residents are also going to live in Blue World City Islamabad, thus Blue World City is planning to promote both cultures. This will provide the Chinese with a great insight into the beautiful culture of Pakistan. These complexes will be specially designed in the Overseas block.


Blue World City is a completely legal society with the NOC about to be approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). Recently, the overall documentation of Blue World City has been completed and PM Imran Khan has also instructed RDA to complete the approval process of all pending real estate projects. This means that the general as well as overseas block of Blue World City are predicted to be approved in a short span of time. 

Once this approval is gained, the Blue World City as a housing society is going to rise in a significant manner. The prices of plots in Blue World City are also predicted to increase with this approval, and this is the best time to invest in order to earn maximum profits. Therefore, we can easily claim that BWC Islamabad is one of the top housing societies in 2020 which offers investors with a chance to earn fortunes.

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Blue World City Islamabad is a perfect destination that has all features and qualities for being the next big real estate project in Islamabad. There are a number of reasons why one should invest in Blue World City Islamabad.

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Reasons for Investing in Blue World City Islamabad?

There are a number of important reasons which could be pointed out, but the most important one is the location of investment. Blue World City is located in a strategically important route of CPEC which makes its worth increase exponentially. This real estate project on Chakri Road has the potential of providing investors with maximum returns on their investment in the future. 

As compared to all the other housing projects on Chakri road, Blue World City is the most affordable one. Once the NOC of Blue World City is approved, the housing project is predicted to increase in work rapidly with time. Therefore, investors should look into the possibilities of buying plots for sale in Blue World City Islamabad for profits and returns. 

Following are considered to be some of the major reasons for investing Blue World City Islamabad:

Blue World City Affordable Prices

The affordability factor is one of the primary impetus that attracts the middle-income investors to BWC Islamabad. This housing project has a range of plot sizes from 3.5 Marla and 5 Marla plots for sale in BWC to 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal Blue World City plots. In an extremely affordable price, the Blue World City investors can earn maximum profits and secure their future.

Blue World City Location for Investment

Blue World City has the best location for investment in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. This housing project is located at a perfect destination close to the newly proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road. Once the Rawalpindi Ring road is fully developed, the investors are going to see the larger connectivity of BWC with the rest of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, and prices are also predicted to increase with time. 

Blue World City Islamabad Reviews

The people who have booked plots in Blue World City have always provided positive reviews. People are now investing in Blue World City Chakri Road from various other parts of the city including Saddar, Bahria Town, DHA Islamabad, and Giga Mall as well.


Being developed in collaboration with the Chinese developers, this Blue World housing project is considered to be a Pak-China friendly city. The Blue Group of Companies has brilliantly designed the infrastructures to match the Chinese culture, and Pakistani culture is also propagated through multiple mosques and cultural complexes such as Blue Mosque Replica in BWC. In addition to this, a large number of Chinese residents have also invested in the Blue World City overseas block to come and live in the serene environment of Islamabad.

Pak-China Friendly Society

With such cultural infrastructures portraying both Pakistani and Chinese cultures, Blue World City Islamabad is now being called the Pak-China friendly housing scheme. This project is envisaged to real estate industry of Pakistan, and many more countries will also look to invest in Pakistan’s real estate. Therefore, this project is also considered to be the torch bearer of Pakistan’s real estate industry, attracting investments from all over the world.

Accommodation for Chinese in Blue World City

It is predicted that almost 10,000 Chinese citizens will be investing in Blue World City Islamabad. This will boost the real estate market of Pakistan, and similar projects are going to attract more and more international investors who will be willing to reside in Pakistan. For instance, the Turkish Mosque (Istanbul’s Blue Mosque Replica) being designed in BWC is a call to international visitors to come and visit the innovative tourism destination in Islamabad.


Blue World City Commercial Hub

Blue World City Islamabad is being designed to be the next commercial hub of Islamabad with a number of brilliant commercial features. As this housing project lies in the way of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, it is now being considered as a massive commercial project. It is likely to provide the country with mammoth impetus for growth, and the real estate sector is expected to expand with such projects being built with time.

Schools, Hospitals, and Police Stations

Blue Group of Companies has also planned to build a number of infrastructures including Schools, Hospitals, and Police Stations in Blue World City for the facilitation of its residents. Therefore, we can say that the lifestyle offered by this housing society is considered to be a complete one with multiple amenities offered at extremely low costs. All necessary facilities are going to be available for residents in Blue World City Islamabad.

