Real Estate Trends in Federal Budget of Pakistan 2020-2021

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The Federal Budget of Pakistan was introduced by the government on 11th June 2020. This budget by the PTI government is being considered as a friendly budget where no new taxes and fines are imposed in different sectors of the economy. Specifically, the real estate trends in Federal Budget of Pakistan suggest that this sector has benefitted from its provisions as sales taxes and other fines have been either downsized or removed from the overall cost.

As a result of PTI government’s policy to uplift the real estate sector of the country, the Federal Budget has been designed to provide impetus to the growth of real estate Pakistan. The real estate trends in Federal Budget of Pakistan 2020 suggest that the upcoming few are going to witness a massive surge in the overall investment rate. Investors are now looking to buy and sell real estate in Pakistan with utmost hesitance and convenience. The overall rates for property registration have decreased by 50%, and this has allowed investors to pour in capital into the real estate industry of the country.

Unemployment in Pakistan (Federal Budget 2020-2021)

Because of the stagnant situation of real estate in Pakistan for a long time, the real estate industry was never able to mature enough. The real estate sector of Pakistan was never a priority by the government, especially in terms of revenue collection.

Consequently, this sector was not able to provide the people of Pakistan with sufficient job opportunities as compared to the other real estate sectors in the world. However, this has changed in the government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. The real estate trends in the Federal Budget of Pakistan 2020 suggest a changing situation. Owing to the development of private housing societies in Pakistani cities such as Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Karachi the overall unemployment rates have significantly dropped. From daily wagers to graduated engineers, all have found a sufficient source of income in these projects.

For instance, housing societies in Islamabad and Rawalpindi including Blue World City, Park View City, and Capital Smart City has been able to create thousands of jobs in the past few years. This has contributed to the overall wealth creation in the country, and even international investments have been witnessed to increase in Pakistan. In addition to this, overseas Pakistani’s have also looked into the recent real estate trends in the Federal Budget of Pakistan, and they have decided to invest in such real estate destinations.

Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Scheme

According to a proper REIT Scheme for real estate, the federal government in the leadership of Prime Minister of Pakistan has decided to remove the taxes on all the profits earned from the immovable properties in Pakistan. This means that the real estate investments in Pakistan are now on the trajectory for growth and development. Residential as well as commercial real estate properties have witnessed a massive increase in buying and selling over the past month.

In addition to this, this scheme has been provided a sustainable basis with its extension proposed to 30th June 2021. This means that the real estate sector in the country has a chance to truly flourish and mature in the upcoming months, until a new policy is announced. Learning from these decisions, we can claim that the real estate trends in Federal Budget of Pakistan 2020 point towards a new and improved beginning in Pakistan.

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Fiscal Discipline Improvement Measures

According to our analysis of the recent trends’ real estate trends in Federal Bill of Pakistan 2020-2021, the PTI government has endeavored to implement the following fiscal discipline improvements:

  • A proper cash management system and the carrying out of Public Management reforms related to finance.
  • The public guarantees have been stopped by the government.
  • A new PKR 152bn project to be introduced in the KPK districts that are merged for a long time. This is an unprecedented package for such regions.
  • A new “Ehsaas Programme” to be launched for the induction of schemes related to welfare.
  • Planning of building as well as sustaining a primary surplus.
  • Planning of restricting all additional aids to the insignificant projects on less priority.
  • The State Bank of Pakistan will not be used to support and finance the budget through the loans.
  • The overall Pakistan business community will be provided PKR 254 bn in refunds. This amount is almost 125% greater as compared to the last year’s PKR 113 bn.
  • In addition to this, the DLTL payments have also been provided, amounting to almost PKR 35bn.
  • Reducing financial burden, the aim is to restructure the overall rigidity and firmness in the Federal Government.
  • The Development in the Public and Real Estate Sector is planned to be expedited.

Future of Real Estate Trends in Pakistan

This budget was overall, a welcoming move for the real estate sector of Pakistan. The future trends seem to provide real estate growth with a smooth path to flourish. A large number of investors have invested in a number of real estate housing societies in the country, and many have profited from the dropping taxes.

However, margins for profits have increased, and a large number of people have witnessed a surge in construction through out the country. As a result, the construction industry has flourished over the past few months and employments opportunities have increased. This is something that portrays an optimistic and positive image of the future of real estate trends in Pakistan.

With such real estate trends in Federal Budget of Pakistan, a large number of overseas Pakistani’s are also expected to come and invest in the real estate sector of Pakistan. The primary focus of such investments would be the real estate housing societies in the country. For instance, housing schemes such as Blue World City, Capital Smart City, and Park View City have been considered as one of the favorite investment destinations in the country. This is primarily because these projects are located in the Capital city of Pakistan, and they are comparatively affordable, possessing a higher investment capacity.