Simple Steps to Prevent Coronavirus – Complete Guide

by | Mar 15, 2020 | News & Updates | 0 comments

Over the past few months, the Corona Virus has transformed into a lethal disease with a gradual spread across the world. This new epidemic has taken both developed and developing countries in the world by storm, and different countries are trying their best to stop its outbreak. 

However, it is important know that this virus cannot be halted without the role of ordinary citizens, and ordinary people must consider the fact that prevention is always better than cure.

This article will provide you with simple steps to prevent Corona Virus from spreading:

Wash your hands after every 15-20 minutes

According to health authorities, Corona Virus is more likely to infect a person through infectious germs transmitted by touching anything which contains the virus. This means that if person with the virus has touched something, it can be transmitted if you touch it with your hands. 

Therefore it is important for you to consistently wash your hands after every 15-20 mins interval just to eliminate any chance of picking up that disease on your hand. This step can be considered as the most effective one as it helps in constantly eliminating germs from your hand, making you less susceptible to the virus.

Avoid Excursions and Gatherings

Another important step to prevent Corona Virus in Pakistan is to limit your outings and try your best to stay within the premises of your home for a few days, until the government authorities and health departments make considerable measures to eliminate the virus. 

Although it is a difficult task to eliminate this virus, but it is not impossible. Medical specialists have claimed that once summers establish their increase in temperatures, this epidemic is likely to be eliminated automatically.

Cover Your Faces with a Mask

As the Virus enters into the human body through your respiratory system, it is an essential requirement that you must cover your face. Once your face is covered with a mask, the chances of getting infected by this lethal epidemic drops substantially, and you can decrease the chances of getting infected by this disease. 

Whenever someone infected with the Corona Virus coughs or sneezes, the virus spreads in the air and can enter into a person standing 6ft in radius to the person. Thus, wearing masks is considered to be an effective way to make sure that one does not let the virus enter into his/her respiratory system.