Blue world city Islamabad-Lowest property rate, RDA Approved


Blue World City

Blue World City Islamabad


Blue World City Islamabad defines what being futuristic means as it is the first Pak-China housing authority which plans on setting standards for future collaborative projects. The latest Blue World City prices are now available and bookings are ongoing. This is an affordable housing project with not only necessities available but also various luxury and experiential features included as well according the modern life standards.
They have marketed themselves as a cost-effective housing authority, which presents investment opportunities for property investors looking for great value for money. The location makes commute easy to both Rawalpindi and Islamabad while at the same time providing tranquility and calmness of a separate small town.

Blue World City Islamabad Launch

Blue World City Islamabad has not officially launched yet but it will launched as the first Pak-China friendly city. The city will be developed using high technology from China, which will ensure it is according to the modern standards. It will open avenues for infinite business opportunities and strengthen the ties between the two nations.
The land clearing process is going on in phase 1 of the society and soon the mapping and leveling of plots will begin

Owner and Developer:

Blue World City Islamabad is a collaboration between the owner of Blue Group of Companies (BGC), Saad Nazir, and Shah Jian Municipal Engineering (Chinese company) for providing an affordable housing authority to investors. The Blue Group of Companies has developed a repute for themselves in the corporate world. They started their operations back in 1998 in the field of Architecture and Design. They moved into the lucrative real estate world to diversify their portfolio. Now they offer a variety of services including construction services, IT support and printing services. By leveraging their expertise, they are determined to form a housing authority that is not only cost-effective but also provides a quality living standard.


Blue World City is located at the intersection of Chakri road and the proposed Rawalpindi Ring road which reduces the travel time to nearby areas. In its neighborhood several housing authorities developed, including Capital Smart City and University Town. After the completion of ring road it will make accessibility easier for people coming from the farthest side of Rawalpindi i.e. Giga Mall, Bahria Town, Defence Housing Authority etc.

Blue World City Islamabad

Easy installment plan

Investing in real estate might seem complex at times. Blue World City property presents a deal you cannot refuse. The Blue World City payment plan of 3-4 years has been designed keeping the clients convenience in mind.
Property for sale is available for both residential and commercial plots 10% down payment, which amounts to 80,000 Rupees. The offerings are as follows:
-Residential plots of 5marla, 8 Marla. 10 Marla, 1 kanal and 2 kanal are accessible available to be purchased.
-Farm houses of 4 and 8 kanal.
-Commercial plots of 5 Marla and 8 Marla are available for sale.

Residential Plots Blue World City General Block

Plot Size Total Amount Down Payment 40 Monthly Installments 6 Bi-Annally Installments
5 Marla Residential 8 Lac 80,000/- 9500/- 42,500/-
8 Marla Residential 10 Lac 1,00,000/- 11,000/- 57,500/-
10 Marla Residential 12 Lac 1,20,000/- 13,500/- 67,500/-
1 Kanal Residential 21 Lac 2,10,000/- 23,625/- 1,18,125/-
2 Kanal Residential 38 Lac 3,80,000/- 42,750/- 2,13,750/-

Farm Houses Blue World City General Block

Plot Size Total Amount Down Payment 40 Monthly Installments 6 Bi-Annally Installments
4 Kanal Farm House 68 Lac 6,80,000/- 76,500/- 3,82,500/-
8 Kanal Farm House 1 Crore 20 Lac 12,00,000/- 1,35,000/- 6,75,000/-

Commercial Plots Blue World City General Block

Plot Size Total Amount Down Payment 40 Monthly Installments 6 Bi-Annally Installments
5 Marla Commercial 47 Lac 50 Thousand 4,75,000/- 71,250/- 3,56,250/-
8 Marla Commercial 66 Lac 50 Thousand 6,65,000/- 99,750/- 4,98,750/-

