Capital Smart City – The First Smart City in Pakistan

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Since the inauguration of Capital Smart City Islamabad, it has been referred to as the first smart city in Pakistan with multiple smart facilities and features. The overall amenities offered by this massive real estate project in Pakistan are considered to be smart and elegant, as compared to the other housing societies in the twin cities.

This article provides an introduction of all the smart facilities, features, and infrastructures in Capital Smart City, transforming this into Pakistan’s first Smart City project.

Enjoy Smart Facilities with Capital Smart City Islamabad

The facilities offered by Capital Smart City Islamabad are planned to be the latest ones backed with advanced technological infrastructures. This aspect reflects in almost all the basic amenities in Capital Smart City, as smart technology is used to increase efficacy and effectiveness.

Pakistan’s First Education City in Capital Smart City

It goes without saying that knowledge and wisdom are the key qualities that play a major role in making someone intelligent and smart. In line with this approach, Capital Smart City Islamabad has announced to develop and construct Pakistan’s first Education City where numerous educational and research institutes are to be established.

Recently, the National Defense University (NDU) has already signed an agreement with Capital Smart City Islamabad for the allocation of land for its Smart NDU Campus. This newly-designed will also be one of the biggest think tanks in Islamabad, along with the other research and educational institutes.

A Vintage China Village

Capital Smart City Islamabad developers have designed another smart yet classical project known as the China Village. This project will be designed as unique and classical village in Capital Smart City with a vintage outlook. 

The project will features a number of classical shopping malls with thematic vintage architectures. The streets will be illuminated with traditional lights in the night with light vintage music. 

Holiday Park in Capital Smart City Islamabad

As a beautiful and smart housing society, Capital Smart City Islamabad offers its residents as well as visitors with a number of recreational destinations. 

The Holiday Park in Capital Smart City Islamabad is especially designed for this purpose with a number of theme parks, bird parks, and holiday resorts. This destination is a recreational haven for people looking to escape from their monotonous daily routine and experience excitement and adventure. 

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In addition to this, a Street Food Truck Park is also being designed and constructed for all the foodies in Islamabad. This destination will be an exclusive street food hub in Capital Smart City Islamabad, which will provide the residents as well as the visitors with delicious desi and continental cuisines.

BRT Systems in Capital Smart City

Transportation systems around the world are considered to be an essential element of smart integration. Therefore, Capital Smart City Islamabad has also planned to invest in a latest BRT system which will conveniently integrated this housing society from within. 

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A number of Bus and Public Transport stations would be designed along with proper maintenance and operational facilities. The bus lines would be smartly designed to ensure efficiency in transportation and interchange with in the society.

A Special HealthCare City in Islamabad

Health Care City is another massive project being developed in Capital Smart City Islamabad. This project is considered to be an upcoming healthcare center with multiple hospitals, clinics, and laboratories. 

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These medical institutes will provide the residents of Capital Smart City as well as the visitors with the optimum healthcare facilities compliant to international standards.

A Financial Square in Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City Islamabad is planning to construct a Financial Square at the heart of the new housing society. This feature further adds to the smart outlook of Capital Smart City, as this will be a financial hub for business in the Capital city Islamabad.

This project will feature a number of exclusive financial square gates and corporate offices along with residential apartments. In addition, Capital Smart City developers have also incorporated multiple exhibition halls and 5 Star Hotels in this project. 

This will add up to the overall smart features of Capital Smart City, and it is likely to transform into Pakistan’s biggest real estate sensation in the near future.

Smart Features in Capital Smart City

Efficient Electricity Supply

Similar to the electricity supply in Bahria Town projects, Capital Smart City Islamabad also offers a consistent supply of energy. This makes Capital Smart City as a load shedding-free society in Islamabad. 

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However, the smart factor of Capital Smart City lies in the generation of this energy. This eco-friendly housing society has embarked upon a major production process producing energy through sustainable means. This aspect of Capital Smart City enables it to surpass all other housing societies in terms of eco-friendly infrastructures and hygienic environments.

Smart Traffic Control

Capital Smart City Islamabad is being designed with automated traffic management systems. This is a tremendously significant aspect that is likely to eliminate all the traffic issues in the housing society. 

With a number of sensor cameras installed on the road and streets, the overall traffic management system is as smart as it can get.

Smart Security in Capital Smart City

In order to ensure the proper security of its residents and visitors, Capital Smart City Islamabad has smartly devised a smart security mechanism with CCTV cameras installed across the housing society

These latest CCTV cameras will be capable of facial as well as object recognition, providing the housing society with a proper security mechanism that will ensure 24/7 surveillance and regulation.

Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

Another smart feature of Capital Smart City is that the housing society has decided to provide the residents of the housing society with easy access to internet through free Wi-Fi hotspots. 

These internet hotspots will be available on specified location such as BRT terminals, Shopping Malls, Hotels & Resorts, and other public locations where people might need online access.

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