How to Choose The Best Real Estate Investment Location in Pakistan?

by | Mar 16, 2020 | Real Estate Tips | 0 comments

While investing in real estate, it is crucial to assess all the potential risks and opportunities associated with the property. This assessment is done in order to gain good returns on investment. However, a majority of people choose the wrong investment location and end up making bad investment choices

This article will provide you with the tips to choose the best investment location according to your budget requirements.

Invest in an Easily Accessible Location

The first and foremost tip to choose the best investment location is to check if it’s easily accessible from inside as well as outside the city. Such investment locations provide investors with a brilliant opportunity to multiply their investment. 

The investment location should not be at a moderate distance from the city as opposed to greater distances. For instance, Blue World City and Capital Smart City Islamabad as investment locations are considered to be at distance from inside as well as outside the city. With the construction of Rawalpindi Ring Road, these two housing societies in Islamabad would be strongly integrated with all the locations in the twins.

Nearby Hospitals and Schools

Before investing in a good location, you must see if that location is near to quality schools and hospitals. This is an important aspect while choosing the best investment location because once you have invested in a certain location, the buyers are going to consider this aspect in the future.

In order to ensure the availability of schools and hospitals, Capital Smart City has therefore decided to develop a proper educational city as well as a health district for the locals and visitors. This aspect has made Capital Smart City Islamabad the best investment location in recent times.

Safety and Security

Another important aspect that is often neglected while choosing an investment location is the security situation. It is important to emphasize that in the absence of proper security and safety mechanisms, an investment location is considered to be worthless. 

Therefore, it is crucially important for us to choose an investment location where the security and safety of the citizens are always ensured. This allows the value of property to increase as a sense of safety and assurance is attached. For example, Blue World City Islamabad has decided to equip the security infrastructure in the housing society with advanced security and surveillance. This increases the potential value of the investment and the investors are likely to see the value increase in the upcoming years.

Access to Basic Facilities (Gas, Water, and Electricity)


The last and most basic way to assess an investment location is to see if all the basic amenities are available to that location. 

Even after all the development that is taking place in Pakistan, there are numerous places in the country where basic amenities such as Gas and Water and not available. This means those locations are not suitable for investment. However, there are multiple housing societies in Islamabad who are determined to provide their residents with the best access to facilities and amenities. 

Such housing societies include University Town Islamabad, Capital Smart City, and Blue World City Islamabad. The management of these housing schemes is making unprecedented efforts to provide their residents with the best facilities. Thus making this investment location amongst the best in the world.