Mr. CavitÇetinGüner aka Dogan Alp of Ertugral Ghazi Visits Blue World City Islamabad

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Ertugral Ghazi is a Drama Serial based on the life and events of Ertugral – A warrior of Turk decent who lead and saved his nation from attacks by the most powerful empires of that time. This historic drama narrates the story of Turkey in 13th century and showcases the valor and triumphs of the brave warriors who laid their lives to make it one of the greatest nations of the world. From a historic point of view, the drama glorifies the sacrifices that the Turk nation made which eventually resulted in creation and expansion of the mighty Ottoman Empire.

The Drama Serial has been aired multiple times in Pakistan and is considered to be one of the most watched and liked TV show in Pakistan’s TV history. Turkey and Pakistan not only share cordial relations through diplomacy but are also connected by the similarities in religion, culture and language. Ertugral Ghazi has been rated as one of the most inspirational television serials in Pakistan’s recently history. According to the leading media experts of Pakistan, the drama serial has left a long lasting impact on the Pakistani TV viewers and has given tough competition to the local show business sector. Ertugral Ghazi features a star cast that includes some of the senior actors of Turkish drama industry and the cinematics of the show are simply amazing with great effort being put in direction etc.

The show Ertugral Ghazi is extremely popular in the Pakistan and that is why most if the Turkish star cast of the drama has been signed up by multiple brands of Pakistan. Recently, Blue World City signed up Mr. EnginAltan – the start who plays the lead character of Ertugral – as the brand ambassador. Blue World City is an upcoming housing society in suburban Rawalpindi and Islamabad that is being developed on international standards. According to the developers of Blue World City, the society is set to be developed on a massive 100,000 Kanals and will also feature some of the world’s architectural icons in shape of Life size replicas such as Blue Mosque of Istanbul and Dubai’s Burj al Arab.

Mr. CavitÇetinGüner has reached Pakistan on the invitation of Blue World City. The actor plays the role of Dogan Alp in Ertugral Ghazi who is one of the most trusted general of the lead Ertugral. On his arrival, Mr. Guner was given a heroic welcome by the team of Blue World City. Mr. Guner was taken to the Blue World City site where he also showed some amazing horse riding skills and inaugurated the construction of the life size replica of Turkey’s iconic Blue Mosque. Mr. Guner, in his address, thanked the Pakistani nation for loving his character in the Ertugral Ghazi and said that he cherishes the time he is spending in Pakistan. He reiterated the fact that Pakistan and Turkey enjoy deep ties of brotherhood that are carved from the time of Ottoman Empire. Mr.  Guner is visiting Pakistan on invitation from SaadNazir. Mr. Saad is the owner and developer of Blue World City Islamabad and he also welcomed Mr. Guner by thanking him on behalf of his company and Pakistan at large for visiting Pakistan.