Relief for Twin City Motorists as CDA Starts Work On Rawal Dam Interchange, Korang Bridge Expansion and PWD Underpass

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There is some great news for the residents of Islamabad. The longstanding demands for an interchange on Rawal Dam Chowk and expansion of Islamabad Expressway Koral – Rawat section are finally on their way of realization. Capital Development Authority (CDA) has formally invited a Joint Venture to start working on Rawal Dam Interchange, Korang Bridge Expansion and PWD underpass. These three Capital Development Authority Projects have been long awaited since the residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi had to bear the brunt of heavy traffic bottlenecks at these three key locations.

The contracts have been awarded to a JV consortium formed by Maqbool Associates and Calson. Maqbool Associates also developed Islamabad’s zero point interchange. The JV of Maqbool Associates and Calson tendered the lowest bid for turnkey construction and completion of these three Capital Development Authority Development Projects and were accepted under the governing rules.

Rawal Dam Interchange Project

The project is set to be constructed at the intersection of the Murree – Park Road. The junction is commonly called the Rawal Dam Chowk and witnesses routine choking of the traffic. This is mainly due to major population influx around the park road and presence of many governmental offices, educational institutes and new residential developments. This interchange will constitute of an under and overpass and will greatly reduce the usual traffic clogs with better flow towards either side. According to CDA, the JV of Maqbool Associates and Calson tendered the lowest bid of Rs. 1.2 Billion. This bid was 11% less than CDA’s forecasted cost. Capital Development Authority will be self-funding this project.

Expansion of Korang Bridge

The Traffic congestion from the existing Korang Bridge till PWD interchange and beyond has been an ongoing ordeal for the residents of twin cities. With mushroom growth of housing societies on either side of the Islamabad expressway has resulted in substantial increment in population. Also, the section of Expressway from Koral Interchange and beyond is host to heavy traffic and inter Punjab, KPK commuters. The Korang Bridge will be converted from double to quad lane in order to contain the inflow of traffic from both ends. The project is to be completed within 15 months and will cost CDA Rs. 628.5 Million. The project work has already started and our sources at CDA at hopeful that this project will be completed within the deadlines decided.

PWD Underpass

PWD Underpass is due to be constructed at the PWD stop on the Islamabad Expressway. Like the Korang Bridge expansion, the main reason of construction of this underpass is to provide traffic decongestion solution for the Islamabad expressway on Koral – Rawat section. The construction of the PWD Underpass is part of the short term measure that is set to provide relief to the residents of Bahria Town, Gulberg Islamabad, PWD Housing, National Police Foundation, Naval Anchorage and other societies that suffer directly due to traffic clogging on Rawat – Koral section of the Islamabad Expressway. The PWD Underpass will be constructed within a time span of 7 months and will cost Rs. 420 Million to construct.

The Impact of these Mega Projects

These 3 mega civil projects will be game-changers for the residents Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The Islamabad Expressway and Rawal Dam Chowk are the most choked areas in rush hours. These three projects will provide long-due relief to the residents of Islamabad in general and connected housing societies in specific.

The timely completion of these projects will also make societies like PWD, Bahria Town, Naval Anchorage, etc. again gain the limelight. Easy unclogged access will mean that overall real estate in these areas will get positive traction. Also, it is worth mentioning the fact that PWD Underpass as well as the Korang Bridge expansion are components of the upcoming 5 Lane Islamabad Expressway plan to be implanted from Koral till Rawat.

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