2nd Phase of New Gwadar International Airport (NGIA) Launched

by | May 22, 2020 | News & Updates | 0 comments

ISLAMABAD: The Government of Pakistan has announced the launching of the 2nd phases of New Gwadar International Airport (NGIA), Islamabad.

As Gwadar is being considered as the next regional hub of trade and commerce, it has a range of essential infrastructures which are being developed in phases. One of these primary infrastructures include an International Airport with all the latest facilities and technological upgradation. 

This article includes the recent updates on the New Gwadar International Airport Launch. 

Gwadar city is predicted to transform into Pakistan’s next biggest real estate sensation in a short span of time. Because of such tremendous potential, the government of Pakistan is looking to build a world-class international airport for visitors coming in from all around the world. 

The first phase of the construction of this international airport in Gwadar was completed a few years ago.  However, the government has recently announced the launching of construction work on the second phase of the New Islamabad International Airport. The cost of this new projects is estimated to be around $230 Million, and it is being referred to as one of the top infrastructure projects in Gwadar. 

Work on this new project commenced right after the process of soil testing, ground levelling. Design detailing was completed along with walls construction and land boundaries. These construction processes were considered to be an essential part of the first phase as well, which was completed some time ago.

According to the Gwadar Master Plan, this second phase of construction entails a number of purpose-built permanent stations along with mega infrastructures. Experts have predicted that this 2nd phase would be completed within 3-years’ time, and it will become the 2nd-largest airport in Pakistan. It will serve as a top means to connect the rest of Pakistan along with world to the port city of Gwadar. As a result, strong economic activity is predicted to be generated. 

In a brief by the Chairman of China Overseas Port Holding Company (COPHC) Zhang Baozhang, it was informed to the public that this project is expected to boost up the overall construction and development activities in the New Gwadar International Airport. It will begin by the company establishing and operationalizing a permanent station which has the ability to transform this project into one of Pakistan’s top International Airports.

In addition to this, this second phase of New Gwadar International Airport is going to include an air traffic control system, cargo buildings and modern terminals, power supply grids, navigational and communication projects, huge parking spaces, HVAC, residential areas, educational institutes, and much more. 

And lastly, the decision is valid even amidst the outbreak of corona virus pandemic. This means that the work will still be done, and authority directives would be followed