The 6 Cheapest Tourism Destinations in the World

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Tourism is considered to be a vibrant industry all over the world. A Large number of countries have invested greatly into their tourism sectors in order to attract foreign tourism from across the globe. However, not many are aware of the cheapest tourism destinations in the world for foreign tourists, and they end up going to places which are too expensive. 

As a result, tourists often have more to explore but their budget does not sanction their tourism journeys. According to experts, tourists looking to start their tourism journeys must assess hotel fares, traveling costs, and air tickets. If you are able to find the cheapest tourism destinations in the world, you can get off to a good start to your tourism journey which can sustain for a long time as well. After these cheap tourism destinations, you can then move on the more expensive real estate destinations and travel throughout the world. 

Here is a list of the cheapest tourism destinations in the world considering hotel fares, air tickets, and other travelling and miscellaneous charges.


Pakistan is a beautiful South Asian country that has been nominated as the top tourism destination in the world. It is a sublime destination to explore some of the glorious and breathtaking geographic features of the world. Considering this, the international visitors coming to Pakistan has been awestruck by its tremendous beauty and cultural value. 

A large number of vloggers have visited Pakistan recently, and many have reported that the people of Pakistan have massive hearts. All Pakistanis are welcoming, and many don’t even take money from international visitors for the local food or services. This is something that immensely adds to the affordability factor of the country, and many You Tubers have highlight this aspect to be the most unique about Pakistan. Therefore, tourism in Pakistan is quite rich but affordable, and it is now being considered as the top most affordable tourism destinations in the world. 

While visiting Pakistan for the first time, you are essentially going to land in Karachi which is in the extreme south of the country with a population over 20 Million. This city is ranked as the biggest city in Pakistan. As it is located at the coast of Arabian Sea, it has some of the best beaches in the region with opportunities for horse riding, swimming, and camel riding as well. After visiting this destination, you can also enjoy the delicious food in Karachi where the biryani is considered to be worth tasting. 

Once you are done visiting the scenic beauties in Karachi, you can experience the tremendous landscapes towards North of the country. The Punjab Province of Pakistan is filled with lush green fields and suburbs which have some of the most delicious natural fruits, and a diverse range of vegetables are also produced.


Indonesia is yet another major tourism destination that is considered to be extremely affordable in the recent times. A large number of tourists from all over the world travel to Indonesia to experience the scenic beauty of its landscapes, and the historical monuments in Indonesia. 

The people in the country are witnessed to be very friendly, and we definitely recommend you visit this South East Asian country to experience maximum jubilancy and thrill in low costs. Hence, Indonesia with its exciting landscapes and affordable tourism can be considered as one of the cheapest tourism destinations in the world.


Another popular tourism destination that many people have managed to visit in low costs is the East Asian state of Thailand. Considered to be one of the top backpacking destinations across the world, Thailand promises a splendid round of excitement for its visitors. In extremely low costs, you can experience amazing adventures around the tourism-friendly coastlines. 

In addition to this, the food in Thailand speaks volumes about the uniqueness of Thai food culture. You can explore the city of Nakhon in Thailand which is considered to be a special destination for all food lovers across the world. Other than this, you can hire a motorbike to make a 500 km long trip to the forested northern regions of the country by hiring a motorbike for the extreme adventure.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most attractive tourism destinations in the world with an affordable tourism environment. While entering Costa Rica, the most popular route to explore is the Nicoya Peninsula that is being visited by millions of people across the world. This destination offers multiple activities for tourists such as beaching and surfing. In addition to this, there are multiple National Parks in the country which also serve as beautiful wildlife sanctuaries for country, and the visitors can be astounded by the amazing natural features available in Costa Rica. 

Furthermore, Costa Rica has a number of well-known rural towns with inspiring ethnic cultures that tourists find to be attractive and inspirational. Tourist stay in the cheap hotels in Costa Rica, where usually the structure is dorm-style, and it is one of the most unique features about this cheapest tourism destination in the world which costs only a few dollars. However, the prices in Costa Rica can go up when the peak season of tourism arrives.


Known as the beautiful land of footballers such as Ronaldo, Portugal is nothing but splendor and excitement for tourist coming in from all around the world. In case you feel like you have to have an affordable vacation that is in a European country with sun-soaked luxury destination, then Portugal is definitely the right option for you. 

You can visit the beautiful city of Algarve which is known to have incredibly beautiful and tremendous climatic features. In addition to this, there are multiple recreational destinations which are known to attract thousands of tourists from all over the world. You can visit beautiful golf courses, and scenic beaches in Portugal as well. 

However, not many people know about the amazing food culture of Portugal which mostly relies upon quality fruits and inciting cocktails, all available at tremendously low prices. Usually, the summer season is considered to be the peak season for tourism, and the prices are relatively higher in these times. Therefore, we would recommend tourists to visit this glorious destination in the late spring season as this time is the best for a jubilant tourism experience.


Our last pick for this article is the glorious state of Turkey that is known to have both modern as well as ancient infrastructures and architectures for its visitors. The beauty of Turkey has spread its wings through out the world, and it has attracted thousands of tourists from all over the world. The city of Ankara and Istanbul are considered to be the favorite destinations which have multiple tourism features inspiring the tourists coming in to the country. 

For instance, the Blue Mosque in Istanbul is a major tourist destination that is filled with Islamic heritage. This prove of its glory is entailed in the quest of countries such as Pakistan to also built similar infrastructures. Recently, Blue World City Islamabad has planned to develop some of the finest mosques exhibiting glorious Islamic Architectures. 

An example of this is the construction of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque Replica which is being designed incorporating glorious Islamic Architectures and monumental calligraphy. The designs are meant to attract local as well as international visitors, and the destination has multiple small-scale and large-scale infrastructures as well.

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