All You Need to Know About Gwadar’s Masterplan

by | May 20, 2020 | News & Updates | 0 comments

Gwadar is one of the most popular port cities of Pakistan which is predicted to become South Asia’s hub for trade and commerce. Chinese builders and construction companies have collaborated with Pakistan’s Planning Ministry to devise a proper Smart City Master Plan for Gwadar. For this purpose, a special department by the name of Gwadar Development Authority has been established. 

However, the security situation has always raised questions affecting the potential of Gwadar’s Master Plan. In order to tackle this, the government has planned to make Gwadar a completely weapon-free city where a tax-free regime would be implemented. 

In case you are an investor, this article shall provide you with details regarding the Gwadar city, and its investment potential.

Urban Infrastructures in Gwadar

The government has worked tremendously hard to come up with the best Gwadar Masterplan features which are able to attract investment from inside as well as outside the country. Hence, a number of urbanized infrastructures are being developed in the city including beach resorts, cultural complexes, places for events such as concerts, international standard hospitals, sports stadiums, and modern shopping centers. 

With time, Gwadar is expected to see the inception of more urban infrastructures which might feature theme parks, skyscrapers, real estate housing societies, and much more.

A Tax-Free and Weapon-Free City

In order to provide impetus to investment, the government has decided to make Gwadar a tax-free city. You can purchase plots in Gwadar without high taxes or additional charges, and make sure that you get the best out of your investment. This decision has made the Gwadar Master plan as an investment-friendly strategy which has the potential to turn this city into one of South Asia’s next hub for trade and commerce. 

In addition to this, the government has also decided to make Gwadar a weapon-free city. This decision has been made keeping in mind the security concerns which are likely to affect the inflow of investment. Hence, this is one of the most important parts in the Gwadar Masterplan.

A Man-Made Island in Gwadar Masterplan

To the interest and joy of the investors, the Gwadar Development Authority in collaboration with international agencies has built a specially designed man-made island in Gwadar. This project is one of the most premium ones in the Gwadar Masterplan, and it is predicted to cost over $10 billion. This project includes a number of features including a ChaandTaara, which depicts the well-known crescent-shaped star and moon present in flag of Pakistan. 

Furthermore, the administration has also planned to build a Central Business District in order to boost business activity in the city. This will be located on the Marine Drive which stretches towards the Zero Point situated on the Coastal Highway in Gwadar.