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Blue World City Islamabad Location Map & Area Update

by | Apr 3, 2020 | News & Updates | 0 comments

Over the past few years, the real estate in Islamabad has been gradually expanding with a number of private housing societies at different locations. However, not many housing societies are affordable and within the purchasing domain of the larger population. 

In order to tackle high real estate rates, Blue Group of Companies has started developing a housing scheme in Islamabad. Named as Blue World City Islamabad, the location of this housing scheme provides people with an amazing destination of prolific investment.

This article has all the Blue World City location latest news and updates.

10,000 Kanal Added to Blue World City Islamabad

According to a recent update, the Blue World City Islamabad location has further incorporated another 10,000 Kanal Land into the scope of development. This validates the claim of the developers that this housing scheme in Islamabad is gradually becoming one of the best housing societies with beautiful landscapes and boulevards build on a massive stretch of land in Islamabad.

Specifically, the Blue World City location is near to the M2 Motorway and is such that it allows access from both inside as well as outside the city. This means that the visitors coming from southern region through the motorway will find it convenient to visit this upcoming tourism destination in Islamabad.

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Housing Societies on Chakri Road

The Chakri Road has quickly developed into a hub of beautiful housing schemes. This is primarily because it is located in proximity to the newly-built Islamabad International Airport. This has significantly impacted the overall property rates on Chakri road, and people are looking to invest in this part of the city. 

Similarly, the Blue World City Islamabad Location is on Chakri Road where multiple other housing schemes such as Al-Haram City are also being developed. However, the aspect of innovation, affordability, and high investment returns separate the value of Blue World City location from the rest. Therefore, investments in the location of Blue World City Islamabad are more than any other housing society in the region. 

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Rawalpindi Ring Road and Islamabad International Airport

The locations near to the International Airports around the world are generally more valuable as compared to the others. Considering this aspect, we can predict that Blue World City is expected to become one of the top real estate destinations in the Islamabad. The Blue World City location is now being witnessed a major investment opportunity, and people are investing at a massive rate. 

Furthermore, a Ring Road in Rawalpindi is also being proposed primarily because of the New Islamabad International Airport. This project is yet another major update that would increase the overall value of real estate in Blue World City Islamabad. Hence, we can say that the Blue World City Islamabad is one of the top investments destinations in Islamabad promising massive returns due to its location.