BWC Chakri Road: All You Need to Know

by | Apr 13, 2020 | News & Updates | 0 comments

As Chakri Road is now being considered as one of the top destinations for new real estate projects in the twin cities, there are a number of housing societies being developed. The real estate projects and plots on Chakri Road are known to be favorites for investment with the best one being Blue World City Islamabad plots on installments.

Here are some of the details regarding real estate investment in Blue World City Chakri Road.

New Islamabad International Airport

Almost a decade ago, the real estate projects on Chakri Road were considered to be worthless from an investment point of view. However, in the past few years with the completion and operationalization of the new Islamabad International Airport, the prices of plots on Chakri Road have increased in an exponential manner. This trend is likely to continue in the near future and this is considered to be perfect to invest in Blue World City Chakri Road plots. 

Blue World City management chose this destination for this brilliant housing society because of its tremendous location. It is a well-established fact that real estate projects near to the Airport have a much higher value as compared to other housing societies in a city. Therefore, Chakri Road location was considered to be a perfect destination for this purpose.

Plots in Chakri Road for Sale

Although there are a number of housing societies on Chakri Road such as Al-Haram City, clients and investors much choose the one which can provide them with the best returns. 

For this purpose, thorough consideration would land investors to the famous and innovative Blue World City Chakri Road. Our considering of this housing society is free from any bias or personal inclination towards this housing society. We have chosen this housing society as the best investment destination on Chakri because of its multiple features promising massive returns on investment. 

Firstly, this housing society is being developed as one of the top tourism destinations in Islamabad. Secondly, Blue World City Islamabad is one of the biggest contributors to the Naya Pakistan Housing Project with CEO Blue World City announcing 50,000 apartments as well as 5000 homes for this national project. Hence, one can predict that the government authorities will soon provide Blue World City with a NOC by RDA and enable this housing society to expand the economy, provide jobs, and revolutionize the future of real estate in Pakistan.

The Proposed Rawalpindi Road.

Another major advantage to Blue World City Chakri Road is that a newly proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road is to be built very soon right next to the Blue World City gate. This project by the government will result in a massive value upgradation of real estate on Chakri Road. As a result, the popularity of Blue World City is also predicted to increase, and investments are predicted to be doubled in a few years.