24/7 Security and Surveillance

Blue World City has also developed a full proof security plan that will include a number of advanced systems for 24/7 security and surveillance. Now you can invest in Blue World City Islamabad, and you don’t have to worry about the security and safety of your loved ones. The housing projects will have vigilant security staff and a number of experienced professionals are going to regulate the security situation of the housing society.

Wide Roads and Public Transport

Blue World City Islamabad has also decided to develop a complete network of roads which will contribute to the optimum working of traffic systems. This plan is aimed to provide residents with optimum facilitation, and the main boulevard is expected to be 120 feet wide, according to the Blue World City Map. In addition to this, all the other streets of the town would be approximately 40ft, and main roads are planned to be 80-100 feet wide. The cyclists and pedestrians will have a special route for them as well.

Entertainment & Adventure

Blue World City is also designed to be an entertainment hub in the Capital with a number of entertainment features including 3D cinemas, adventure clubs, and animal safaris. These destinations have the potential to attract thousands of residents as well as tourists on a daily basis. Membership for these adventurous destinations will also be available, and the visitors can experience the enjoyment and thrill anytime.

Blue World City Property Types

Blue World City Residential Plots

Blue World City has a range of residential plots for sale including 3.5 Marla latest plots which have been available for middle-income investors in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. However, Investors can also consider investing in a number of plot sizes such as 5 Marla plots which are for sale in Blue World City to the 2 Kanal BWC plots for sale. You buy all these properties at affordable and discounted rates with

Blue World City Commercial Plots

As Blue World City Islamabad is planned to be the commercial hub of Islamabad, commercial plots in BWC are also popular in recent times. These commercial real estate properties are considered to be relatively affordable as compared to other housing societies, and their rates are expected to increase with time.

Awami Complex Apartments

The Awami Residential Complex apartments are considered to be the best option to buy a flat on installments in Blue World City Islamabad. Amidst such high living costs in Islamabad, the Awami Complex apartments are a good option for affordable living.

Blue World City Awami Villas

Blue World City Awami Villas are considered to be a luxury option for investors looking to invest in ready-made villas in Islamabad at low prices. These Villas in BWC are considered to be one of the housing society’s most luxury projects for the best lifestyle.

Blue Hills Country Farm House Plots

Another important Blue World City property type is the Blue Hills Country Farm House that is considered to be a luxurious option for investors looking to buy a peaceful housing option. The design of these farmhouses is such that they will leave a great impression on the guests and the environment will be extremely peaceful.

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Investing in the Blue Hills Country Farm Houses is considered to be one of the wisest decisions you will ever make in your life. These luxury Farm Houses are being designed to promise comfort and class with elite infrastructures. You can buy Blue Hills Farms on easy installments plans and secure your future at affordable rates.


Blue World City Executive Block

Blue World City General Block is considered to be the main block that provides both residential as well as commercial properties for sales. Homes as well as businesses in the General block are predicted to be uplifted with a number of facilities and amenities. It will be a gated community that will be similar to the overseas block, but this block is specially designed for local Pakistanis.

Blue World City General Block

Blue World City General Block is considered to be the main block that provides both residential as well as commercial properties for sales. Homes as well as businesses in the General block are predicted to be uplifted with a number of facilities and amenities. It will be a gated community that will be similar to the overseas block, but this block is specially designed for local Pakistanis.

Blue World City Overseas Block

The Overseas Block in Blue World City is a specially designed section of the society that is tailor-made for the overseas Pakistani around the world. The amenities and facilities are designed in a way that they will meet all the expectations of the Pakistani community worldwide. From cultural complexes to quality infrastructures, this BWC Overseas Block has it all.

Updates: Blue World City Overseas Block Prices Under Revision

Overseas Block Payment Plan in Blue World City:

The Blue World City Overseas Payment plan is based on easy 4-year installments which are to be paid after booking your favorite plot size. You can book 7, 10, 14 Marla Plots in BWC, and 1 and 2 Kanal Plots for sale in Blue World City are also available at discounted rates. All you have to do is make a down payment of 10% beforehand. The remaining payment will be made in 16 quarterly installments or 48 monthly installments.


The Blue World City Islamabad is being developed by the famous Real Estate businessman Saad Nazir, who is the Ex-Deputy Commissioner of Lahore’s son. Saad Nazir has founded BGCs, which is a popular construction agency that has worked on a number of real estate projects all across the country. 

Recently, these famous developers are working on a new mega-infrastructural project named Blue World City Islamabad which is the best real estate project in Islamabad in terms of investment. This project is one of BGC’s many successful projects that have developed over the past years, and this project is being referred to as the epitome of innovation and technology.


The Blue Group of Companies is one of Pakistan’s biggest real estate development agencies which have worked tirelessly for the real estate market of the country. Saad Nazir, the real estate tycoon, the owner of this excellent real estate company, and continues to provide sufficient leadership to its endeavors. 

