ARY Enters into Real Estate with the Spectacular ARY Laguna Project in DHA City Karachi

by | Feb 22, 2020 | News & Updates | 0 comments

A day before the much-anticipated PSL opening ceremony in Karachi, the owner of ARY Group Salman Iqbal has surprised the real estate investors in Pakistan. The media tycoon has announced that ARY has planned to develop a special real estate project in DHA city by the name of ARY Laguna. 

In a ceremony held on 19th February 2020, the owner of ARY group has talked about the development of an innovative resort style living in DHA city Karachi. This step was taken after the decision of ARY to enter into the real estate industry with its real estate faction named as Vision ARY Holdings. The project is named as ARY Laguna and it is also a titanium sponsor of Karachi Kings in PSL.

Resort Style Living near Karachi’s Coast

This new project introduced by ARY has quickly gained massive popularity in the ranks of real estate investors across the country. The idea behind this whole endeavor is to build an artificial resort-style living in Pakistan. 

This is the first time a company has decided to develop such a massive project in Pakistan. ARY Laguna has the potential to change the overall outlook of Pakistan’s real estate industry as a secondary aspect in the economy to one of the major investment opportunities, attracting millions of dollars in international investments to Pakistan.

ARY Laguna Location

According to Salman Iqbal, the Location of ARY Laguna had been a topic of rigorous discussion amongst the project’s administration. The major issue was access to crystal clear water, which is a rare commodity in Karachi where industrial wastes and pollution have spoiled the water. 

However, the owner Salman Iqbal stated that they chose DHA city to be that rare location in Karachi where they can bring this dream of building artificial resorts into existence. By building artificial island resorts like Maldives, Seychelles, and Thailand, Pakistan would also compete as a major marine tourism destination in the future.

The Tallest Building in the Subcontinent

Another outstanding aspect of ARY Laguna is the development and construction of the tallest building in the subcontinent. This building will provide its residents with tremendous views of the ocean, and it will be a state-of-the-art project in the hub of ARY Laguna. 

The owners have invested their time and expertise in making this project a complete venture with all amenities and luxury facilities available. 

The Largest Mall of Pakistan in Laguna

On 19th February, Salman Iqbal also announced that Vision ARY Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd has also decided to construct the largest mall in ARY Laguna. This marvelous project will have a number of opportunities for investors to invest in multiple commercial and residential real estate. 

This project will be made the commercial hub of ARY Laguna with tremendous potential for commercial success after its completion. 

A Disease-Free Society in Karachi

As ARY Laguna is being designed a luxury resort type society with crystal clear waters on sandy beaches, Salman Iqbal states that a fear of mosquitos affecting its success was always there. However, it was decided that a Disease Free Technology would be used which used sound waves to destroy any harmful insects, especially mosquitos in the society.

This aspect makes this society as Pakistan’s first disease-protected housing society in Pakistan with a massive potential to transform into one of Asia’s best housing societies. 

ARY Laguna’s Material Made in Pakistan

The last, but most important, aspect regarding ARY Laguna is that almost 80% of the technology used in the project would be made in Pakistan. All wooden and steel architectures would be the products of Pakistani industries, and ARY would also help Pakistani industries in adopting newer and innovative technologies for efficacy in production.

As a result of this decision, the economy of Pakistan is expected to be positively uplifted. The fiscal deficit is predicted to decrease as this project will provide Pakistani industries with maximum leverage for production.