Read this Area Guide Before Buying a Home in Peshawar

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Peshawar is one of the most popular cities in Pakistan. Known as the city of flowers, it has a massive real estate market providing investors with multiple opportunities to buy and sell real estate in Peshawar.  Projects such as Hyper Mall Peshawar are providing the city with a strong edge in the real estate sector. Therefore, if you are looking to buy a home in Peshawar, you should be aware of the right areas and regions where you can find the most suitable, compatible, and profitable option. 

For this purpose, we have devised a proper area guide for our clients to go through and become aware of all the major area options to buy a house in Peshawar. We would definitely recommend you read this article to gain a sound understanding of the investment potential of the city.

This article includes an area guide for you to buy a house in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Hayatabad Peshawar

If you are looking to invest in the most beautiful area in Peshawar, then Hayatabad may well be the best option for you. Therefore, when it comes to buying a house in Peshawar, Hayatabad is considered to be on the top. Sitting close to the Torkham Border in the North, this area is an ideal location in Peshawar for investment. 

The region of Hayatabad is divided into seven phases, which are then divided into multiple sectors. In order to maintain order, all the sectors are arranged in numerical and alphabetical order. Although all the sectors and phases are popular because of their own unique amenities and location, but there are some important facilities which are available throughout. Some of these facilities and amenities include:

    • Quality educational institutions
    • Carpeted roads
    • Eco-friendly and Lush-Green parks 
    • Secured and safe residential units
    • Fine Restaurants
    • Well-stocked shops and markets

Other than this, the beautiful region of Hayatabad is also considered to be one of the oldest parts of Peshawar. Thus, it has a very prominent and pristine reputation in the real estate market of Peshawar owing to its range of investment opportunities and highly affordable housing options for investors.

Warsak Road Real Estate Peshawar

The second most favorite real estate option for investment in Peshawar is Warsak Road if you are looking to buy a home in Peshawar. Situated near to the premium location of Peshawar Ring Road, this region is well known for its enormous investment potential. It has a number of unique facilities and designs manifesting the ancient tradition of Peshawar. 

In case you want to invest in buying a house in Peshawar, you should definitely find a house on Warsak Road Peshawar. On average, you can buy a 5 Marla home on Warsak Road in the range of PKR 60 lakh – PKR 1.30 crore. For 10 Marla houses on Warsak road, you would have to invest in the range of PKR 1.5 crore – PKR 3.0 crore. Moreover, Warsak Road as a real estate destination on average offers a range of 1 Kanal homes for investors and buyers in the range of PKR 2 crore minimum and a maximum of 4 crore. 

The specialty about Warsak Road is that it provides its residents with quality facilities and amenities for a quality lifestyle. Therefore, buying a house on Warsak Road Peshawar will bring you closer to the nature and it will add a whole new level of comfort in your living. You can get access to public parks, and other sports grounds well.

Gulbahar Housing Scheme, Peshawar

The third pick for this article is the Gulbahar Housing Scheme which is another attractive real estate destination in Peshawar. Buying a home in Gulbahar Housing Scheme promises investors with high returns on investment. 

Gulbahar is located between the National Highway (N-5) and Peshawar Northern Bypass which are considered to be the main arteries of Peshawar. However, the affordability factor is tremendously high in this real estate project in Peshawar. You can buy 5 Marla home in Gulbahar in the range of PKR 90 lakh – PKR 2.0 crore. However, if you are looking to buy a bigger house, you can buy a 10 Marla House in Gulbahar, Peshawar in the range of PKR 1.70 crore – PKR 3.0 crore. Other than this, investors can also choose 1 Kanal houses in Gulbahar in the range of PKR 4.5 crore to 6.0 crore.