Where Can One Find Affordable Luxury Villas in Islamabad?

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Buying your own house where you can spend your life in peace and luxury is the ultimate Pakistani dream. If we pragmatically see the situation, nearly all of Pakistan’s population is working towards the goal of having a place they can call home. Surveys show that a large part of Pakistan’s millennial population is working towards a goal of buying their own home at some point in their life. According to the economic experts of the region, the economic indicators of the country are favoring those who are working hard. Therefore, soon we will see a Pakistani generation Z that will reach the goal of owning their own home in the country.

Since most of the Pakistanis are consistently working to achieve the milestone of their own, the demand for housing has increased in all cities of Pakistan. Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan and, as per the real estate experts of the region, the demand for affordable housing has skyrocketed in the region. After the current government introduced the reforms and relief package for the construction and the real estate sector of the region, the influx of aspiring new future homeowners increased in the city’s real estate landscape.

When it comes to Islamabad, there are quite a few options for housing. There are new housing real estate projects being developed across the city as well as residential hi-rises. All are trying to woo their target market by featuring affordable rates, luxury living, and future security. However, according to the real estate experts of the region, the main interest of the future homeowners has been villas and pre-constructed housing. Although there are many residential hi-rises being developed across the city, the focus of the future homeowners has remained on stand-alone constructed houses where they not only own the building but also the land that it has been developed on. In the case of lofts and apartments, the majority of the future homeowners do not prefer them because they believe that buying into such shared accommodation leaves them at the mercy of the developers and, most importantly, their neighbors. Therefore, the focus of the future homeowners has largely remained on buying villas and pre-constructed homes.

There are plenty of villa options when it comes to Islamabad. And the best part is that you can easily get a villa in the price bracket that you are targeting. Here are some options for villa buying in Islamabad:

Smart Villas in Capital Smart City Islamabad:

The Capital Smart City Islamabad is an ultra-modern and futuristic real estate project in suburban Islamabad. The housing scheme is being developed by Future Development Holdings – a wholly-owned subsidiary and sister concern of the renowned Habib Rafiq Group or HRL. The HRL is one of the most acclaimed and experienced real estate conglomerates of Pakistan that has developed and delivered real estate projects of key civic importance across the country. The Capital Smart City enjoys a great location in the suburbs of the twin cities. The housing scheme is located on the edges of the Lahore – Islamabad motorway and lies near the Thallian Interchange. The location is one of the best in the region because the society is at a 5-minute drive distance from the new Islamabad International Airport and it usually takes 20 minutes to access major urban hubs of Islamabad and Rawalpindi through the motorway as well as the Chakri road of Rawalpindi. The Smart Villas in Capital Smart City Islamabad is available in sizes of 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal. The prices of the smart villas in Capital Smart City Islamabad starts from PKR 9.48 million for 5 Marla and goes up to 46.5 Million for 2 Kanals. The showcase villas are complete, and the buyers will have a chance to visit these model villas before making their purchase decision. According to the developers of Smart Villas in Capital Smart City Islamabad, the smart villas will be equipped with automating technology throughout and these will be the first “truly-smart” villas of the region. Apart from these villas, 3.5 Marla villas are also available in the harmony park block of the housing society.

Park View City Homes

The Park View City Islamabad is one of the best and premium housing schemes that is located in Islamabad’s central zone IV. This real estate project is being developed by the Vision group. The Vision Group of Pakistan is owned and headed by Mr. Aleem Khan who is also a renowned real estate tycoon, a philanthropist, and a politician associated with Imran Khan’s PTI. The Park View City homes is also a project of the vision group and these villas are being developed and constructed across various locations within the Park View City Islamabad. The Park View City Homes come in the sizes of 5 Marla and 10, Marla. These Villas are being modeled similar to the Park View City Villas Lahore. The prices of these villas start from 17 million and the booking starts from 20% with the rest of the payment divided into equal installments over a period of 2 years. The Park View City Villas are completely luxurious and are primarily meant for busy professionals working in the capital who do not have spare time to construct their homes themselves.


Islamabad is brimming with options when it comes to villas and pre-constructed homes. However, it is also a fact that most of these housings are expensive and are mostly out of reach for even those with deeper pockets. Apart from these affordable villas in Park View City Islamabad and Capital Smart City Islamabad, there are Awami villas in Blue world city as well. These villas are 3 Marla in size and are being developed for low to mid-income households who cannot afford to pay the exorbitant price tags. Deal & Deals is a platinum partner of Capital smart city, Park View City, and Blue World City. If you are looking to buy a luxury villa in Islamabad, then all you must do is to fill out our outreach form and one of our real estate specialists will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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