All You Need to Know About Park View City Islamabad Golf Estate Block

by | Mar 26, 2022 | Real Estate Tips | 0 comments

All You Need to Know About Park View City Islamabad Golf Estate Block

by | Mar 26, 2022 | Real Estate Tips | 0 comments

One of the most well-known projects in the capital city is Park View City Islamabad. The residential society was built by the Vision Group, a well-known and reputable developer. The Park View City Islamabad Golf Estate Block is an upscale addition to Park View City that was recently launched. Park View City’s Golf Estate Project Location is close to Bahria Enclave on Malot Road and is built to worldwide infrastructural standards. Park View City Golf Estate is a luxurious residential development with a 9-hole golf course that meets worldwide standards. It is Islamabad’s most intriguing and plentiful block, with affordable plots available.

Golf Estate provides investors and residents with elegance, comfort, and superior amenities to create the ideal living environment. It features residential plots with premium and luxury amenities that are desired in a dream and luxurious lifestyle. The flagship residential block offers residents luxury and international-standard amenities. This block is well-known for the great amenities that it provides. The residents of the Golf Estate will enjoy ultimate luxury and breathtaking beauty. This project is for everyone looking for a housing society that offers comfort, elegance, and top-notch amenities. It has attracted the attention of both golf enthusiasts and the general public.

Remarkable Location

Park View City Islamabad Map which is conveniently placed near Bahria Enclave, is built in a style that is substantially similar to the previous blocks. It is surrounded by the beautiful natural surroundings of Bani Gala. Furthermore, the lodging society is only 15 minutes from Islamabad’s key commercial areas. Rawalpindi is also reachable after a 30-minute trip. For those seeking the best, Park View City Golf Estate is a delicate blend of class, luxury, and style.

Owners and Developers

Mr. Aleem Khan’s Vision Group of Companies is the owner and developer of Park View City Islamabad Golf Estate. Mr. Khan is a well-known and active member of the PTA government at the moment. The Vision Group has a thriving and trustworthy corporate reputation, which is one of the most compelling reasons to invest in Golf Estate. The Vision Group of developers has already created some innovatively successful initiatives that have helped to raise their company’s brand. The Park View City Golf Estate Block was designed with potential homeowners and investors in mind. The Golf Enclave Block beautifully seeks to provide people with modern living facilities.

Golf Estate Payment Plan

A master plan is a thorough planning document with a spatial structure that directs the use and development of the property. The master plan for Golf Estate Block is based on a 10-year regional implementation strategy. Each design team will take its approach, as the architects followed a thorough master planning technique. Furthermore, the creators made judgments and directed efforts to ensure long-term appropriateness.

Park View City Islamabad Golf Estate developers have thoughtfully designed a payment plan to meet their investors. The Golf Estate payment plan offers a limited number of residential plots in various sizes. These plots are available on a 4-year flexible installment plan with 46 monthly and 8 half-yearly installments, which is the most cost-effective option. Another compelling reason to invest in society is the Golf Estate payment plan’s extremely low cost.

International Golf Course

There will be a high-quality international golf course. One of this golf course’s most notable qualities is its surroundings. Golf Estate Project Location provides to enjoy a breathtaking view of the Margalla Hills while playing a terrific round of golf. The course has mountainous terrain, shifting winds, and a green area bunker, all of which might make for a fun game.

Sports Complex

This block has its own sports complex, where young athletes can learn to play basketball, football, tennis, and a variety of other sports. The greatest trainers and training equipment will be included.

Security Surveillance

When it comes to living anyplace, the main priority is security. This building is safe because the housing plan already has excellent security systems in place. Every corner is patrolled by armed soldiers. In addition, there are CCTV cameras on duty 24 hours a day.


Residents will be able to enjoy commercial centers, movies, and parks in the Golf Estate Block. The residents will not have to leave the lodging society for any reason.


To prevent the spread of waterborne illnesses, this block’s sewage infrastructure must be well maintained. A sewage system must be kept in excellent functioning condition by the administration; otherwise, it can be detrimental to the community and the environment.

Pre-Launch Plots Rates

The residential plots of Park View City Islamabad Golf Estate are available in three sizes: 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal. Plots are currently available at pre-launch prices that are very reasonable. The payment plan is for two years, so you’ll have plenty of time to pay the complete price in easy quarterly installments. Furthermore, the block’s reasonable rates make things even better, particularly for those who want to pay in installments.

Investment in Emerging Markets

The Golf Estate has been designed to appeal to a wide range of investors and customers from Pakistan and outside who want to invest in the residential and commercial sectors. Park View City has provided investors with exceptional pre-launch rates, which are expected to rise dramatically in the future. ¬†Park View City is already one of the best housing developments in the capital, and the addition of Golf Estate has just added to its value and attractiveness! It’s an excellent choice for a high-return investment as well as a luxurious and comfortable living. Park View City Golf Estate is a fully constructed block in Park View City Islamabad. Park View City Islamabad Map includes roads and other infrastructures that have already been constructed.

Golf Estate is the most lavish housing community in Islamabad, offering international amenities and comforts. The residential society is giving international societies to its residents as the population grows. It provides features such as:

  • Community with a fence around it
  • Surveillance cameras and security systems
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Electricity, gas, and water are all available
  • Shopping Malls
  • Restaurants and leisure facilities
  • Golf courses
  • Health services and educational facilities are available at sports complexes
  • Playgrounds with cutting-edge garbage disposal systems
  • Parks and well-designed green spaces

Future Prospects of Investing in Golf Estate

Park View City Islamabad Golf Estate is one of the best investment prospects in Pakistan’s capital city. This is advantageous for both home and commercial reasons. Residents may build their ideal home on a budget-friendly and affordable plot of land, while investors can make a steady rental income. Because the investors have invested in Park View City’s prior projects in Islamabad and Lahore and achieved a high return on their investment, they have faith in Park View City’s management and are willing to invest more in their upcoming project as well.

The prices of plots in the Golf Estate Block have risen dramatically as a result of the high investment demand. Investors who have already put money into the Golf Estate Block will make a lot of money. People trust and desire to invest in Vision Group because it is not only a renowned company in Pakistan, but it has also demonstrated that investors may earn.

Prices will continue to rise in the future, investing here is a fantastic prospect for investors. Golf Estate Block is a good option for those looking for a low-cost home. As a result of this factor, it has become a fantastic investment opportunity. Golf Estate plots are available for immediate possession. Upon completion of all payments and dues, investors will be handed possession of their plots. Golf Estate Project Location is also a fantastic investment possibility because of this.

Concluding Remarks!

Given these aspects of the project, it has the potential to be an unrivaled dividend-paying investment and a great opportunity. Park View City Islamabad Golf Estate is a highly profitable investment and a great area to live for a pleasant life; plots are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, and investors are exhibiting a strong interest in this project.