Rawalpindi Ring Road Finalized – An Economic Game Changer

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Rawalpindi is a Pakistani metropolitan and is considered to be one of the key cities in the country. The city has historic as well as strategic value. Islamabad, the Capital of Pakistan, was carved out from Rawalpindi and the city also hosts the general headquarters of Pakistan Army. Apart from this, Rawalpindi has the biggest wholesale market in the region situated in the densely populated area of Raja Bazar. However, in terms of development and mega projects, the city hasn’t been given its true share in the past. The only mega project of civic interest in Rawalpindi is the Rawalpindi – Islamabad metro bus service. Apart from this, there is no nameable mega infrastructure development that one can count when listing down the mega structures of the city. However, this is all set to change. The incumbent provincial government of Punjab has started working on a number of small and big projects of civic importance in the city. The Rawalpindi Ring Road is one such project. This project has been shelved for over 2 decades. However, this government is ready to open it and go the extra mile to ensure the completion of this project on a priority basis.

The Rawalpindi Ring Road is a megaproject that the city has been waiting for quite some time. The Rawalpindi Ring Road is an economic corridor stemming from south of Rawalpindi and goes on the city’s east and bisects Islamabad. According to the local district government, the RRR is set to be 65 KM long and will have 8 interchanges. These interchanges will be:

  • N5 Radio Station ( Near Baanth Mor, Mandra)
  • Chakbeli Interchange
  • Adiyala Interchange
  • Chakri Interchange
  • M-2 Motorway Interchange (Murat)
  • New Islamabad International Airport Interchange
  • Hakla – DI Khan Road Interchange
  • N-5 GT Road Interchange (Sangjani)

Apart from these strategically located interchanges, the Rawalpindi Ring Road will also have 8 industrial, recreational, educational, and residential hubs along the road. These purpose-built hubs will be the following:

  1. Logistical Hub – 1 – This logistical hub will be located at the start of the Rawalpindi Ring Road. The logistical hub will have a full-fledge Dry-port, Truck Terminal, Bus Terminal, and Rawalpindi – Islamabad’s biggest fruit and vegetable market.
  2. Industrial Estate – 1 – This industrial estate will be located at the Chakbeli Interchange of the Rawalpindi Ring Road. This hub will offer infrastructural development to a myriad of industries and corporations looking to set up their production lines and plants at this location. Also, a section of this industrial estate will be dedicated to warehouses where the industrialists and traders will be able to store their products for easy logistical support. The industrial estate will be adjoined by a mega health facility that will have many purpose-built clinics and hospitals for the locals and visitors.
  3. Residential Estate 1 – This residential estate will be developed next to the industrial estate. According to the RDA and local government, the estate will be a mix of farmhouses and a normal residential housing scheme. This residential estate may have future links with Bahria Town’s Phase 8 extension.
  4. Residential Estate 2 – Sports city – This residential estate will be developed right next to residential estate 1 and will have the same properties and characterizes as the first residential estate.
  5. Recreational Estate 1 – This estate will be located next to residential estate 2. The recreational estate will have a mix of residential schemes, theme parks, food courts, and shopping complexes. This recreational estate will be located next to the Adyala interchange of the Rawalpindi Road.
  6. Aerotropolis – An aerotropolis will be set up along with Chakri Interchange of the proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road. This location will be transformed into a business hub and host all sorts of industries, corporations, and firms ready to go into production. Also, this aerotropolis will be the place where China Pakistan Economic Corridor will form a junction with Ring Road. The importers and exporters will be facilitated at this location.

The Rawalpindi Ring Road project will be a game-changer for the city of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. According to the real estate experts at Deal & Deals, this ring road will bring exponential growth in the real estate sector of the region. Two of Deal & Deals main projects, Blue World City Islamabad and Capital Smart City Islamabad are already located near the proposed corridor of the Rawalpindi Ring Road. In fact, the Chakri Road entrance of the Capital Smart City Islamabad is only at a distance of 1.3 KM from the nearest interchange of Rawalpindi Ring Road. The real estate experts of the region are positive about the development of RRR and see it as a promising venture for the overall economy of the city and the real estate sector. If you want to invest in Capital Smart City Islamabad and Blue World City Islamabad, then you should get in touch with us today. We are platinum partners of these housing societies and offer exclusive products and inventories that you will not be able to buy anywhere else. Fill out the form below and one of our real estate experts will get in touch with you in order to facilitate you with the booking of residential and commercial plots.

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