Best Housing Schemes in Islamabad on Installments 2020

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Housing schemes in Islamabad on Installments have become a major real estate trend in the past few years. With a number of real estate projects being launched in the capital, investors have shifted their focus towards these housing societies. This is primarily because of the fact that these housing societies have the potential to provide investors with maximum profits and minimum risks.

The payment plans and Installment plans of such housing societies tend to provide investors with a chance to slowly and gradually invest, and own residential and commercial properties. Mostly the housing schemes in Islamabad on Installments such as Blue World City, Capital Smart City, and Park View City have 3-4 years payment plan with a set of easy monthly and bi-annual installments.

Once these installments are paid, the possession of plots is handed over the investors who can easily sell their properties at a double rate of buying. Such prospective profit-income margin attracts investors towards such housing schemes, and many investors have even invested in these profitable real estate ventures in the capital city of Pakistan.

Here are some of the best housing schemes in Islamabad on installments 2020.

1. Blue World City Plots on Installments

Blue World City Islamabad is considered to be an upcoming real estate sensation with a number of commercial and residential plots on installments available. The best aspect regarding plots in this housing scheme is that the Blue World City payment plan and installment plan are created to provide maximum ease to the investors. A range of plot sizes are being offered in Blue World City, but the installment plans for almost all plot sizes are extremely easy, and with a 10% down payment investors can easily book their plots in this tremendous destination.

After paying your down payment, your 4-year easy installment plan will start, and you can easily pay off all the installments with time. Other than the monthly installment, there are 8 bi-annual installments as well. However, these installments are also kept low on purpose in order to facilitate the investors. A large number of investors have already booked their plots on installments in Blue World City Islamabad with an aim to earn maximum profits in the future.

In addition to this, there are multiple discounts on Installments as well. Real Estate agencies such as Deal and Deals Pvt Ltd are even offering multiple discounts on paying off the Blue World City down payment and the first two installments. In such cases, including those when someone’s file is delayed for any purpose, the housing project tends to provide them with compensations and adjustments in the form of discounts as well.

2. Capital Smart City Islamabad Plots on Installments

Capital Smart City is the second housing scheme on our list a range of investment options available on an easy installment plan. Being developed by the famous Habib Rafiq builders, this new housing society in Islamabad is being ranked as one of the best housing schemes for investment in 2020. This is because of its immense reputation in the real estate industry as a completely safe and authorized real estate projects with an eco-friendly outlook. As a result of this, the investors from all over Pakistan are trying to invest in this new project as soon as possible.

It is said that time is of essence, and it is true in the case of Capital Smart City Islamabad. The Capital Smart City prices are increasing with time. The ones who are investing early would eventually be the ones to secure the maximum returns on their investment. Therefore, booking a plot in this housing society in Islamabad on installment is always a great option for those who are willing to pay off 3-4 years easy installments. Once these installments are paid, the plots are up for possession before you know it.

Furthermore, Capital Smart City has also introduced a wide variety of investment options for its investors as well. For instance, the 3.5 Marla plots in Harmony Park Block are a new option that is considered to be a step towards providing low-income citizens with a chance to book their plots on installments as well. Once these easy installments are paid, even these low-income investors would be able to own a luxurious home in Capital Smart City Islamabad.

3. Park View City Islamabad Plots on Installments

Park View City Islamabad is our third pick for this article which has the potential to provide investors with a range of plot sizes for investment. With only a 10% down payment, you can easily book a plot on installments in Park View City at reasonable rates. This housing society is comparatively expensive than Blue World City and Capital Smart City Islamabad because it is more developed. However, the 3.5 Marla plots in K block are considered to highly affordable for low-income investors as well.

The Park View City location also contributes to its increments in rates, but the quality of investment in this housing project outmatches any other real estate project in the capital. Located amidst botanical gardens, this new project is owned by vision developers. Booking a plot on easy installments in Islamabad’s most beautiful destination is something that only Park View City can provide you. As the name also reflects that the views offered by this housing project will completely astonish the residents. Once you get a taste of living in Park View City Islamabad, you will not find any other place worthy enough to live.

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