National Highway Authority of Pakistan Latest Details, Facts and Updates

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The National Highway Authority of Pakistan is a public sector organization which regulates the overall activities and performance of National Highways connecting different parts of the country. It is responsible for overseeing all the developmental projects and plans relevant to its domain and provides 24/7 assistance to the citizens in case of any inconvenience while utilizing the National Highways in Pakistan.

This article includes all the facts, details, and latest news regarding the National Highway Authority (NHA) in Pakistan.

National Highway Authority Introduction

The foundation of National Highway was set back in 1978 when the Pakistani Government moved to federalize all the five major highways in the country. These Highways were connecting all four provinces, and they used to be under the control of the provincial administrations. However, with this step, they were renamed as National Highways and put under a National Highway Board for regulation. 

This board was given the responsibility of developing, maintaining, and managing different activities being carried out on these federal highways by all the departments of the provinces.  In the year 1991, a proper Highway Authority of Pakistan Act was passed in the National Assembly which gave birth to the National Highway Authority, which is actually a federal institution regulated by the Ministry of Communication. It properly regulates and oversees all the National Highways including the motorways, express ways, and strategic road such as China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

NHA Pakistan Details and Facts

There are some quick facts regarding the National Highway Authority of Pakistan which you might want to know. 

Firstly, The National Highway Authority is one of the regions strongest highway regulatory organization as it owns almost 39 different motorways, highways, and expressways along with the largest CPEC route in Pakistan. 

Secondly, the overall road length covered by this organization is over 12,000km, while the NHA Pakistan headquarters are located in Islamabad.

Thirdly, this public-sector organization is under the Ministry of Communication, and it is one of the most efficient and cohesive organizations in Pakistan.

National Highway Latest Updates

Due to the recent corona virus pandemic, the overall flow of traffic on the National Highways has significantly deteriorated. This means that the organization does not a massive amount of work load. However, the National Highway Authority is running a solid campaign to provide awareness to people who are travelling in groups. 

The Motorway Police has been advised by the NHA administration to take strictly act against those people who are violating the orders by the Federal government. In case of any emergencies or accidents, the department urges people to notify by calling the NHA department.

National Highway Authority Helpline: 130