Blue world city overseas block

An overseas block seen can be on the Blue World city map. This block is exclusive for overseas Pakistanis to provide them with a premium experience. The block has a direct access from the Chakri road. It also has a designated gate through the main gate to avoid inconvenience.
Given the demand of a safe investment, commercial and residential plots are selling out fast in Blue World City overseas block. They are accessible on an initially started things out serve premise. Bookings start from 20% down payment and rest has be paid in 48 monthly or 16 quarterly installments
Property available for sale in Blue World City Islamabad overseas block is as follows:
-7, 10, 14 Marla Plots
-1 and 2 Kanal Plots

Overseas Block

Plot Size Total Price Down Payment 10% Conformation 5% After 30 Days 40 Monthly Installments 8-Half Yearly Installments
8 Marla 1,350,000/- 135,000/- 67500/- 14,344/- 71,719/-
10 Marla 1,900,000/- 190,000/- 95000/- 20,188/- 100,938/-
14 Marla 2,500,000/- 250,000/- 125,000/- 26,563/- 132,813/-
01 Kanal 3,500,000/- 350,000/- 175,000/- 37,188/- 185,938/-
02 Kanal 5,600,000/- 560,000/- 280,000/- 59,500/- 297,500/-


Blue World City Islamabad is setting a benchmark in Real Estate World. The housing project will be an example of how the developed nations are operating. Through collaboration with China, one can be sure that it will be according to the modern standards of living and will encapsulate all the features to not simply live but enjoy life.
Since it is an affordable housing authority, the vision is clear that they want this living standard to be available to masses. In addition, with the CPEC project going on, it expected that around 2 million Chinese would be coming to Pakistan. In order to accommodate them, the housing society has planned specifically to match their standards. This will lead to an improvement of living standard of our citizens.
Blue World City Islamabad is offering these features to its investors:

  • Water, gas & electricity:

    Blue World City Islamabad developed from scratch. The employees and developer have worked tirelessly to ensure that there will not be any issues for the residents. There will be 24/7 availability of gas, water and electricity. Underground electricity has installed to ensure safety and improve the outlook of the city.

  • Replica of Blue Mosque, Istanbul:

    Blue Mosque in Istanbul is the most important mosque in Turkey. The mosque stands tall in all its grandeur even centuries later inviting tourists from all over the world. The mosque is a marvel of Islamic architecture and the intricate details have a mesmerizing effect on every individual who visits it.
    Keeping in mind the significance it holds for the Muslims, Blue World City plans to build a replica of this mosque which will be a symbol of Islamic values and reminder of the Glorious Ottoman Empire from which we can seek knowledge and learn to make our present better.

  • Commercial hubs

    Blue World City presents lucrative opportunity for business enthusiasts. The CPEC routes lies in close proximity so in the near future many commercial projects would be opening up, there will be an increased demand of various services hence the present can see as the right time to invest here. The investors will be getting the opportunity to work with diverse groups including Chinese and overseas Pakistani.

  • Schools

    Schools and educational facilities have been included in the plan of Blue World City. Since its location is a little far from the main Islamabad City, hence all the necessary facilities will be available to the residents inside the premises of the society.

  • Biggest water theme park in Pakistan

    Water parks offer an experience that one cherishes for their lifetime. Modern amusement parks are not common in Pakistan. Blue World City is building Pakistan biggest theme park according to international standards. It will include various rides that will offer quality time to the visitors and they will not regret spending their time and money.

  • Security

    The security of its residents is of extreme importance for Blue World City. It will be a gated community and only the authorized people authorized to enter the society. This will be a safe and free zone for its residents, to live without any fears. Other than that, an expert and vigilant security team will also be available in the premises. CCTV cameras have installed throughout the society to make sure there are not any loopholes in the plan.

  • Sector and Jamia mosques:

    Keeping in view how the role of religion and its importance, mosques built have been in each sector of Blue World City Islamabad. This would allow them to pray together as a community without any rush and tension but at their ease and convenience.
    Other than that, Jamia Mosques has been built throughout the society to serve as a symbol of unity and accommodate residents for a combined Jummah prayer.
    The master plan of Blue World City shows that it designed by keeping in view the perspective and needs of its residents so that no aspect of their lives overlooked.

