Use Airbnb to Earn Money in Pakistan Using Real Estate

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In the recent times, a number of ride-hailing mobile applications such as UBER and Careem have been able to secure a strong position in Pakistan’s market. However, Airbnb is also another international brand with a splendid mobile application that has quietly witnessed increasing popularity in Pakistan. 

This article will provide an insight into the progress made by Airbnb in the Pakistani market, which many people are not aware of:

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is one of the world’s biggest home-booking app that is used to make reservations in a wide range of comfortable and luxurious homes hosted by the locals. This app is known for providing visitors with a comparatively cheaper yet quality place to stay. This aspect of affordability can be considered as an important reason behind Airbnb’s success in Pakistan.

A large number of tourists visiting the tops cities of the world including Paris, New York, and London have preferred using Airbnb. The primary reason for Airbnb’s popularity is its easy access and affordable home reservations.

History of Airbnb App

As a company, Airbnb was founded in the year 2008 by Nathan Blecharczyk and Brian Chesky. The aim was to solve the problem of large housing expenses for tourists by directly connecting them to the locals of a specific city who are willing to offer their homes for accommodation. A large number of hosts have generally prepared rooms for accommodations on Airbnb and they are providing the clients a number of facilities including Wi-Fi and Netflix etc.

The founders devised an innovative platform for the best housing accommodations, where a city’s locals could list their homes or rooms for accommodation on a daily rate. This rate was much more affordable than hotels and resorts located in cities.

How to Use Airbnb?


It is a tremendously easy task to book accommodation through Airbnb. This is one of the major reasons why this mobile app gained popularity in Pakistan. A person is simply supposed to open an account on Airbnb application and choose from a wide range of homes, rooms, and guesthouses to stay. 

Once the client’s stay at the booked home is over, he/she has to leave a review for the services offered by the client. In all bookings and reservations, Airbnb charges the client with 0-20% service charges, and the host is charged a 3% host service fee. 

Current Status of Airbnb in Pakistan

Rather surprisingly, Airbnb has managed to secure a strong position in the accommodation booking domain. Despite of the fact that Airbnb has still not officially launched its version in Pakistan, thousands of Pakistani’s are still using its service to book accommodations in the top cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi.

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In Karachi, the clients can now reserve some of the most lavish rest houses at affordable rates, in DHA and Sea View areas as well. This aspect has attracted both clients and hosts in the largest cities of Pakistan to book and enlist quality accommodations in Pakistan at cheap prices. Therefore, over the past few years, the listing on Airbnb in Pakistan have increased tremendously. 

In 2019, the biggest city in Pakistan Karachi had only 19 places listed for rent. Almost 90% of these listings were some commercial guest houses looking to advertise their product online through this platform. However, as time passed by, the listing in Karachi only witnessed a 700% increased which has now led to Airbnb transforming into one of the best housing accommodation apps in Pakistan.

Future of Airbnb in Pakistan

After this silent success of Airbnb in Pakistan, it is highly predictable that Airbnb will introduce its services in Pakistan officially very soon. Once this official launch of Airbnb in Pakistan is completed, this mobile application is expected to become one of the top home-booking apps in the country. However, the listings on Airbnb in Pakistan are mostly limited to the homes in some of the top housing societies in Pakistan. For instance, societies like Bahria Town are considered to be the best destination for setting us a home for Airbnb. 

Moreover, the people who cannot afford homes in Bahria Town are now turning towards societies like Blue World City Islamabad, Capital Smart City Islamabad, and University Town Islamabad. These housing societies are considered some of the best housing schemes in Islamabad, and more and more people are trying to build their homes in these projects.

Why Set Up an Airbnb Home in Blue World City?

Although Blue World City Islamabad is ranked amongst the most affordable housing societies in recent times, it is expected to increase in value in the coming few years. This majorly because of the new Rawalpindi Ring Road that is being planned by RDA. Once this project is completed, Blue World City Islamabad is expected to be one of the top housing schemes in Islamabad.

Therefore, it is a prolific investment decision in recent times to book a plot in Blue World City and build a home to set it up for Airbnb in the future. You can book 5 marla plots in Blue World City at affordable rates however the returns on investment are proportionately very massive.