RDA Approved Housing Societies in Rawalpindi

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Founded in May 1989, Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) is a Public Sector Municipal Organization which provides a number of municipal and town services in Rawalpindi. The major aim of RDA is to ensure the sustainable growth of Rawalpindi along with consistency in the city’s overall maintenance.

In addition to this, RDA also approves and keeps a check on multiple private housing schemes and societies being developed in Rawalpindi. Only the housing schemes approved by RDA are considered to be valid and credible for buying and selling of real estate. In order to further increase efficiency in the process, RDA has decided to digitize the records of housing schemes in the city.

This article provides an insight into the different housing societies approved by RDA in Rawalpindi.

Foreign Office Employees Cooperative Housing Society

Located in the Lakhu and Rupa region of Rawalpindi, the FOEC housing scheme in Rawalpindi is one of the most credible and trustworthy housing societies in the entire city. The property in this housing society is considered to be enormously valuable, and the environment is suitable for long-term investment.

As mentioned in the name, this housing society in Rawalpindi was primarily developed and established for Foreign Office employees. However, as it is a private housing scheme, civilians can also purchase property at reasonable rates. Being one of the most attractive investment opportunities, this society offers a multitude of benefits for its residents including utmost safety and security.

PIA Officers Co-operative Housing Society Adyala Road

Built and established specially for the PIA officers, PIA Officers Co-operative Housing Society is one of Rawalpindi’s best housing schemes. Approved by RDA almost 2 decades ago, this housing scheme is an official residential society with a number of quality schools, parks and hospitals compliant to international standards.

Located right next to Bahria Town Phase 8, the PIA Officers Co-operative Housing Society’s location increases its value even further. It is situated at a 15 mins drive from Rawalpindi Saddar and Kacheri Chowk, and in proximity to the new Ring Road interchange as well. Considering all of these factors, it’s always a good decision to buy property in PIA Officers Co-operative Housing Society.

Bahria Town Phase I, II, and III

Although most of Bahria Town’s area is claimed to be under Islamabad, but a large proportion of the land is also under the jurisdiction of RDA. Hence, Bahria Town is also considered to be one of the major housing societies approved by RDA. Located in the Kotha Kalan region of Rawalpindi, Bahria Town is truly a magnificent housing scheme with a country-wide presence.

Bahria Town revenues have broken all records of profits over the past few decades. The success of this project is attributed to the innovative infrastructures and dynamic facilities being offered to its residents and investors. The overall maintenance of the society provides a valuable addition to their lifestyle, and the residents can enjoy multiple residential perks in Bahria Town. Therefore, RDA provided an approval to Bahria Town projects a long time ago.

Capital Smart City Islamabad Approved by RDA

Capital Smart City is one of the most recent housing societies to gain approval and authorization from RDA. Due to its eco-friendly infrastructures as well as RDA approved designs, the Capital Smart City Islamabad has quickly developed into a promising real estate venture with massive potential for growth.

As a result, a large number of people have booked Capital Smart City plots for sale at affordable rates recently. Being a housing scheme approved by RDA, this project possesses the potential of getting transformed into a major residential and commercial hub in Rawalpindi. It is being planned and developed by one of the top developers in the country Habib Rafiq group, which speaks volumes regarding its overall worth and potential.

University Town Rawalpindi

University Town is yet another project which is approved by RDA and considered a good option for future investment. This housing scheme features a number of exclusive benefits for residents including public parks, wide-road networks, hospitals, community mosques, educational institutes, and a quality lifestyle.

It is one of the few developing housing societies in Rawalpindi that has managed to gain approval by RDA very soon. This is something which further validates the potential of University Town as a completely safe and secure place for investment in Rawalpindi.

RDA Approved CBR Cooperative Society

CBR Cooperative Housing Society is another important housing scheme that is duly approved by RDA. With the potential to turn your investments into enormous future profits, this housing scheme has seen enormous growth over the past few years.

This housing society is developing at a fast rate with a very strong infrastructure that guarantees the provision of all the necessary facilities. If you are looking to buy a plot in CBR Cooperative Society Rawalpindi, it can be a potentially life-changing decision.

Therefore, investment in the CBR Housing Society can provide investors with a chance to double their investment with time as this society is still being developed and Houses are being constructed at a tremendous pace. A house for sale in CBR Housing Scheme can be bought at reasonable rates in recent times. However, the rates in this society are about to surge in quick succession.

DHA Phase I Rawalpindi

DHA Phase 1 is an RDA approved project and our last pick for this article. This housing society ranks amongst the top housing schemes in Pakistan. It is considered to be one of the best housing societies with a massive potential for commercial as well as residential growth.

The houses for sale in DHA 1 Rawalpindi are now rated as some of the most valuable homes for investment in the upcoming years. In addition to this, DHA 1 promises a luxurious lifestyle with all the amenities and facilities available to the residents.

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