Why is Investing in Capital Smart City a Smart and Secure Move?

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There are plenty of real estate investment opportunities in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. In fact, the twin cities, after Karachi and Lahore, are currently considered to be investment hotspot in Pakistan. The fact that Rawalpindi and Islamabad are host to the main nucleus of China Pakistan Economic Corridor route as well as the main junction of country-wide motorways, has made the twin cities the real estate investor’s paradise. There has been a mushroom growth of housing societies around the Lahore – Islamabad – Peshawar motorway. These societies are all based on an anticipation that the future holds gold for them in terms of investment ROIs. Most of the societies are located on main Chakri Road and have acquired land or in the process there of, towards the Chakri interchange on main Islamabad – Lahore motorway.

However, many of these societies have the land and the money, but do not have proper governmental permission to make housing societies. RDA, Rawalpindi Development Authority, is the main land and development controller of such in the area that surrounds Lahore – Islamabad motorway. Every housing society needs to be approved with an NOC and planning permission from RDA before marketing and embarking on the development work. RDA has certain requirements for housing societies before an NOC can be granted. Also, due to the fact that it is a governmental organization, a lot of red-tape and other hurdles are faced by developers of these housing societies. Most of the housing societies in the area do not either have the NOC or their cases are still pending with RDA to grant them planning permission. The planning permission is considered to be the first step when applying for NOC.

Where To Invest In Islamabad and Rawalpindi

So what is securest option in Islamabad’s real estate scenario? Currently, there are many options such as new CDA sectors, but these require the investor to have extensive wealth. The one option that is, not only secure but also legal, is Capital Smart City. The Capital Smart City is the project of Habib Rafiq Group that has previously worked with the likes of Defense Housing Authority and Bahria Town as development contractors and consultants. The group’s Future Development Holdings is the governing organization of Capital Smart City.

Capital Smart City – The Iconic Eco Sustainable Housing Society of Pakistan 

Capital Smart City is set to be the first smart and eco-sustainable community of Pakistan. The society is being developed on modern ground with the quickest development pace in the area. Unlike other housing societies in the area, Capital Smart City is being designed and developed on a proper blue-print that was drafted by Surbana-Jorang (SJ). This Singapore based company is a specialist urban design and development firm and has multitude of projects in its name. The team behind the inception, design and development of Capital Smart City is the most renowned, well-reputed and experienced. The consortium leading the group is very resourceful and this can be figured out from the fact that recently Capital Smart City signed an agreement with Alight Pakistan to build the first ever Smart School. And this smart school is designed by no other than internationally acclaimed and award-winning architect, ZahaHadid (Late).

The Capital Smart City is located right at the edge of Islamabad – Lahore motorway while the other side of the society has a large front on the main Chakri Road. This is the only housing society that has pre-approval of constructing a dedicated interchange on Islamabad – Lahore motorway. The approval has been granted to Capital Smart City by National Highway Police and Frontier Works Organization (FWO).

The development work at Capital Smart City is happening at an unimaginable fast page. The bridge on Sill River, the deployment of smart nurseries and road network development of certain blocks has been done at a pace that no other society can clock in! This has made Capital Smart City one of the real estate investor’s first choice when looking for affordable real estate investment options.

Some of the main features of Capital Smart City are:

  • Pakistan’s first eco-sustainable Smart City
  • 24/7 provision of all civic amenities such as gas, water, electricity and internet
  • In-house mass transit systems comprising a comprehensive public transport network
  • Utilization and Usage of Solar Grids for generation of Clean Electricity
  • Dedicated Community Development Areas
  • Dedicated Smart Parks, Worship Places and Recreational Areas
  • Underground Telecommunication and Electricity Services
  • In-House Clean Water Reservoirs and mini Dams
  • In-House Sewerage and Water Treatment Plan
  • Access from Main Chakri Road and Via Motorway Interchange

Why is Investing in The Capital Smart City Secure?

Investing in the Capital Smart City is the securest because it has planning permission and NOC from Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). This means that this society is protected by Government of Pakistan because it completed all the procedural requirements as well as lay-out planning as per the governing rules. This also means that RDA’s stamp of approval also shields your investment in case of any unforeseen circumstances. The societies that are approved are provided with all the civic amenities such as gas, water and electricity without any hassles. This is not the case when it comes to unapproved and illegal housing societies. Capital Smart City is set to become an Icon of eco-friendly and sustainable living in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Capital Smart City – Deal & Deals (Pvt) Ltd.

Plots are available in Capital Smart City and the plot sizes start from 3.5 Marla. Now is the time to make the most out of your investment by investing in the secure Capital Smart City and reap best returns on investment in the future. Deal & Deals (PVT) Ltd is a premium real estate agency serving the real estate needs of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. We are authorized dealers of Capital Smart City and provide turnkey asset management and real estate consultations for the society. For more details about our real estate services, please call us at (+92) 304 111 (DEAL) 3325 or email info@dealanddeals.pk.