Reality of Fake News About Blue World City NOC Cancellation

by | Mar 7, 2020 | News & Updates | 0 comments

It is to bring to people’s notice that recently a number of updates have been published by unreliable online platforms that Blue World City NOC has been canceled by RDA. This News has been propagated by incredible sources, and it is completely fake. The Blue World City NOC is still under process and likely to be accepted in the upcoming few weeks

For the information of our audiences, this article will endeavor to demolish all of the prevalent myths regarding Blue World City as an illegal housing society.

Blue World City is an Illegal Housing Scheme

Is Blue World City an illegal housing society? The simple answer to that is “NO”. It is an appalling argument that Blue World City Islamabad is an illegal society because RDA is yet to provide it with a No Objection Certificate (NOC). This is untrue because Blue World City NOC is still under process, and almost all housing societies in Pakistan have to fulfill this process before the RDA approves a real estate housing scheme

This means that the Blue World City Islamabad NOC is going to be approved once all the relevant documentation is complete, and the local authorities have recognized the development. In the case of Blue World City, the approval from WASA and District Council Rawalpindi had been received by Blue World City Islamabad.

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Blue World City NOC is Cancelled

Is Blue World City NOC Canceled? The answer to that is again “NO”. It is important to understand that the Blue World City NOC is still under process. For an NOC to be canceled, the Housing Society first has to receive the NOC at the first place. Therefore, it is completely false that Blue World City NOC is canceled by RDA

RDA is still processing the documentation and the Lahore High Court has ordered RDA to clear all the documentation regarding 3-4 housing schemes in Rawalpindi including Blue World City.

Blue World City Approval by RDA

We have been receiving numerous queries regarding the Blue World City NOC approval by RDA. Addressing all those concerns, our analysis maintains that Blue World City is extremely close to gain approval by RDA. 

According to our reports, the overall documentation of the housing society and the land allocations have been completed. The Blue World City Overseas Block and General Block are predicted to be the first sections of the housing society to be approved first and consequently the Blue World City Executive Block will be approved as well. 

Overall, Blue World City can be considered as one of the top housing societies in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It is providing the middle-income citizens of Pakistan with a chance to live in a luxurious environment with advanced facilities, and recreational destination. 

This is also considered to be the upcoming tourism destination in Pakistan, uplifting the economic activity in the Capital. Hence, there is no doubt that this housing project will definitely gain approval soon and become one of the best housing societies in Pakistan.

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