  • Wide Roads

    Infrastructure lays the foundation of the entire society. A well-planned network of roads is essential for efficient operations of the entire society.
    Blue World City map shows that the main boulevard will be 120 feet, main roads will be 80 to 100 feet, all street will be 40 feet and there will be separate pathways for pedestrians and cyclists.

  • Public Transport

    Blue World City will have an internal transportation system as well to make commute easy for the residents and business operators in the society. Transportation is a crucial aspect of value chain and Blue World City is committed to delivering the best.

  • Sports and cultural complex

    Blue World City will have its sports and cultural complex, which will provide opportunity for physical training and outdoor activity. Moreover, it will also serve as a means to promote cultural harmony and diversity given that Chinese would also be residents of the city and citizens for different areas of Pakistan will be residents as well.

  • Sewerage Treatment Plant

    State-of-the art sewerage plant installed has been to ensure cleanliness and hygiene of this mega project.

  • Water filtration plant

    Blue World City will be providing clean drinking water to its residents through its own supply. This will be a sustainable society where the residents will be free from such worries as to whether they provided are being clean water or not

  • Oxygen Park

    Blue World City is a futuristic project. A vision where the future is bright and comforting rather than bleak and hopeless. Environmental challenges are rising with every passing day. The Oxygen Park has been included in the plan to refresh the mind body and soul of residents and to sensitize us all towards environment challenges. A green environment is what we all require to breathe easily and live carefree.

  • 3D I-max cinema

    Blue World City will introduce 3D I-max cinemas for the entertainment and leisure purposes. Cinemas have become an attraction for many. Many individuals are living a very fast-paced life and often it gets difficult to plan vacation miles away. Having a cinema in the neighborhood will provide ease and allow the residents to enjoy themselves in the break they get.

  • Adventure Club

    Blue World City aims to promote a holistic lifestyle and hence adventure club is included in the master plan. Physical movement is fundamental for a sound personality and body. The club will arrange various activities including horse-riding, hiking, paragliding etc. The wide range of options are available keeping in view the different audience that needs to accommodate be to the fullest

  • Safari zoo

    Imagine a world where animals are not caged but roaming freely and you can visit them too. That imagination comes to life in Blue World City. Safari zoo provides a fun and learning experience for everyone and being close to nature is a bonus. Different species from around the world brought are being to this safari zoo so the residents can experience exotic wildlife. The children will be in an atmosphere that promotes learning and ignites curiosity

  • Police station

    Blue World City has put in place all the preventive measures to avoid any inconvenience to its residents. However, in case there is any criminal or illegal activity, a police station has also been included in the master plan. This shows the ownership of the developers, making sure each aspect provides sense of security.

  • Hospital

    Whether a routine checkup is required or it is an emergency, Blue World City has covered all the necessities of its residents. A peaceful living eliminates worries and keeping that in mind, a hospital is included in the master plan. It will be a 40-bed facility with technology and machinery according to international standards.

  • Blue world city Noc

    Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has issued blue World City NOC. The Blue World City property will cover a total area of 5000 kanal. This is a step forward in the development direction as the legalities are being followed.
    Initially, Blue World City Islamabad had been granted 427 kanal after which another application was submitted. Since the public is in favor of the development the process expedited to allow developers to deliver what they have promised the investors.

  • Facilities and unique features of overseas block

    Premium is an acquired taste and once you opt for it, you set the bar high. Blue World City Islamabadoverseas block designed has been according to the modern standards to make sure that the investors experience the living standard they experience overseas.
    The unique features include: -24 Hours CCTV Security
    -E-Tag System
    -Gated Community
    -Short drive from M-2 Motorway
    -Proximity to New Islamabad Airport
    -Guest Waiting Area
    -24-Hours Health Services with Ambulance
    -Overseas Lagoon Club
    -Parks & Jogging Tracks
    -Play Area & Mini Golf Club
    -Blue Mart Department Store Chain
    -Green Service Area

  • Peaceful Environment in blue world city

    It all eventually comes down to how peaceful life is. Blue World City Islamabad offers its clients to live and operate business in a calm environment, away from the hustle and bustle of capital lifestyle. This factor seals the deal.