Huge Breakthrough In The Real Estate Industry Of Pakistan – Joining Hands Across The World…!

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Attention Please….!

Here is bombastic news from the real estate industry…!

“A Smart City Is Going To Join The Smart Cities Of The World”

Isn’t it amazing….? For sure it is….

The real estate sector of Pakistan is going to compete with the smart cities of the world. We all know that some of the biggest and developed countries of the world like London, Singapore, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Newyork, & Dubai are synchronizing life with technology by building smart cities which are efficiently utilizing the Internet Of Things(IoT) to make cities work smarter and now Pakistan’s smart cities are going to join the smart cities of the World.

Over the past few years, the real estate industry of Pakistan has evolved with the launch of smart cities in Pakistan, and the crown of launching smart cities in Pakistan goes to Habib Rafique Limited (HRL) Pvt. Limited. Pakistan construction and engineering giant Habib Rafique Limited (HRL) Pvt. Ltd. has come a long way to symbolize Pakistan among those countries that successfully own smart cities to improve the well-being of people.

What Does The Smart City Mean….?

A smart city is the advanced version or framework of an urban city, where Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is used to deploy and develop digital innovations around the world. The concept of smart cities is based on the idea to promote sustainable real estate development to address rapidly growing urbanization challenges and to provide people ease of living by utilizing modern technological means.

Many smart cities are running smoothly across the world, where IoT and ICT are utilizing intelligently to through an intelligent network where objects and people are connected. This thing has helped manage and analyze data and lifestyle in real-time to help citizens and enterprises to improve the quality of life.

The citizens of smart cities smoothly engage with the smart eco-system of smart cities by different means like mobile devices and smartphones in which they pair their devices with the physical infrastructure of the smart city.

Why Does Pakistan Need A Smart City…?

In Pakistan, urbanization is a non-ending phenomenon…

With the overall rapid increase in the growth of Pakistan, urbanization will attract more people to cities over the next few decades, so it a need of the hour to maintain social, economic, and environmental sustainability within the cities of Pakistan to keep pace with the rapid extension. In Pakistan, we all know that centralized decisions take much time to implement, but the clock is ticking fast, and it’s time to think that the government of Pakistan should also think about urban sustainability.

The good news…..?

The Private real estate sector is quite concerned about the smart cities agile technologies, and they have successfully brought smart cities paramount in Pakistan and they are meeting the goals successfully.

In Pakistan, the biggest city that is more vulnerable to urbanization is Lahore and the federal capital. By keeping an eye on the issue, Habib Rafique Limited (HRL) Pvt. Ltd. has launched smart cities in both areas names The Capital Smart City, Islamabad & The Smart City, Lahore.

Amazingly, The Capital Smart City was launched in 2019, and it has reached heights of success in no time, and now HRL is working on the Lahore Smart City which will be another successful smart city in Pakistan in the upcoming year.

Now, as per the news, A new smart city is going to join the smart cities of the world, let’s see what’s next from the real estate industry of Pakistan.

Stay tuned…..!

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