Blue World City Announces a Massive Package to Fight Covid19

by | Apr 6, 2020 | News & Updates | 0 comments

As the Prime Minister has announced a number of incentives for the construction sector, the real estate industry in Pakistan are now quite satisfied. For instance, the CEO of Blue World City Saad Nazir has announced a brilliant package for helping the government in fighting coronavirus. This package was announced by the CEO himself at a charity relief event in Lahore which was attended by Prime Minister Imran Khan himself.

Here are some of the salient features of the Blue World City’s real estate package for the government.

Land for Building 50,000 Apartments

In the first announcement, CEO Saad Nazir announced that the Blue World City Islamabad management has decided to provide the Pakistani government with free of cost land for building infrastructures for 50,000 apartments. This announcement was made in order to specifically uplift the vision of PM Imran Khan in providing low-income citizens with proper homes.

5000 Homes Built at Cheap Rates

To support the Naya Pakistan Housing Project, this announcement plays a pivotal role. The CEO of Blue World City has stated that the housing society will ensure effective infrastructure building. 

This will definitely play a major role in supporting the vision of PM Imran Khan in building 50 Lac homes for the less-privileged section of society.

2 Crore Donation in Corona Relied Fund

At the charity event, Saad Nazir also announced that the Blue World City management would be donating 2 Crore rupees in the Corona Relief Fund. This decision was made considering the recent lockdown situation of the country, along with the rising number of cases. Such initiatives by real estate projects such as Blue World City are truly plausible and exhibits the fact that our real estate industry is likely to establish solid underpinnings in the future.