RDA Plans an Operation Against Illegal Housing Societies

by | Mar 11, 2020 | News & Updates | 0 comments

It has been recently reported that the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has decided to take against a number of illegal housing societies. These illegal housing projects were specifically planned in Murree, and they have allegedly swindled citizens’ money. 

Once this operation by RDA is completed, it will be considered as a major operation against illegal societies in Murree. 

RDA’s Approval for an Operation against Illegal Societies

Expected to commence in a few days, RDA’s operation against illegal housing schemes is expected to be massive development in recent times. 

Once the operation commences, it will progress on a daily basis and tackle all illegal housing societies, especially those being planned in the Murree region.

RDA’s Strategy to Tackle Resistance

In line with this decision, the RDA has properly planned a strategy to tackle the possible resistance from owners or management of the illegal housing societies in Murree. A strong process of building inspections has begun and RDA is trying its best to eradicate the construction of illegal real estate projects in its respective jurisdiction. 

Different measures are being taken to stop illegal residential as well as commercial infrastructures from being constructed in Rawalpindi. For instance, Murree’s City Police Officer (CPO) Muhammad Ahsan Younus was called on by RDA’s administration in order to build resistance against the illegal housing schemes.

Illegal Housing Societies in Rawalpindi

RDA has also decided to carry out operations against a number of illegal housing societies that are being developed under its jurisdiction in Rawalpindi. The Director-General (DG) RDA Ammara Khan has assured the media agencies that all illegal real estate projects in Rawalpindi would be dealt with in a serious and strict manner. 

According to the Director-General RDA, these illegal housing societies are looting the local populations by selling illegal real estate in the region. She advised the people not to buy property in the illegal housing societies in Rawalpindi as they would be destroyed very soon. 

RDA’s Crack Down on the Illegal Real Estate Projects

Once all the preparations have been completed, RDA has decided to demolish all the infrastructures of these illegal housing schemes. According to the Director General RDA Ammara Khan, the four walls, gates and all the offices would be bulldozed. Moreover, the administration and owners of illegal housing schemes would be arrested and cases would be filed against the culprits involved in the project.