Tab City Rawalpindi

Tab City Rawalpindi Developers & Owners are Tab Builders who are working with dedication to provide exceptional construction services

An Incredible Lifestyle

A Top-Notch & Modern Living Marvel In Rawalpindi Providing A Tranquil Living Environment.


Tab City Rawalpindi is a strategically planned housing project located on main GT Road Dhoke Kharian, which offers a picturesque view of lush green hills. One of Tab City’s most appealing features is its convenient location which is accessible from the major locations in the twin cities. Rawat and Giga Mall both are located at a distance of about a 20-minute drive from this upcoming mega housing society.
Tab City Rawalpindi being a developing and growing project has promised all the necessary and basic utilities needed to carry a complete lifestyle that also incorporates high-end infrastructure, luxurious amenities, and up-to-the-mark facilities. Moreover, the management has also promised that the society will be developed keeping in mind international standards so the residents can enjoy an elevated way of living under the strict supervision and guidelines of the developers. 


Tab City Rawalpindi Developers & Owners are Tab Builders who are working with dedication to provide exceptional construction services and they are working directly with clients to ensure that projects are completed to the highest standards on time and within the investors’ budget. Tab Builders has consistently prioritized customer relations and the philosophy of collaborating with clients to produce a competitive and effective delivery with a high-quality approach to construction materials and services.
Tab Builders is a real estate firm that is working in the department of residential and commercial construction. TAB Builders was founded in mid-2020 and is rapidly growing as a team and as a business, with the vision to provide benefits to clients. In a competitive market, it is a crucial and core value to benefit clients as much as possible. To provide clients with exceptional services, this emerging organization uses international standard policies such as monthly rentals, no buyback policy, and so on. They promise on serving clients with genuine service, trust, and loyalty so that there is a relationship that is built on honesty.
Tab City Rawalpindi Developers & Owners offers various services handled by professionals and experts, such as;
* General Contracting
* Construction Management
* Design Building
* Pre-construction

The developers and management are dedicated to developing Tab City with all of the amenities that everyone desires.


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A no-objection certificate (NOC) is an official document that is required to complete a variety of tasks. As this society is in its initial development stage, the management is looking forward to completing all the necessary steps required to make any society approved and completely legal. For that reason, the developers and management have been working day and night to turn the page. All of the required documents are being aligned and submitted to the concerned authorities so that Tab City Rawalpindi NOC is granted as soon as possible. Because, when it comes to real estate transactions, NOC is a crucial part that is required at any cost. The authorities will soon grant Tab City permission to operate and the development will proceed at a higher speed.


When it comes to investing in any housing society, the most important factor is its location because investors frequently look for and require close access to amenities and transportation options, which is why location is an important factor in the real estate market. This means that restaurants, grocery stores, shopping centers, and other entertainment are all within walking distance, and are available under one roof. Tab City Rawalpindi Location and Map have been constructed at an ideal spot which is close to the GT road Rawalpindi. It is approximately 10 minutes away from Giga Mall and Rawat


Tab City Rawalpindi Masterplan is being handled by a team of highly experienced and skilled professionals having years of experience in the concerned department who created and developed the master plan for Tab city using their high-quality skillsets. This remarkable developing society promises to incorporate and provide all basic and opulent amenities at the doorstep. The company has hired qualified engineers who assured that the infrastructure and development are of the highest standard. Tab City Rawalpindi Masterplan will soon be revealed by the management.


Tab City Rawalpindi Payment Plan has a dwelling idea to provide plots at a reasonable payment schedule. To facilitate the investor and residents, the developers have introduced a simple and easy three-year payment plan with an initial down payment which is followed by 36 installments available at Tab City. Additionally, dependent on the size of the plot, the investors have to pay a certain amount extra amount.



Tab City Rawalpindi promises to offer outstanding infrastructure development. This housing project ensures the incorporation of various features and facilities such as sidewalks, pavements, planned properties, and other critical frameworks which are developed under highly refined and professional hands plus cutting-edge technology to achieve ideal development.

* Underground electric power system.
* Water reservoirs and water filtration plants
* Graveyards
* Basic utilities
* Theme Park
* Adequate healthcare facilities
* Educational institutes
* Exclusive infrastructure
* Eco-friendly environment
* Wide carpeted roads
* National and international brands
* Shopping centers
* Commercial units
* High-security surveillance
* 24/7 CCTV facility
* Uninterrupted supply of gas
* Budget-friendly rates
* Affordability


This society is offering modern and advanced features at pocket-friendly rates

On-Time Delivery

Organization promises to use International Standards and policies such as monthly rentals to ensure that they deliver on time or ahead of schedule. Such policies make investment extremely secure because any delay can result in additional costs.

International Standard Construction

The management adheres to IBC standards by using A+ quality materials and constructing earthquake-resistant structures. As a result, the residents can live a safe and tension-free life.

Essential Facilities

Tab City Rawalpindi will have an appealing infrastructure as well as modern facilities and luxuries such as the Main Entrance & an amazing outlook, a wide Main Boulevard, wide carpeted roads, and easy access.

CCTV Security

A secure environment is also required for this project. A security system that includes efficiently installed CCTV cameras and other surveillance equipment that operates to protect people 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Furthermore, to ensure a high level of security, the project will be surrounded by a boundary wall as well.

Innovative Technologies

Everything you need to keep your business running smoothly is available in this community. The community is immaculately constructed to accommodate all of the necessities, such as high-speed internet connections, high-tech gadgets, and a range of sizes to meet the needs of small and large businesses.

Secure Community

This community will offer a safe and secure environment which will be maintained through various means such as security guards, CCTV footage, and a central security system. Also. Gas, water, and electricity will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Tab City Rawalpindi

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Who are the Owners of Tab City?

Tab Builders are the developers and Owners of Tab City, who are dedicated to delivering a world-class living environment

What is the status of Tab City NOC?

Being a developing housing society, Tab City is still awaiting to gain a legal NOC status from concerned authorities

What are some exclusive features provided by Tab City?

Tab City offers outstanding infrastructure development that ensures various features and facilities such as sidewalks, pavements, and planned properties.

What is the location of Tab City?

Tab City Rawalpindi Location is approximately 10 minutes away from Giga Mall and Rawat and has been constructed at an ideal spot which is close to the GT road Rawalpindi.

What is the payment plan offered by the society?

Tab City offers an easy installment process that can be covered in 3-year easy installments and 36 quarterly installments.


1st Floor, Fortune Plaza (Savour Foods Building), Block H, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area Islamabad.

(+92) 333 111 (DEAL) 3325

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