Real Estate Investments More Profitable this Ramadan. Here’s Why!

by | Apr 30, 2020 | Real Estate Tips | 0 comments

The real estate sector in Pakistan is on prolific track of growth and progress this year. Although this year has witnessed some of the most outrageous events, the overall real estate industry in Pakistan is still developing at steady pace. 

However, in the recent times, real estate experts are claiming this Ramadan to be the perfect time for make your real estate investments. 

What is the secret behind such a claim? Let’s explore in this article:

Prime Minister’s Incentives for Real Estate

Recently, Pm Imran Khan announced some unprecedented incentives for the real estate industry realizing that this sector of the economy must be transformed into a proper industry in Pakistan. Once this industry takes off, investments are likely to come in from all parts of the world, leading to the growth of the Pakistani economy. 

Therefore, this Ramadan saw a sharp increase in real estate investment as taxes were reduced and profits were there to earn for investors. This has forced thousands of people to invest in housing societies such as Blue World City and Capital Smart City Islamabad which are considered to be the torchbearers for real estate innovation and development in Islamabad.

Outset of a Futuristic Real Estate Industry

It goes without saying that the beginning of any journey determines the state of its end. In line with this approach, we can say that the beginning of the rise of real estate industry has begun on a positive note. 

The societies such as Capital Smart City and Blue World City Islamabad have witnessed a massive increment in the selling of plots where even the 3 Marla and 3.5 Marla Plots have also been sold out at the old prices. This is a sign that the real estate industry in going to flourish at unprecedented rates, and the people investing in the recent times are expected to make the most out of this real estate rise in the upcoming years.

The Blessings of Ramadan for Real Estate Investments

Ramadan is considered to be month of blessings for everyone in the world. This month brings with it an enormous magnitude of purity for Muslims especially. Therefore, making an investment decision in this blessed month, keeping in mind all the other factors, can truly increase the chances of you making high profits in your investment. 

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