BWC Upcoming Tourist Destination In Islamabad

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Although Islamabad is blessed with natural beauty and lush green suburbs, but it faces a dearth of exciting and adventurous tourism destinations. The locals have been starving for large-scale tourism attractions such as theme parks, sports stadiums, and cultural complexes. However, a new project is being launched with the aim to fill this gap in Islamabad’s tourism industry. 

With a number of beautiful thematic tourism destinations, this upcoming tourism destination in Islamabad is setting the stage to transform the tourism industry in Islamabad.


Being developed on Chakri Road, near to New Islamabad International Airport, Blue World City Islamabad is that much-anticipated destination hosting multiple tourism infrastructures. It is Pakistan’s first hub of thematic tourism, where a plethora of exciting and adventurous tourism destinations are being designed. 

Biggest Water Park in Pakistan

Blue World City Islamabad is aiming to design and develop the biggest Water Park in Pakistan. This project will feature astounding infrastructures with the capacity to provide thousands of visitors will splendid marine adventures. 

The best part about Blue World City’s Water Park is the exhibition of marine life. Similar to the water parks in Dubai, the Blue World City Islamabad will showcase beautiful and enigmatic marine life. This will, therefore, be one of the best tourism attractions in Blue World City Islamabad. 

Mosques and Islamic Architecture

As Islamabad is a relatively new city as compared to the cities of Lahore, Multan, and Bahawalpur, it lacks historical and cultural tourism. Other than Faisal Mosque in Islamabad, there are hardly any cultural destinations in the city exhibiting Islamic architectures. Hence, Blue World City Islamabad has planned to develop some of the finest mosques exhibiting glorious Islamic Architectures. 

An example of this innovation is the construction of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque Replica which is being designed incorporating glorious Islamic Architectures and monumental calligraphy. The designs are meant to attract local as well as international visitors, and the destination has multiple small-scale and large-scale infrastructures as well.

Sports and Cultural Complexes

In addition to the beautiful waterparks and glorious Islamic architectures, Blue World City Islamabad is also building large-scale sport stadiums in the housing society. These stadiums will be meant for a number of healthy sporting activities including Cricket, Hockey, and Football. This will provide the citizens of Islamabad with a place to come, play, and master their favorite sports.

Moreover, Blue World City Islamabad is also investing in Cultural Complexes in order to project the beautiful culture of Pakistan. As this society is being developed in collaboration with Chinese Developers, the Chinese cultural infrastructures will also be designed and build in Blue World society. The developers have specified that the Executive and Overseas blocks would be the major sectors where these tourism destinations are to be built. 

Overall, we can claim that this new housing society in Islamabad is a game changer for the tourism industry of not just Islamabad, but the entire country as well.

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