Housing Schemes in Islamabad

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With the expansion of cities all across Pakistan, the Housing Societies have become a major trend for people trying to escape the hustle and bustle of the urban areas. These Residential Housing Schemes in the capital city Islamabad provide the residents with a peaceful and clean environment in proximity to the main commercial hubs of Islamabad.

However, these Housing Schemes in Islamabad have also developed their own commercial centers worth millions of Rupees in Investment by the local as well as the international community. The following are the Top 10 Housing Schemes in Islamabad which are worth investing in 2020.

Defense Housing Authority Islamabad

DHA Islamabad is the first and foremost Housing Society that provides investors with a chance to earn massive profits on investment. Starting off almost 2 decades ago, this Housing Scheme in Islamabad has surpassed all expectation with unmatched growth and massive value increments. This Housing Authority has provided residents as well as commercial owners with a consistent supply of amenities and facilities.

However, the major secret behind its success resides in the massive support and uplifting of this project by the administration belonging to different government sectors. The Capital Administration and Development authorities have a major role to play in promoting the worth of this project as one of the safest and secure projects in Pakistan.

 Bahria Town Islamabad

Bahria Town Islamabad - Deal & DealsBahria Town Islamabad – Deal & Deals

Bahria Town Islamabad needs no introduction as it is considered to be one of the top real estate giants in Pakistan. Owned by the biggest property tycoon in Pakistan Malik Riaz, this Housing Society has transformed into Pakistan’s biggest landmark Housing project.

With multiple Housing Schemes being opened up in cities across the country, Bahria Town has maintained a standard luxury lifestyle. The facilities provided by the Housing Authority in Bahria Town Islamabad have elevated the rank of this project as the Capital’s 2nd best Housing Scheme for Residential as well as commercial Purposes.

PWD Housing Society

PWD Housing Society Islamabad - Deal & Deals

 PWD Housing Society Islamabad – Deal & Deals

Considered as one of the major Housing Societies in the Capital, the PWD Housing Society has developed into an icon of commercial as well as residential infrastructures. The project has tremendously developed itself over the past few years into a sensational commercial hub where almost all the major brands have purchased and initiated their businesses.

It is one of those places in the capital where you are likely to find all of your favorite brands on one road. Therefore, people have been considering to buy Houses for sale in PWD Islamabad in order to enjoy living a peaceful yet accessible lifestyle with all the major facilities available in proximity.

Naval Anchorage Islamabad

Naval Anchorage Islamabad - Deal & Deals

Naval Anchorage Islamabad – Deal & Deals

The Pakistan Navy Officers Housing Scheme is another major Housing Scheme being rapidly developed and promoted in the Capital Islamabad. This is one of those Housing Schemes in the capital which is not talked about a lot, yet it possesses mammoth potential for investment.

Located in Zone V of Islamabad, the Plots in Naval Anchorage Islamabad have become increasingly valuable with time and the rates are quickly surging as a result. This is the best time to purchase a House for sale in Naval Anchorage as it will promise a peaceful lifestyle as well as a chance to multiply your investment in an exponential manner.

CBR Housing Society

CBR Town Islamabad - Deal & Deals

 CBR Town Islamabad – Deal & Deals

Situated right next to the PWD housing society, the CBR Housing Society Islamabad is one of the major Housing Schemes which have the potential to turn your investments into enormous future profits. Investment in CBR Housing Society can provide  investors with a chance to double their investment with time as this society is still being developed and Houses are being constructed at a tremendous pace. You can buy a House for Sale in CBR Housing Scheme at reasonable rates in recent times. However, the rates in this society are about to surge in quick succession.

 Pakistan Town Islamabad

Pakistan Town Islamabad - Deal & Deals








Pakistan Town Islamabad – Deal & Deals

The Pakistan Town Islamabad location gives this society a major edge when we talk about the top housing schemes in Islamabad. As Pakistan Town is located right next to the main expressway Islamabad, it is one of the top Housing Schemes where the value of investment has greatly proliferated over the past few years.

People have been investing in this society for a decades. You can buy a house in Pakistan Town as reasonable rates in current times. However, as time passes by, this housing society is likely to witness a great hike in the overall property prices in Pakistan Town.  

Hence, we have considered Pakistan Town as the 6th most important Housing Scheme in Islamabad. It offers an eco-friendly environment as well as complete provision of basic necessities including Hospitals, Educational Institutes, and Police Stations as well.

Gulberg Greens Islamabad

Gulberg Greens Islamabad - Deal & Deals







 Gulberg Greens Islamabad – Deal & Deals

At the 7th position, we have ranked Gulberg Greens Islamabad as one of the major Housing Schemes in Islamabad. Located at the Junction of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, this Housing Authority promises great potential for investment and profits. People are even buying properties such as plots for sale in Gulberg to invest in their future housing needs.

This project provides an opportunity for residents to live in a peaceful and eco-friendly environment close to the city and its commercial hubs. In addition to this, Gulberg Greens has also planned to invest into a state-of-the-art shopping mall for its residents and visitors.

The Elanza Mall & Residency Gulberg is now being considered as the Trademark project which has rapidly developed the stature of Gulberg Greens as the 7th most valid Real Estate option for investment in Islamabad.

Capital Smart City Islamabad

Capital Smart City Islamabad - Deal & Deals





Capital Smart City Islamabad – Deal & Deals

Being considered as an upcoming sensation for a luxurious lifestyle in Pakistan. Capital Smart City Islamabad is the first of its kind Housing Scheme in Islamabad being developed at a rapid pace. It’s the first comprehensive native city in Pakistan and 4th in Asia. It features the grade 8 developments and one of the most famous housing schemes in Pakistan.

It is designed to meet the future expectations of its residents. The society has a plethora of unique features to meet the speculations of its residents, is designed to provide the ideal foundation for the investors and buyers to raise their families in the utmost peace and best environment in Islamabad.

Blue World City Islamabad

Blue World City Islamabad - Deal & Deals



Blue World City Islamabad – Deal & Deals

Blue World City Islamabad is the first housing society being designed and constructed in collaboration by Pakistani and Chinese housing corporations. Based on a unique theme infrastructure, this project is now being considered as
the essence of what the future is likely to offer. The latest Blue World City prices are now available and bookings are in process.

The Location of Blue World City Islamabad can be considered as the major reason for its promising aura. The project is located near to the new Islamabad Airport and close proximity to the M2 motorway, which links the city to the other parts of the country.

In addition to this, the projects is also witnessing the development of a Ring Road nearby, which will further add to its overall value and significance as a major Housing project in Pakistan. The Blue World City Islamabad location can, thus, be claimed as the major advantage of Blue World City which sets apart this Housing Society from all the other Housing
projects in the twin cities.

University Town Islamabad

University Town Islamabad - Deal & Deals


                                                                 University Town Islamabad – Deal & Deals

University Town Islamabad aims at offering comfort to its residents at affordable pricing. The philosophy is simple: providing the best property investment to plant the seeds of a safe and sustainable future. University town covers a total area of 400 Kanal and is offering residential and commercial plots for sale of various price ranges to cater to everyone that resonates with their philosophy.

The location, neighborhood and facilities being offered makes University Town Project an ideal choice for individuals looking for an affordable yet promising property investment. University Town is also located in the close vicinity.

Mr. Abdul Aziz Khan is the owner and developer of University Town, Islamabad. Despite being a new entrant in Real Estate world, he is determined to make University Town investment turn into, the town for dream homes and this is reflected through his efforts to complete the development timely, with 80% of development already completed. With the
University Town Plots on Installments, the owner wishes to provide the clients with a safe investment and secure future.

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