Top 3 Tourism Destinations in Lahore 2020

by | Apr 17, 2020 | Tourism | 0 comments

The ancient city of Lahore is considered to be an epitome of cultural and historical significance. With a number of glorious monuments and ancient infrastructures, this Pakistani city is a favorite for tourism and exploration. Tourism come from all over the world to witness the grandeur of the Mughal-era architecture and calligraphy. 

In addition to this, the tourism destinations in Lahore have also diversified with beautiful food streets providing visitors with an opportunity to taste jaw-dropping desi food. The newly build infrastructures of the city such as the Metro Bus service and the Metro Train service in Lahore have made it a completely metropolitan region. Therefore, you can get convenient and easy access to all tourism destinations in Lahore.

Here is a list of the top tourism destinations in Lahore that you must visit in 2020

Badshahi Mosque Lahore


Build by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in 1673, this mosque in Lahore is considered to be a classical example of Mughal architecture and calligraphy. The architectural brilliance of the Mughal architects clearly reflects in the manner this mosque has been designed in. Built right alongside the Minar-e-Pakistan, which is also a brilliant monument, this mosque can provide visitors with some breathtaking views of the city. 

Inside the mosque, a number of historical items are also exhibited in a separately designed museum. A centuries old Quran is also available for exhibition, and hundreds of visitors arrive daily to visit the awe and splendor of this beautiful tourism destinations. 

Right besides the gate of this mosque, the mausoleum of Pakistan’s ideological father Allama Mohammad Iqbal is also present. Visitors come to pray for his forgiveness and pay tribute to the inspiring literature and poetry he had written.

Wagah Border Lahore

If you are planning to visit Lahore in 2020, you must attend the Wagah border ceremony at all costs. The emphasis on this ceremony is made primarily because of the massive thrill and enthusiasm it has to offer. As this ceremony is actually a ceremonial stand off between two of the world most arch rival nations, the excitement just can’t get any better. 

Soldiers of two nuclear nations, India and Pakistan, facing each other and parading down the ground with thousands of spectators cheering. This is definitely something you should not miss experiencing in Lahore. This experience will provide you with historical as well as cultural context of the India-Pakistan rivalry, and you will have no choice but to be amazed.

Shopping at Lahore’s Anarkali Street

Our last pick for this article would be the amazing Anarkali Street in Lahore that provides Lahoris with an ecstatic nightlife. This street is considered to be one of the most ancient streets in the subcontinent with a number of brilliant shopping destinations, museums, hotels, and food restaurants. The old anarkali streets provides visitors with a sense of cultural integration and takes you into a vintage realm of Lahore’s culture. This destination is popular because of its amazing diversity and uniqueness. 

You can taste brilliance in the food available at this street, and you can truly live the culture of Lahore with an exquisite outlook in the night. The people are extremely loving and full of joy and jubilancy. You will not find a better place to enjoy Lahore’s nightlife than the old anarkali street in Lahore.