PM Imran Khan to Inaugurate 4 Projects in the Capital Islamabad

by | Jul 6, 2020 | News & Updates | 0 comments

PM Imran Khan has always supported the launching of real estate and infrastructure projects in the country. Especially in the times of lockdown, the Prime Minister has provided a large number of incentives for the purpose. The launching of the Blue Area extension was a part of this projects and now 3 more projects are about to be inaugurated by the Premier himself.

In line with his policies of uplifting the real estate industry of Pakistan, PM Imran Khan has aimed to launch and inaugurate new projects. Recently, 4 different ground-breaking projects are about to be inaugurated by the Prime Minister. The inauguration ceremony has been planned this week, and the news has been conveyed by the capital’s Apex development agency.

These projects are being planned on the Expressway and they are going to be a game-changer for the twin cities. The construction company “Maqbool Associates and Colson” have been granted the responsibilities for development of these 4 projects.

This article includes the details of the Prime Minister’s inauguration of the 3 new projects in Islamabad.

Prime Minister’s Advice to Government Authorities

In order to expedite the NOC approval process of real estate projects, PM Imran Khan has advised the government authorities to finish all documentation as soon as possible. This is primarily to provide support to the rise of real estate agencies in Pakistan. Similarly, these 4 new projects in Islamabad are to be inaugurated by Imran Khan himself.

These projects have the ability to provide the traffic of both cities with a smooth flow of traffic. Therefore, Capital Development Authority (CDA) has been advised by Imran Khan to complete the preparation of these 4 projects including an Underpass on PWD Road, the Korang Bridge, and the much anticipated Rawal Dam Interchange.

1. PWD Underpass on Islamabad Expressway

This project is a sigh of relief for all the residents of PWD Islamabad as this underpass will provide residents with easy access to the PWD gate. Currently, the access point of PWD is marred with heavy traffic coming in from different parts of the country. As a result, the road in front of the PWD gate has become a difficult access point for the residents and visitors of PWD housing society. However, with the construction of this project, the Islamabad Expressway is planned to be a completely signal free corridor for travelers. The bid for this project was finalized at Rs420 million which is almost 19% below the overall estimates.

2. Rawal Dam Interchange

After completing all the legal documents and other formalities. The developers Maqbool and Calson Associates are also going to inaugurate another project by the name of Rawal Dam Interchange. As a result of this project, the Rawal Chowk is predicted to have less traffic congestion and the surrounding areas would benefit. For instance, the people travelling to nearby housing projects such as Park View City would find it more convenient to access these locations.

The bid for this project was finalized at PKR 1.17 Billion, which is almost 11% below the overall estimates. It will be one of the latest and finest projects to have ever been developed in Islamabad.

3. Korang Bridge Construction

The third project up for inauguration is the new Korang Bridge that is being designed to provide easy access to the newly developed Korang Town near PWD Islamabad. This project is an important infrastructure update that will provide impetus to connectivity in the surrounding areas as well. The bid for this project was finalized at PKR628 million, which is almost 17% less than the overall estimates.

4. Construction Work on Different Sectors in Islamabad

Lastly, the PM is also going to inaugurate the construction work on the different sectors in Islamabad as well. As per the orders of the government, CDA has resumed the construction of a previously-under construction underpass that will connect G-8 Sector with G-7 sector Islamabad on the Faisal Avenue.  This underpass was under construction, but the progress had to be halted because of the Covid19 lockdown. However, with a smart lockdown implemented, and a plan for real estate introduced, the work has started again by the Capital Development Authority.

While observing all the SOPs for the Covid19, the CDA authorities are trying their best to complete this project in record time. The Faisal Avenue is under-development, and with this project is expected to become much more convenient and accessible for travelers. Furthermore, the CDA authorities have also initiated construction on the overhead pedestrian bridge. This new project will be a remarkable development at the Constitution Avenue, providing the citizens with ease and accessibility.