Pak Gulf Construction Pvt. Ltd. Company Details and Updates

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Pakistani construction companies have achieved a lot over the past few decades in terms of infrastructure and development. Companies such as Pak Gulf Construction Pvt. Ltd have worked tirelessly on a number of landmark real estate projects worth billions in Pakistan. 

As a result of their endeavors in the real estate market, the overall image of Pakistan’s real estate is rising with time. With a number of famous real estate projects in the capital city Islamabad, this real estate construction company has built a strong image of Pakistani real estate construction in the world. For instance, the Centaurus Mall in Islamabad is a project of Pak Gulf Construction company, and it is now being considered as one of the top commercial malls in the country. However, this mall also includes a number of residential properties as well including luxury apartments worth Billions of rupees. 

This article includes the details regarding Pak Gulf Construction Pvt Ltd, which is a leading construction company in Pakistan.

Background of Pak Gulf Construction Pvt. Ltd (PGCL)

As the real estate sector of Pakistan was initially inspired by the Skyscrapers being developed in the Middle East states such as Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Qatar; therefore, a number of Arab construction companies tried to make their way into the real estate market of Pakistan. However, only a few companies were actually successful in making a strong position in the Pakistani market. The Pak Gulf Construction Pvt. Ltd was one of those companies which gained a strong place through its quality infrastructure development methods that are still being followed. 

This new company embarked upon a number of real estate projects in Pakistan from shopping malls to real estate housing schemes. The most important aspect regarding this company is that it has never compromised on the quality of its infrastructures. Therefore, the Pak Gulf real estate properties are always at the best location in the city and prices higher as compared to other property features.

The Secret Behind Pak Gulf Construction Company’s Success

As mentioned before, a number of other Middle Eastern companies also tried their best to gain a strong position in the Pakistani real estate market but failed. However, Pak Gulf Developers gained success from the very first project, and they are still going strong in the recent development projects in Islamabad. This primarily because of the fact that this company is actually a merger between Saudi Arabia’s Al Tamimi Group and Pakistan’s Sardar Builders. This joint venture between both of these companies can be considered as the actual reason behind the success of Pak Gulf company. 

As Al Tamimi group, like other foreign companies, was new to the Pakistani real estate market, it needed time to adjust to the market dynamics of a different country. However, Sardars builders provided them with that access to complex resources inside Pakistan which resulted in the prolific scaling of their projects to the next level. This was a competitive advantage that laid the foundations of Pak Gulf Construction and Developers (PGCL), which later on became one of the top construction companies in the country.

Strong Networking and a Competent Team

The Pak Gulf company has a strong foundation that is set on a consolidated networking system that has roots through out Pakistan. This is how they manage to eradicate all obstructions in their way and manage to get the most out of their residential and commercial projects in the country. The firm also has affiliations with internationally-recognized companies which provide them with significant material and human resource to carry out their activities in Pakistan without any hurdle. 

In addition to this, the PGCL also has a highly competent and motivated team that relies on professionalism, business ethics, hard work, and determination. All Pak Gulf employees are technically trained in their respective domains and they are considered to be some of the best real estate professionals working in the country at the moment.

The Vision of PGCL in Pakistan

The vision of Pak Gulf Construction Company is to take the real estate industry of Pakistan to the next level. As this company has been involved in developing massive infrastructures in record-breaking time frames, therefore its vision surpasses the normality of real estate development in the current. 

It has strong forward-looking approach that allows it to contemplate into new realms, ideas, and concepts of real estate construction. The aim has always been to provide world-class and luxury real estate infrastructure to the people of Pakistan. This approach is equivalent to taking Pakistan into the next century with a solid foundation in building and construction. Modern construction methods have been used by this construction company to facilitate the growth of real estate sector of Pakistan.

Projects by Pak Gulf Construction Pvt. Ltd

Since its inception, the PGCL company has been involved in developing a number of luxury and high-quality real estate infrastructures in the country. Its projects are considered to be a true sign of quality and premium construction. As a result, a large number of international companies have always invested in the Pak Gulf Construction projects, and the economy of the country has been positively influenced by the invest coming into its projects. Such projects by PGCL including Centaurus Mall Islamabad, Top City Islamabad, and DHA Islamabad (some phases).

This is why the projects of Pak Gulf Construction never compromise on the quality, and their projects are usually ranked as well as priced higher as compared to the other real estate projects in the country. But the high prices are justified because the location and the quality of such real estate projects by PGCL is always up to the mark in almost all aspects. This is the primary reason why a large number of international investors choose to invest in the best Pak Gulf Construction projects in Pakistan.

The Centaurus Mall in Islamabad

Out of all the projects by PGCL, the Centaurus Mall is considered to be best one. It is a super mall designed brilliantly with a number of commercial shops, offices, and apartments for customers. It is now considered amongst the top shopping malls in the country, and currently it is worth billions of dollars due to its brilliant location in the heart of the city. 

As mentioned earlier, the Pak Gulf Construction company has never compromised on the location of its projects, and this is why it has been able to produce real estate sensations such as Centaurus Mall in Islamabad. It is the only Mall in Rawalpindi and Islamabad that has almost all brands and outlets under one roof. A proper food court is designed for customers looking to fill their appetites and hungry stomachs while shopping. However, recently a number of other shopping malls such as Giga Mall and Safa Mall have copied the concept, but they have still not been able to surpass Centaurus Mall in the overall capacity and scope for profits. The Centaurus Mall is the only real estate project developed by Pak Gulf Construction project that has a popular image through our Pakistan. 

The purpose of choosing this location is that this location is the best for the iconic views of the entire city. As it is located right in the middle of Islamabad, on the Blue Area strip, it provides the residents of its luxury apartments with the most iconic and breathtaking views of the entire city. One can experience luxury and splendor all in one place at the Centaurus, and this is all because of the massive efforts put in by the Pak Gulf Construction company.