Read About the New Pakistani Real Estate Tycoon Saad Nazir

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Pakistan has always been known for its rich agriculture sector rather than real estate. Therefore, not many real estate businesses were known to develop high-quality real estate projects in the country. 

Almost a decade ago, Malik Riaz was the only Pakistani real estate tycoon who was recognized in the international arena. However, with the real estate sector in Pakistan on its way towards growth and expansion, Saad Nazir has become a similar name in the Pakistani real estate industry. With a number of projects in the real estate sector, this new real estate tycoon in Pakistan has made his mark on the real estate sector of the country. 

Saad Nazir is one of those personalities who are predicted to become one of the most well-known people in the upcoming decade with a range of real estate projects. The specialty about his real estate projects is that he always tries to add that element of innovation in his projects, leading to a distinct image in the real estate market. This is probably the reason behind his back to back successes in the real estate industry of Pakistan. 

This article includes the background, potential, previous projects, and upcoming real estate projects of Saad Nazir, who is set to completely revolutionize the real estate sector of Pakistan.

History and Background of Saad Nazir

Saad Nazir is the son of Lahore’s Ex-Deputy Commissioner and a leading torchbearer in the real estate sector of Pakistan. Starting off with a company named Blue Technologies providing architectural services in the capital of Punjab, he went on to develop a number of projects in the real estate sector. Saad Nazir’s father provided him with the initial support and impetus to grow and revolutionize the real estate sector of Pakistan. His initial endeavors were guided by his father’s wisdom, and he eventually ends making a strong name in the real estate market. 

From the very beginning, the vision of Saad Nazir was to provide quality housing to those people who are not able to afford this luxury in Pakistan. As a result, he developed housing societies in cities such as Sargodha as well. All of this project was initially very affordable, but with time the rates started increasing, and the low-income people in the country went from being millionaires to billionaires in no time. 

In line with this approach, Saad Nazir has recently offered the Prime Minister to be a part of this Naya Pakistan Housing Project. He has donated 2 Crore rupees to the Corona Relief Fund, and he has promised the government that he will provide them with land for the building and construction of over 50,000 apartments along with the proper construction of over 5,000 homes in his new project Blue World City Islamabad.

Real Estate Projects by Saad Nazir

After establishing himself as a strong competitor in the real estate industry, Saad Nazir went on to develop some of the best real estate projects in the country. Starting off with Tech Cooperative Housing Society, Mr. Nazir went on to develop a number of other projects with an increment of scope and investment every time. 

The PIA Cooperative Housing Society is one of Saad Nazir’s success stories in Rawalpindi, and he has worked on Blue Town Lahore and Blue Town Sargodha as well. Both of these projects are made from state-of-the-art infrastructure that was unprecedented in such areas of Pakistan. The aim of Saad Nazir’s company was always to develop a cohesive bond with real estates marketing companies such as Deal and Deals Pvt. Ltd, so that his real estate projects can get larger recognition in the country. 

The best aspect of the projects by Saad Nazir is that they are extremely affordable in the beginning. For instance, the Blue World City is recently one of the most affordable housing projects in the country by Saad Nazir, and even low-income citizens of the country can afford to buy a 5 Marla plot in Blue World City Islamabad. The Blue World City Payment plan is simple with an upfront 10% down payment and confirmation charges along with an easy monthly and bi-annually installment plan. 

Once the installment plan is complete, the inventors would gain possession of their plots after the balloting process. But once this happens, investors are likely to make millions of rupees in profits out of their investments in this newly developed housing project by Saad Nazir in the upcoming few years

CEO Blue Group of Companies

Saad Nazir is recently the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Blue Group of Companies, who are considered to be amongst the top real estate developers in Pakistan after Habib Rafiq group. This company was established by Saad Nazir himself, and since its founding this company has done wonders for the people of Pakistan. 

The aim of this company has always been to revolutionize the real estate sector of Pakistan through the induction of innovative practices in the real estate sector. The BGCs has aimed to change the traditional manners in which real estate used to be bought and sold in Pakistan, and it is now moving towards a more dynamic process where the investors would be able to make much more profits from their investments in the real estate sector. 

Thus, BGCs has been working on a number of latest and modern projects including Blue Town Lahore and Blue Town Sargodha. However, the biggest project of Blue Group of Companies is the real estate housing scheme in Islamabad known as Blue World City Islamabad which is currently under-development. Once this project is completed, it will be ranked amongst the top investment destinations in Pakistan for international investors. This is a precisely calculated statement based on the past projects of Blue Group of Companies, along with the future scope of this projects that is likely to change the future of real estate in the country.

Saad Nazir and Blue World City Islamabad

Blue World City Islamabad is a recent and innovative project that has been in the limelight for a while now. However, not many people are aware of the fact that this new project is one of the most recent endeavors of Saad Nazir, and he is looking to take it to an internationally recognized standard. This is why he has chosen to build a strong partnership with a number of Chinese developers to provide this housing society with international recognition. 

He has planned a brilliant Blue World City Overseas Block for the international investors looking to buy land in the capital city Islamabad. This housing society provides overseas Pakistani with an extremely affordable option for investment, and with the name of Saad Nazir behind this project, it is a safe and secure option for investment in the country. 

In addition to this, the most innovative aspect regarding this new Saad Nazir’s project is that it being designed specially to promote tourism in the country. A number of tourism infrastructures are being developed in Blue World City Islamabad such as a brilliant Water Theme Park with marine life attracting thousands of visitors and tourists from all over the country, as well as internationally. 

Moreover, projects such as Blue Mosque Replica in Blue World City tend to provide this real estate scheme with that essential cultural tourism as well. As a result, this project by Saad Nazir is on its way to make a solid mark in the real estate sector of Pakistan, and the international investors are looking to invest in this grand project. This is also the main reason behind the support of real estate agencies in Islamabad such as for Saad Nazir’s real estate products, especially Blue World City Islamabad.