Imran Khan Launches New Blue Area Commercial Project Opposite F9 Park Islamabad

by | Mar 6, 2020 | News & Updates | 0 comments

On Sunday, 1st March 2020, the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan launched the new Blue Area project as an extension of the already developed Blue Area in Islamabad. 

The primary goal of auctioning this land is to accumulate revenue in order to spend it on the construction and development of the low-cost housing scheme for low-income citizens. The Prime Minister was also accompanied by the Chairman Naya Pakistan Housing and Development Authority (NAPHDA) and Chairman CDA.

The land opposite to F9 Park Islamabad is allocated for the purpose, and the open auction is scheduled from 14th April to 16th April.

Other than the low-cost housing units, the revenue collected is also meant for the city’s upgradation in terms of environment, road infrastructures, and service provision. Furthermore, the Prime Minister has strictly ordered that trees and natural eco-systems must not be disturbed in the process. 

Imran Khan tweeted that, “Launching the Islamabad Blue Area multi billion rupees commercial project today. This will not only provide jobs but will also attract investment from overseas Pakistanis. One mega project to be launched in Lahore and one in Karachi soon.”

By posting this statement, PM Imran Khan has assured citizens that this multi-billion rupee project is a win-win situation for all aspects of the economy and the society. Resulting in jobs and influx of investment in Islamabad, this Blue Area project in Islamabad is likely to provide impetus to business activities in the country. 

In addition to this, PM Imran Khan concluded by announcing the launch of two more similar projects in Lahore and Karachi. These endeavors points towards a serious ambition of the government to focus on business and investment in the real estate sector of Pakistan.

Previous governments, due to diverse socio-political reasons, have not been able to exploit the potential possessed by Pakistan’s real estate. However, real estate industries across the world have been quite active in contributing to their countries’ overall economy.

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