Capital Smart City Islamabad Latest Updates [June 2020]

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Capital Smart City is considered to be the first smart city in Pakistan, and its official launch was carried out on 6th October 2019 in Serena Hotel Islamabad. However, this real estate project in Islamabad is now updated with time, and there are multiple capital smart city latest updates which we would like to bring into your notice. 

As Capital Smart City Islamabad has taken the entire world by surprise, the real estate market has been looking at all the latest updates on Capital Smart City including new blocks, plot prices, and discounts.

New ‘Harmony Park’ Block Launching

The New Harmony Block in Capital Smart City Islamabad is launched based on the need of the market to ensure the provision of affordable and low cost housing options for investors. The launching of this new block was done in the last week of April 2020, and it was named as the New Harmony Block in Capital Smart City Islamabad. The best thing about this block is that it features a number of smart and affordable facilities, features, and amenities that are the part and parcel of Capital Smart City Islamabad.

CSC Harmony Park Villa Apartment

The villa apartments in Capital Smart City are currently on sale and they are considered to be the most favorite property features at the moment. The exterior of these apartments is quite exquisite and which leaves an outstanding aura on the visitors. In addition to this, the interior is divided into two flats on each of the floor, and it is an amazing two-story villa that caters to all your needs and wants. You can purchase these boutique apartments in Capital Smart City Islamabad, and choose from a variety of sizes including 1 bedroom and 3 bedroom built on 3.5 Marla and 5 Marla respectively. You can buy Harmony Park Villa Apartments with a 4-year convenient payment plan that can cater to all your needs.

3.5 Marla Villa Apartments in CSC

In order to include low-income clients into the Capital Smart City domain, this housing society has announced 3.5 Marla Villa Apartments for sale at extremely low costs. All of these plots and villas are limited, and they are predicted to be booked in a short amount of time. Therefore, this is a brilliant opportunity for low-range investors as well as low-income clients to benefit and have their luxurious 3 Marla Plot of Villa Apartment in Capital Smart City Islamabad. 

According to the payments plans released by the developers of Capital Smart City Islamabad, the apartments for sale in 3.5 Marla Villas are providing investors with over 660 square feet of living space with an open kitchen, living space, 1 bedroom, and 1 bathroom. For a small family, these villa apartments are the best choice as they have the floor to ceiling windows which make the things perfect for a small family when it comes to a minimalist design and the incurrence of natural light. 

According to recent updates, the rate of 3.5 Marla Villa apartment in Capital Smart City is almost PKR 26.85 lakh. This price includes all of the development charges as well as a Capital Smart City membership fee of PKR 12,000.

5 Marla Villa Apartments

Capital Smart City’s 5 Marla villa apartments are another prime investment opportunity. Spread over 856 sqft of living space, these luxury villas comprise of 3 bedrooms, bathrooms, and 1 kitchen. These apartments are also special as they will feature floor to ceiling windows for beautiful natural light, and they are also perfect for a minimalist family. You can buy a 5 marla villa apartment in Capital Smart City Islamabad at PKR 36.10 lakh. This includes all the development charges as well as the membership fee which is PKR 20,000.

CSC Villa Apartments Payment Plan

The payment plan of the villas apartments extends up to 4 years. The down payment is 10% and the confirmation fee is also 10%. There will be 48 monthly installments and 8 half-yearly installments which have to be paid by the client. However, you can conveniently adjust the payment plan into monthly, quarterly, and half-yearly payments at the time of booking all depending upon your preferences. 

On a 25% down payment, you will be able to choose your own villa apartment and you will be able to save almost 2.5% down payment. In addition to this, if you make a 100%n down payment than you will get 5% amount waved off.

Down Payment Discounts

Capital Smart City Islamabad has been offering discounts on upfront 50% and 100% down payments. According to a recent Capital Smart City latest update, it has recently announced to increase these percentages. Clients paying 50% down payment can avail a 6% discount (previously 5%), and clients paying 100% down payment can avail 12% discount (previously 10%). 

This means that investment in Capital Smart City Islamabad has become easy for investors coming from all across the country. Moreover, if you are paying 20% down payment then you are entitled to choose your plot location at the time of balloting.

Membership Fee Discounts

Another Capital Smart City update is related to the membership fee and payment. Firstly, Capital Smart City Management has decided that membership fee for clients booking more than two plots would be discounted. The membership fee for only one plot would be charged to such clients. Secondly, the Capital Smart City payment plan is announced to increase from 3 years to 3.5 years. This offer is meant to ease the process of payment for clients.

Special Discounts for Existing Members

Capital Smart City Islamabad has announced relaxation on the installments for previous month for existing members. This decision was taking keeping mind the recent corona virus lockdown being applied. However, these installments would be adjusted later on, and the clients are liable to pay the overall amount at the end. But in the face of an epidemic, this decision is truly appreciable, and you can avail discounts by calling us at UAN 03041113325.

Capital Smart City-DHA Merger

At the top of our list is the newly developed smart city in Islamabad which is being developed by one of the most famous developers in the country Habib Rafiq Pvt. Ltd. This housing society has a range of futuristic property features which are modern as well as eco-friendly. 

As the top investment destination in Islamabad, Capital Smart City provides investors with a chance to be part of a rapidly developing housing society which is likely to be merged with DHA Islamabad in the future. This DHA-Capital Smart City merger is something that provides this housing society with a massive edge over its competitors in the city. 

Furthermore, there are a range of plot sizes in Capital Smart City, and you can choose your plot size and payment plan according to your suitability. You can even buy 3.5 Marla Capital Smart City plots with a 10% down payment, and easy installment plan. This means that even the low-income citizens of the city can book their plots in Capital Smart City Islamabad and become a part of this brilliant real estate project in the Islamabad.

Capital Smart City and Dealanddeals Partnership

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