The BGC was founded in the year 2014 under the TECH Cooperative Housing Society, and it has gained considerable acknowledgment with time. The innovative ideas by Blue Group of Companies contributes to its success, and it is also a part of PM Imran Khan’s Vision to build 50 Lac Homes in the country under the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.

Previous Projects by Blue Group of Companies

Blue Group of Companies has a brilliant reputation and it has driven to gain a marvelous position in Pakistan’s Real Estate industry. Previously, BGC has worked on a number of top Real Estate projects in Pakistan such as:

  1. Blue Town Awami Residential Complex Lahore.
  2. Central Park Housing Project
  3. TECH Cooperative Housing Society in Lahore.
  4. PND Fort Housing Society (Phase-II)
  5. PIA Officers Employees Cooperative Housing Society Rawalpindi

Blue Group of Companies Upcoming Projects

All the previous projects of Blue Groups of Companies have been successful, and now the company is working on a range of future projects including:

  1. Blue World City Islamabad
  2. Blue Town in Sargodha
  3. Blue Town in Lahore

Choose the Best Investment Location in Islamabad

Investing in real estate is considered to be an important decision that one should make after proper consultation with real estate experts. The location of Blue World Islamabad is an important aspect that has forced real estate experts to recommend this housing project to clients. Therefore, the overarching idea of real estate investment in Islamabad is to invest in real estate projects on Chakri road such as Blue World City Chakri Road, as the plots for sale in Blue World City are available at a low market value, and they are expected to increase in value over time. Therefore, this is considered to be the best investment location in Islamabad.

Documentation Required for Booking

Booking process of plots in BWC Islamabad is actually completely secure and convenient as well. You must have a few documents which are listed below:

  1. Passports-size 2 Pictures 
  2. Owner’s CNIC Card Copy
  3. Nominee’s CNIC Card copy
  4. Down Payment 10% Cash, Online Deposit, or Money Order.
  5. 2 Overseas National ID Card copies in case you are an Overseas Clients.


What are the details of Blue World City Islamabad installment plan?

Blue World City Islamabad is providing investors with an easy installment plan that is 3 years for commercial plots and 4 years for residential plots. In addition, there are two types of installments to be paid, monthly installments and bi-annual installment.

When is the date of plot possession given in BWC?

Once the balloting of Blue World City is done, the possession of the plots will be given.

Is the Blue World City housing scheme legal in Islamabad?

The Blue World City is about to be approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority, and the NOC will be received in a few weeks now.

What’s the Contact Number of BWC?

You can call Blue World City representatives at 0304-111(DEAL) 3325.

Updates about Blue world City NOC?

PM Imran Khan has advised the RDA to issue Blue World City NOC. According to the previous NOC, the Blue World City property covers a total area of 1534 Kanal and 05 Marlas on paper, but the NOC is going to approve 1 Lac Kanal Land for construction.

Are there any commercial plots available in BWC?

Blue World City on Chakri road offering both commercial & residential plots on affordable prices. You can book a commercial plot in BWC with a 3 year installment plan.

Where is the Head Office Location of BWC?

Blue World City Head Office is located in Punjab’s capital city Lahore and Branch Office is situated near the entrance of Bahria Phase 6, Main GT Road.

What is the BWC Islamabad Payment schedule?

Blue World City Islamabad has divided the payment schedule into bi-annual and monthly installments starting with a 10% down payment.

What is the Overseas Block in BWC designed for?

Blue World City Overseas block is specially designed for Overseas Pakistani’s.

Why is the Blue Housing Society called Pak-China friendly City?

Blue World City is being developed with the help of Chinese builders and developers, and that’s why it is named as a Pak-China friendly society.

How will Blue World City become the commercial hub in Islamabad?

As the BWC lies in the CPEC route, it is expected to attract massive commercial investments.

Who are the BWC Developers?

The Blue World Society is the project of a blue group of companies and developed by Saad Nazir with the assistance of a company named Chinese Shah Jian Municipal Engineering.

Is blue world city offering 4 Marla and 8 marla plots?

Yes, the BWC Islamabad is offering 4 Marla and 8 Marla commercial plots.


Known as Islamabad’s leading real estate agency, Deal & Deals Pvt. Ltd is a brilliant organization that aims to provide investors with tailor-made investment solutions to customers. Now you can contact us anytime to book your plot in your favorite real estate destination in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. We are currently working on a range of quality housing projects for our clients including Blue World City, Capital Smart City, University Townand Park View City Islamabad.

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