Istanbul’s Blue Mosque Replica Planned in Islamabad

by | Apr 30, 2020 | Real Estate Tips | 0 comments

Turkey is known as one of the most beautiful places in the world with a range of iconic tourism infrastructures that have the potential of attracting millions of people from around the world. Recently Pakistan has signed multiple contracts with Turkish companies for the building of multiple infrastructures in Lahore and Islamabad including the Metro Bus in Pakistan and the Orange Line Train as well. 

However, this cooperation has further extended to the point that different Turkish infrastructures such as Istanbul’s Blue Mosque’s replica is also being designed in Islamabad. This can be considered as one more Turkish inspirational addition in the Pakistani society. Some people can even consider this to be inspired out of the new Ertugral Season that has gained fame and popularity in the ranks of Pakistani people. 

The aim of building such an infrastructure in the country is to provide Pakistan with an element of Islamic heritage that many Muslims in Pakistan seem to love and admire.

This article the details about the upcoming replica of Blue Mosque project in Islamabad.

History of Islamabad

Islamabad is considered to be a relatively new city that lacks Islamic heritage and architectural sites as compared to the other parts of the country where multiple historical sites have been built. Therefore, the development of this new Blue Mosque Replica in Islamabad will provide the capital city with an exclusive site that displays Islamic architecture at its best. This project is considered to be one of the most important plans in the Blue World City’s Master plan as well.

Blue World City Promoting Turkish Culture

Pakistani culture is considered to be very similar to Turkish culture. The history of Pakistani Muslims can be linked with the Turks as the Mughal Emperors were essentially Turks. Therefore, Blue World City Islamabad has aimed to promote the Turkish culture through building this Blue Mosque Replica, and there would be many cultural complexes that will showcase these Islamic cultures to the visitors of BWC. Calligraphy and Islamic art is expected to be marvelous

Tourism in BWC Islamabad

With a number of cultural tourism sites, the Blue World City is expected to become the hub of Islamabad’s tourism industry. It will provide the visitors with a range of exotic tourism destinations that have never been built ever in the country before. Thus, investing in Blue World City actually means that you are investing in the future of Pakistan’s tourism industry. 

The Blue World City Mosque is just one out of the many infrastructural projects that are being built in the country, and it will provide Islamabad with an edge in the tourism sector. Hence, we would recommend  investors to not miss this opportunity, and invest to earn maximum profits after a few years.