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One Capital Residencies is the newest project of Capital Smart City. It denotes a change to a more contemporary manner of living. It offers you the possibility to live the life of your dreams amidst such gorgeous settings and is encircled by Crystal Lake. It combines residential, commercial, and tourism functions perfectly. In line with the goal of Capital Smart City, new technology is being used to improve efficiency and services. It offers you the life of your dreams with such gorgeous scenery. It is a lovely combination of residential, commercial, and tourism all at once, surrounded by Crystal Lake. Modern technology is being used to optimize efficiency and services in line with the Capital Smart City goal. One Capital Residences in Capital Smart City will improve the quality of life.

One Capital Residences Location

One Capital Residences Location was taken into consideration when selecting a premium position for the project by its developers. It is close to Motorway M-2 linking Islamabad and Lahore. The housing society is also close to Ring Road Rawalpindi-Islamabad, a significant road that links all of the twin cities’ major areas. One Capital Residences Location is near public transit and just a short drive from Islamabad International Airport. From Chakri Road, there are two main entrances to the society. One Capital Residences can also be reached next to the main gate towards Overseas East District.

One Capital Residences Masterplan

The professionals from Arquivio Architects created the One Capital Residences Masterplan. Dr. Daniel Fraile, a renowned architect, formed the multipurpose One Capital Residencia Islamabad project in association with HRL and FDHL. The master plan is shaped in a way that makes it a one-stop shop for opportunities in the residential, commercial, and business sectors. The project is spread over 287 Kanal of land, which is separated into various pieces.

One Capital Residences Payment Plan

One Capital Residences Payment Plan was created with a variety of categories. Affordable for everyone to invest in this project, the developers have kept the pricing reasonable and provided a flexible payment and installment plan. Prices for One Capital Residences Masterplan start at 10,500 square feet, and the project is being planned so that the area can help investors feel certain that they are receiving a fair bargain and have peace of mind about the One Capital Residences project. Since Capital Smart City is known for offering its investors the most affordable solutions and anticipating the best pricing. The full One Capital Residences Payment Plan will very soon be publicly launched.