Call Our Customer Service Representative for Any Queries

by | May 4, 2020 | Real Estate Tips | 0 comments

Recently, a number of old and new clients have been calling our management for different queries. Such calls are irregular and not entertained due to the wrong channel of communication. However, we have looked into the matter, and decided that a customer service representative should be there to entertain all the queries of our existing clienteles.

Here are some of the details regarding our customer service representative.

Our Clients are Highly Valuable takes pride in our massive client base which has kept us going for the past decade. We have been providing real estate solutions to clients from insides as well as outside the country. Our clients are the reason behind our success, and providing clients with the best real estate advice is considered to be our highest priority.

Answering Queries from Clients

In this process, we have tackled the enormous number of queries put forth by the clients, and we have successfully managed to provide adequate answers. However, covid-19 lockdown has proved to be a barrier for clients to come and visit our office. We are providing clients with a customer service representative to contact at (051-8462081).

Support for Your Convenience

In order to increase convenience for the clients, this decision is a welcome opportunity for anyone who wishes to know details such as the office timings or file processing time. As file processing issues are quite frequent due to the high rate of plots being booked in Blue World City or Capital Smart City Islamabad, you can always call our customer service representative by dialing (051-8462081).