Mistakes to Avoid While Placing Mirrors on Home Walls

by | May 27, 2020 | Home Decor Ideas | 0 comments

Thinking about installing beautiful mirrors in your home? Well, mirrors are considered to be the most important aspect of your home’s interior décor. However, there are a few mirror decorating mistakes which are made by over 90% of people, and this guide will help you tackle all of them. 

This article includes the most common mirror decorating mistakes which must be avoided for the perfect mirror décor.

Buying Mirrors Randomly

As mirrors play a crucial role in uplifting the overall look of your home, it is important for you to carefully decide the best mirrors according to their shapes and sizes. You should assess and imagine mirror specification in your mind which would be perfect for certain spaces on your wall. For instance, if the wall is greater in height then you might as well want to buy a mirror with lesser width, and vice versa. The aim is to blend the mirror according to the shape of the wall. Hence, this analysis would help you in choosing the right mirror for the right wall space. 

Not many people are aware of the importance of this careful pre-analysis, and they end up buying the wrong mirror. Such random choices can prove to be a disaster for your interior décor, and you will end up messing up the look of your wall as well.

Placing a Mirror In front of the Bed

It is an important thing to know that mirrors cannot be placed anywhere in the bedroom. The Bedroom is the home’s most important place where you keep all your clothing and grooming essentials. For a good night sleep, your bedroom should be decorated beautifully, giving off a good vibe. 

However, there are some places where people tend to place their mirrors in the bedroom and its rather annoying. You cannot place the mirror opposite to your bedroom or above the bed. According to doctors, looking yourself instantly after waking up and opening your eyes has a negative effect on your mind. You must get up and sit for a while after waking up to get your hormones in balance, and then look at yourself in the mirror. 

Therefore, we would recommend having mirrors on the left or right sides of the bed. In this way, you can easily get up and take a while to balance yourself and then move either left or right.

Too Many Mirrors or Setting Them High

Another mistake when placing a mirror which you should avoid is that you must not place too many mirrors at your home. This will create a negative vibe, and even the visitors are not going to be impressed by this. Although there isn’t a general rule, but normally the number of mirrors in a room should not exceed three. And you choose to mix up the mirrors as they come in various different forms. 

On the hand, you should also not place the mirrors too high on the walls. The height should always be normal so that everything, tall or short, can look into the mirror easily. Hence, it is important that mirrors should be accessible for all.

Place a Comb or Brush Alongside

A major mistake made by home owners is that after placing a mirror in their home, they forget that a mirror can make many people cautious about their hair or looks. Therefore, it is important that there must be some grooming tools such as hair brushes placed nearby. 

In case you or your visitors feels that your hair is a bit messy, or there is a hair on your face that needs to be removed, grooming tools should be available to do the job. This will provide your mirrors with an operational effect, and you can make the most out of these mirrors.