Smart Features in Capital Smart City Islamabad

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Known for its iconic smart features, facilities, and amenities, the Capital Smart City Islamabad is a brilliant real estate investment destination. This project has a number of smart but eco-friendly features that are ranked high in the quality ladder

Experiencing such smart features in a Smart Capital City in Islamabad is something that has been unprecedented in Pakistan’s real estate history. However, Capital Smart City is now aiming to provide Pakistani citizens with a projects that covers all smart features. 

This article entails all the smart features of Capital Smart City Islamabad.

Smart Health Facilities

Capital Smart City Islamabad is offering its clients with multiple smart health facilities to tackle any injuries or diseases. A smart health healthcare district is being designed in Capital Smart City to provide the people with a good healthcare system. A system of ambulances is being established that will be coordinated with a software application. This is something that has never been done before, and these smart health facilities are being introduced for the first time by Capital Smart City Islamabad.

Smart Homes in Capital Smart City

The homes in Capital Smart City are designed with a number of smart gadgets that are controlled by one software application. This system is extremely energy efficient, and it helps in reducing the energy consumption as well. Such efficient and effective technologies are now being considered as a road towards a smart future in Pakistan.

A Citizen Interaction Application for Resident

Capital Smart City Islamabad has created a special Citizen Interaction Application that allows the residents to share their complaints and suggestions with the housing society as well as each other. This is an unprecedented smart technology that has never been used by any housing society ever in the country. This provides this real estate projects with a brilliant edge over the other housing societies in area.

Smart Street Lights and Fleet Management

Capital Smart City Islamabad is designed with the latest next-generation street lights that have a proper LED dimming control and Vehicle detection. This technology plays a pivotal role in saving energy, and providing the drivers with clarity. This technology therefore prevents traffic accidents from occurring, and it makes the Capital Smart City a much more secure and safe housing project to drive in.

Invest in Capital Smart City

Considering all of these smart facilities, we can say without any doubt that Capital Smart City is the next big real estate sensation in Islamabad. It is important for investors to realize the potential of this luxury housing society, and invest to earn maximum profits from your investments. Therefore, we recommend the Capital Smart City as the best investment destination in 2020 because of its splendid smart features.

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