Park View City Interview Session With Fareed Zaka Bajwa

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Park View City Interview Session With Fareed Zaka Bajwa

by | Apr 5, 2022 | Real Estate Trends | 0 comments


Park View City, a modern housing society with a view of the Margalla Hills as its proximal source of popularity, is another important jewel of Islamabad. It is intended to deliver the ideal dreamlike and fantastic living, along with breathtaking views of the Botanical Garden. Park View City Islamabad is one of the Vision Group’s most notable projects. The Vision Group is owned by Aleem Khan, a senior and active member of PTI. The vision group has executed several ground-breaking real estate projects. Vision Group has dominated the Pakistani real estate market for less than a decade, establishing itself as one of the most trusted and trustworthy development firms. By combining elegant aesthetics and modern practicality, the company prioritizes characteristics following a luxurious lifestyle. Park View is the embodiment of natural beauty, striving for excellence as one of the region’s most vibrant lodging societies.

Park View City Interview

Recently, Deal and Deals Pvt. Ltd. interviewed the Director of Sales and Marketing Park View City, Mr. Fareed Zaka Bajwa. In this exclusive interview, Assistant Manager Marketing Deal and Deals enquired about the important aspects of Park View City Islamabad which are elaborately responded to by the Director describing the following core facts:

Host: Please give a detailed overview of Park View City to our viewers?

Fareed Zaka Bajwa: Park View is a well-known and one of the leading real estate brands in Pakistan. The clients highly rely on this project whether it is Lahore or Islamabad, they admire the outlook of this lavish housing society. It is absolutely beautiful.

Host: Kindly guide us about the development status of Park View City?

Fareed Zaka Bajwa: The development status of Park View City is flogging the records of any housing society construction in Islamabad. In this project, the plotting of Terrace Block has been started. They are offering different blocks at different levels. The plots in the valley and hills are presented by the Park View Owners. The development status of Park View is beyond imagination and the expectations of clients are highly gratified and the investors are satisfied.

Host: What’s in the pipeline? What is Park View bringing up next for the investors?

Fareed Zaka Bajwa: The major attractions of Park View City Islamabad will be:

On one side of Park View is Commercial-Downtown: It is famous as Downtown Islamabad instead of Downtown Pak View because it is representing the only superlative commercial project among any real estate projects in the capital. The project is unbeatable, the architecture is premium and the view of the Park is breathtaking. It is surrounded by beautiful greenery and has a serene and humane atmosphere. Park View City is a wonderfully constructed and sophisticated society with all of the latest amenities.

On the other side of the project, the major attraction will be Golf Course: Park View Owners have already signed MOU with the leading company and the design work has been initiated. The groundbreaking of the Golf Course will be soon originated.

Host: The clients have a major concern about J Block, they are curious to know about the Possession of J Block?

Fareed Zaka Bajwa: The clients were eagerly waiting for the possession of the J block. Although this block has been delayed previously but recently the development has been started. The location of J Block is amazingly beautiful because it is on the high ground and heightened more as compared to H block making the views of the Murree Mountains magnificent. The development has been started and the good news is J Block Possession will be announced within 3-4 months and the investors will be able to start their housing.

Host: Tell us something about Park View’s hot selling product, the Overseas Block?

Fareed Zaka Bajwa: The Overseas Block was sold at a very affordable installment plan of 2 to 2.5 years and it will be delivered to the investors before the completion periods of the installment plan. The development of the Overseas Block has already started and the ceremony for its progress and launch of Overseas Block will be announced soon.

Host: Any message to the investors investing in Park View City?

Fareed Zaka Bajwa: Investors should focus on Development, Delivery, and Dealership. Investors must participate in the projects which are developing at a rapid pace. The projects are delivered on time and most important of all, the elite dealership of the city like Deal and Deals Pvt. Ltd., are reinforcing those projects.

Host: Any message for the end-users?

Fareed Zaka Bajwa: Islamabad is enriched with natural beauty; the stunning mountains are very attractive but this land is not affordable for the financial classes. That’s why Park View City is delivering the true and pure colors of Islamabad at a very affordable payment and installment plan. Park View is on the foothills of the mountains, end-users can book a plot anywhere in this housing society. Whether it’s heightened Block D, Block F, Block H, Overseas Block, or the blocks within the valley, the Murree mountains are viewable from all facets.

The temperature of Park View City Location is very moderate. There is a wind corridor that makes the a temperature few degrees lesser than in other parts of the twin cities. It is surrounded by 15000 Kanal of botanical garden making the scenery astonishing. The management has originated plantations, mainly the pine trees, to enhance the natural beauty of the region. As a result of this initiative taken by Park View Owners, it is awarded the Eco-friendly Housing Society. All these topographies are purely for the end-users so they can experience all the features while living in Park View.

Host: Last but not the least, Deal and Deals is a top-selling partner of Park View City, what is your experience of working with our company?

Fareed Zaka Bajwa: The Park View City had a great experience being engaged with Deal and Deals. The Director of Sales and Marketing appreciated the effort and teamwork of Deal and Deals. The CEO, employees, and the whole team are very vibrant and present a good office environment and job opportunities to the youngsters. The establishment events are worth visiting and enhancing the reputation of property management companies in Pakistan.

Final Remarks!

Park View City Islamabad is a brilliant project with a clear objective of providing unrivaled amenities. Every structure in the society was designed with a distinct point of view and practicality in mind, to provide an ennobling living environment for its residents. The above-mentioned information is authentic as the company conducted this interview personally posted at ______.